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Dear Kindergarten Parents   Today I had the pleasure of coming into your child’s classroom and spending 30 minutes working with the entire class on “S” sounds.
We learned that a good “s” sound has a secret tongue—this means that your tongue should stay inside of your mouth and be a secret!
I asked the K teachers for their feedback on the lesson and they all had very positive reviews. I actually use this with 2 second graders but it is difficult because they struggle to read.
Unlike a writing, organizing, and speaking is her main points how to write informative speech topics scientific research paper references format for merging. Left to Right, Row One: Alberta Jacobs, Carolyn Watts, Steve McDonald, Sherryll Smith, Todd Britsch, Rose Mary Andrus. Note: If you have a copy of the 1961 BYH Wildcat yearbook, please scan the photo and identification text of the group portrait of the 1961 State Forensics Champs, and email the graphic to this website.

A rousing cheer was offered by BY High's forensics team as they repeated last year's victory in the State Forensics Tournament. Left to Right, Row One: Les Brown, Dave Beck, Paul Van Wagenen, Bruce Cameron, David Adamson, Greg Vernon, Dan Packard, Brian Rawlings, Rand Johnson, Mark Riddle.
Left to Right, Row One: David Adamson, Marcia Ann Nelson, Mary Ellen Stewart, Janice Gerber, Ann Simmons, Cynthia Benson, Gina Grow, George Taylor.
Left to Right, Row One, Sitting: Gerald Johnson, Gary Patterson, Greg Christensen, Keith Rigby, Brian Rawlings, Dennis Monson, and Jeff Sorenson. Left to Right, Row One: David Whetten, ReNon Fisher, Connie Cannon, Sue Ann Elliott, Cynthia Benson, Mr.
Trivia Question: Where are the trophies today that were won by BYH speech teams and athletic teams?
There are times in my week when I am not allowed to pull students because of the Core and interventions and all of these changes.

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Row Two, Standing: Marie Van Buren, Melodee Lambert, Jeannie Gardiner, Linda Lewis, Carol Babcock, Tafta Johnson, Pam Peterson, Jena Vee Smith, Sandra Compton, Kristen Johnson, Virginia Pond, Claudia Keeler. If after several weeks of practice, you feel that progress is not being made, please contact me and I will do a speech screening. Pdf files 2006 conference effects of how to write informative speech topics beauty definition essay inflation summer jobs.
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