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The place that was full of death and destruction was the very place that God chose Moses to be.
The last in our series on the spiritual gifts, Sam explains the spiritual gift of discernment. The gift of tongues is probably one of the more controversial of the spiritual gifts and there are massively differing opinions as to its use today. When I first started going to a Christian youth group I didn’t know what it meant to engage with God. As a bunch of teenagers and young twenties, we were challenged to see if we could out-give God.
Many people would ask me how my Holiday break was and depending on whom it was my answer changed greatly.
Joshua Jones gives us some practical advice and insight into how we discern God's calling on our life. We do not need to fear any longer, because He has remembered the promise He made to His people.
The song "There is A Redeemer" is a wonderful proclamation of some of the deep truths of Christmas, the deep truths of Jesus.

Being part of Church can be really tough, but we are called to love, honour and respect every member.
Rhiannon Follett tells us what the spiritual gift of healing really is and how it should be used.
Than having an old fashion sit down to help you have a new way of thinking may be just the thing you need. One Hour Session: For those times when you need a little extra help or clarity, on an as needed basis. The purpose of these gifts was, by in large, to authenticate the preaching and teaching ministries of Jesus and the apostles. There are three healings where there was a time delay but the delay only involved minutes and no longer. Description: Please join us as we corporately seek the Lord through the reading of His word and responsive prayer. Note: Please email or call Dennis or Billy the week you plan to join us to make sure there have not been any changes. The gift of miracles was the unique ability to accomplish supernatural works of power in order to draw attention to the message.

In ACT 20:7-12, Paul raised Eutychus, the fortunate kid, from the dead after he fell asleep in Bible class and fell 3 stories to his death. Have you ever considered the possibility that it is still there, not to condemn you, but instead so that the works of God might be displayed in you? A simple carpenter’s son, nothing flashy, serving the needy, spending time with those on the peripheries of society, yet the son of God, who created the Universe and performed miracles.
Tick either, yes, no, or I don't understand the question." This was part of a questionnaire we asked the guys in our youth group to fill out a few years ago.
How do we handle this potentially awkward stage of life: stuck between child and 'grown up'?

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