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Combining spirituality and finances is much more profound than that – much more concerned with your soul and inner being than with religion and praying to the gods. In the traditional sense, being spiritual means that someone has an attachment to and identifies with specific religious values. Spirituality can refer to people who are connected to God, nature, other humans, animals, or the deepest part of their own beings. They help clients eliminate the belief that spirituality has to be ignored in order to achieve wealth. Many spiritual coaches talk about money being energy – one component of a human’s energy. Most people don’t think of money as spiritual – in fact, many people think of it as the antithesis of spirituality.
Sure, it sounds like a little too much new age nonsense, but don’t knock it until you try it. SPECIAL BONUS — If you would like step-by-step blueprints for generating a massive income from high paying coaching clients, I invite you to claim your FREE ACCESS to the “Life Coach Salary Secrets” video toolkit.
In our present day world, money is the cause of many problems and a coach on how to earn it and use it would really be helpful.
To learn how to balance spirituality and money would be a plus…in this aspect coaching is a necessity. Over 25 years experience as a spiritual counsellor, life coach and personal development teacher.
Viking Origins" and "The Power of Runes- Ancient Symbolism for Personal Guidance and Self-Transformation" first published in 2014.
This doesn’t mean that they help you learn how to pray for more money – oh Lord, please help me pay my bills, or dear Lord, please help me earn enough money to buy that yacht I have always wanted. A spiritual financial coach works to balance to attainment of wealth with a person’s spirituality and higher level of consciousness. Clients don’t have to choose between money and their spiritual connection to God, nature, or other humans. It is neither good or bad – what makes money have positive or negative value is how you earn it and how you spend it. It helps you attract money with your positive energy, and allows you to use it for good – that good can be a balance between using it for yourself, for others (friends, family, etc.), or for humanitarian purposes.
But, with the help of a spiritual money coach, you can learn to attract money with positive energy, retain it, and use it in a manner that fits with your sense of spirituality.
If you are struggling to earn money, having issues retaining the money you’ve earned, worrying about how you spend money, or seeking ways to put your money to its best possible use, a money coach who also understands spirituality might be perfect for you. Gain insights that will help you increase your love for yourself and others.  Your most important relationship is the one you have with yourself, and the "power of influence" is all you've got, and that is plenty. Here is your chance to watch the videos and learn from two of our greatest spiritual teachers.

Even if we leave the current relationship and […]What a great siteThis should be taught in pre school for sure. Along with helping you unlock hidden potential and uncover hidden beliefs, a spiritual coach can help you discover your life’s purpose, go beyond previous limitations, free you from unhealthy relationships, increase your self-esteem and self-awareness, increase effectiveness and productivity, eliminate fear, stress, and worry, simplify your life, get and gain a clear perspective about your divine purpose, open your creativity, increase your energy and well-being, learn to embrace the now, release dependency issues, and even find your independence. What core beliefs and covered up emotions are automatically deliberately destroying your life?
Today, the word ‘spirituality’ or phrase ‘being spiritual’ is used in excess, but what does it really mean? It may include belief in realities that make no sense or haven’t any meaning or even experiences of the inspirational environment of the world.
We all are acquainted with the complexity in changing the routine behaviors that don’t help us, and effectively making strides that maintain our longing to live a peaceful, full, and an abundant life. You will get a clear suggestion that is outside the circle of your family, friends, and coworkers. A good coach is not to take the place of family and friends, but they are there to inspire and give support that is specifically geared towards us, without their own agenda. Spiritual life coaches aid us in keeping everything in the perspective of our main purpose and spiritual path. It can mean that someone is concerned more with matters of the spirit, rather than obsessed with material or worldly items. They don’t bow down to the gods of money and the process of making money, but help clients learn how to attract money. If it is in balance with your spirituality and in harmony with positive world values, then it is good. If you are happy but meet up with a person who is frustrated, then the energy that is going to dominate the conversation is the one with the highest momentum. If you have, you may want to think about spiritual coaching to help you get to the origin of the emotions and beliefs that impel any behaviors you might have. Problems reside in our lives and the help of a spiritual coach may prove to be beneficial and would be an amazing gift to yourself.
Don’t you think it’s about time you invested in yourself by creating the kind of life you really want to have and finally accomplish all your dreams and goals? Having someone who is an unbiased contributor to and in our process, that quietly informs us when our behaviors wander off from the goals we are purposing to accomplish, and to help us come up with ways to make doable commitments, is of immense value.
A spiritual life coach also gives an unbiased point that is not influenced by the world’s drama, and this nonjudgmental clearness brings about progress and transformation in the many areas you are purposing to change. Most significantly, a great coach is there to keep us inspired by reminding us that doing wonderful things in life and or working to understand our goals, never have to be cumbersome. They do so by helping us to make a life that is an accurate expression of our spirit, stimulating us to intertwine our spirit into all facets of our lives. Repetition and inspiration on a regular basis is important if you want to implement new ways of thinking.

This means that if you want to influence a person from a higher frequency, you have to become stable and train your vibration on a daily basis.
When you let go of your Ego, you create a "space" that allows you to listen to your inner voice and guidance. Spiritual coaching is a method and approach in understanding your life’s purpose, by awakening your inner spirit through enlightenment.
But what would you gain by working with a spiritual coach and what are the benefits of the coaching?
In broad-spectrum, we are taught that we are substantial or physical beings living in a world that is just as substantial as we are. It is also a trust in an authority working in the earth that is far more superior, a sense of being connected with every living creature, and an understanding of the meaning and reason of life and the growth of personal values.
Although spirituality is often associated with religious life and the position(s) by which we are associated with and to God, the environment, one another, and the most sincere parts of ourselves, many people believe that individual spirituality is something that may be increased without religion. The best thing to do is; give yourself immeasurable gifts of inspiration, clear reflection, and accountability through a spiritual life coach. When your positive vibration is stable, then anybody you meet up with must join you on your frequency. When your Ego no longer rules and sabotages your life, you will find yourself living a smooth life filled with ease, harmony, happiness, and success.
By doing so, you will learn to grasp the true essence of your spiritual being and live a life full of love and inner peace. Though the profits of life coaching are as diverse as the people who coach and those who receive the coaching, the benefits are endless. Your coach can help you to gain a different perspective and help you to see your life in a clearer way because spiritual coaching is the basis for helping you regain focus, clarity and purpose. Acts of kindness and unselfishness, self-sacrifice, and experiencing peace within, are all distinctive traits of spirituality.
The articles on this site will teach you how to re-train your brain to raise your vibration. If we were nothing but physical beings, we wouldn’t have the ability to examine ourselves and have the imagination that we have. Being conscious of and developing spirituality significantly contributes to our happiness and joy overall.
The coach is also that loving person cheering us on, behind us no matter what the problem and celebrating our successes and triumphs. Simply put; the real meaning of spirituality is the pursuit to recognize our genuine selves and to learn the factual nature of awareness.

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