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On September 4, TS Entertainment has released a photo teaser of Secret’s second member for the upcoming mini-album “Poison.” It is none other than Song Ji Eun, who is known as their lead vocalist. The stylist in charge of Secret, Lee Eun Ah explained, “For Secret’s comeback, I drew on the influence 1940s England with a feminine look. Song Hye Kyo is perhaps one of the most beautiful Korean actresses of the past decade but the question that many fans all over the world are asking is whether she has had plastic surgery? Her roles in several Korean television shows such as Autumn in my Heart, All In, Sunlight Pours Down and Full House made her a household name but her film roles in such movies as My Girl and I, A Reason to Live, and The Grandmasters have shot her to super-stardom. So beautiful is Song Hye Kyo (who was born on November 23, 1982), she is one of the most sought after product endorsers. Ever since the actress became the new face of Laneige, replacing Jun Ji-hyun, the media has scrutinized the authenticity of her facial features. Some bloggers have gone so far as to dig up pictures of her going as far back as infancy to prove that she has in fact has work done. Song Hye Kyo has neither confirmed or denied these rumors but in a world where celebrity plastic surgery has become the norm, many people feel they would not be surprised.
According to the sentiment in many of the forums, some would even be relieved if she has had cosmetic surgery done, because her look could at least be attainable with a good surgeon and a few thousand dollars. There are several websites that provide comparison pictures of Song Hye Kyo as she currently looks and how she used to look when she got started in the business.

Getting your teeth fixed is a cosmetic surgical procedure but hardly anyone truly considers it plastic surgery.
It is also alleged that she has gotten her nose done so that it is more pronounced, giving her a better profile instead of the flat noses Asians are known for. Again, all people are doing is speculating at this point about whether or not Song Hye Kyo has had plastic surgery. It could be explained away that as we age our features change some and that is the reason she looks a bit different from her older photos; and until she confirms or denies one way or the other all that we have are our assumptions about Song Hye Kyo plastic surgery. Do you think she has had any cosmetic procedures?  Sign in with Facebook and let us know what you think below. She might have had nose surgery but even if she did — I have no idea why she decided to do so bc she was super beautiful. The short hair seems to be influenced by the character Matilda (played by Natalie Portman) in the movie, “The Professional.” Her smooth red outfit and Kate Middleton-inspired hair piece solidifies the “Poison” look and her dreamy expression and magical eyes are melting the hearts of male fans.
Again, Song Hye Kyo has not flatly stated that she has had any surgery, nor has she said she has not. It goes without saying that the pictures are meant to back up the assertions of individuals who believe that she has in fact had work done. Assuming that her earlier photos were not doctored, admittedly, it looks like she has had some straightening done.

Initially, this could be regarded as photo-manipulation but candid pictures on the web dismiss that notion.
Next it is alleged that she has gotten work done on her eyes; bloggers claim that she has had her eyelids widened some to open her eyes and diminish the slant that East Asians are regarded for. Lastly, reporters have purported that she has gotten fat injected into her cheeks to give her a more youthful appearance. She has previously taken advantage of her youthful face, but has now tapped into her sexiness for an amazing transformation.
American comedian Steve Martin does not clearly raise the same level of debate (see Steve Martin plastic surgery before and after). When she was little, other kids would tease her saying she was half whitr bc of her large eyes and high nose.

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