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If you're putting together a workshop featuring tips for stress management, using a PowerPoint presentation is a great way to get your point across. Click the image to download a stress management PowerPoint presentation provided for your use. Once the presentation is saved, you'll be able to use it as-is, or edit it if there are changes you would like to make for the workshop you are leading. During your session, you can use your own computerized presentation as an example of a stress management strategy, letting them know how using a presentation can take the stress out of getting ready to teach a workshop. Come to the BrainBalance Achievement Center for a free Stress Management Workshop for parents ofchildren with special needs.

If your workshop is focused on teaching participants to recognize the signs of stress and providing them with practical tips and suggestions for managing stress effectively, you may find that the presentation below meets your needs. In order to use the presentation, you'll need to have PowerPoint 2003 or newer installed on your computer. Once the presentation is updated so that it meets your needs, you'll find that preparation time is a snap.
When you click the image, your system will begin the process, and you'll see a dialog window asking what program the file should be opened with. Instead of having to compile information and create a speech every time you need to make a presentation, the basics of what you need to say will already be pulled together and organized on your computer.

If PowerPoint isn't pre-selected, navigate to the program using the drop down window and click "OK". The presentation file will open and you'll be able to save it to your hard drive or external storage device.

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