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Therapy Group of Waco (TGW) offers speech therapy, dyslexia therapy, academic diagnostic evaluations and academic tutoring services for children ages 2-21. Another core belief we have is that parental involvement in the child’s tutoring or therapy is a critical part of the therapy process as well as your child’s ultimate success. Speech therapy, dyslexia therapy and tutoring sessions are conducted during or after school on a weekly basis. If you would like for TGW to contact you regarding services we offer, please complete our information form and one of our therapists will contact you.
Cornerstone Therapies - Specializing in Autism, Speech, Occupational, Physical, ABA therapy for children. When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. I recently had the privilege of working very closely with Rachel Greenberg and witnessed, first hand, her strong dedication toward providing her patients with the utmost quality of care.

Vanessa Felcman is an outstanding clinician who embraces each child and family with caring and competence.
I can say with complete confidence that Vanessa is an excellent pediatric Speech Pathologist. My daughter, Sara, has been working with Deandra since she was diagnosed with Autism, and has become very close with her. As a mother of a child on the Autism spectrum, you tend to get overwhelmed and see the world without color. TGW’s primary goal is to “strengthen children” enabling them to perform to their highest potential. Often during the summer months, children tend to regress in the absence  therapy and tutoring services. Therapists may recommend individual sessions first, and when ready, a dyad (two students) followed by larger groups.

Additionally, we are committed to providing the highest quality of services on behalf of our clients. It is the belief of the staff of TGW that in order for the child to realize the most benefit from our services, the family must be actively involved in the therapy process. In an effort to maintain progress made during the school year, we offer special services that focus on reinforcing the skills the child has acquired during the school year.
Building upon that foundation over the summer months positions the child for even greater success when returning to school following summer break.

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