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We WORK TOGETHER sharing ideas, helping one another as well as sharing failures & encouraging each other to keep going.
Your needs and goals will change over time and while you may start out initially just for the discount and added accountability, you may eventually decide to share your results and build a business.
Everyone has different desires, goals and dreams and regardless of what brought YOU here, we’re here as a team to support you. I am sure, however, that you joined our team because you want SUCCESS and you’re willing to put in the WORK to make it happen! I typically host a NEW Challenge Group (usually all female) the first Monday of each month and I recommend my team to lead a new group each month as well.
I will provide you with every single resource I’ve been given and I encourage you to feel free to share things that you find helpful along the way. Don’t forget though, YOUR MAIN FOCUS needs to be inviting friends and family to join you in the next challenge group. While your coach is there to help you, be sure to do your due diligence in answering your questions and don’t hold yourself back from being able to accomplish as much as possible by always waiting for your coach to be able to answer your questions. Google it – there is TONS of valuable, relevant information regarding growing a business, building a blog, setting up a YouTube channel.

Ask Coach Relations – there are several different ways to get help from Coach Relations. And then if you still aren’t satisfied with your understanding or the answer, PLEASE ASK your coach or ME! Thanks to meeting Michelle I have gone from being a stressed out mom of 3 who had just filed bankruptcy to providing a full time income for my family within a year. What Does The Jackie Robinson Movie “42” Have In Common with Online Business??? Be sure to TEXT my name “Jerry Maurer” (no quotes) to number 72727- You have to see this NEW APP!!!! Jerry Maurer is originally from Brooklyn, NY and enjoys spending quality time with his 2 daughters,wife Lori and dog Kali!
I am DEEPLY passionate about Beachbody & inspiring others to live life at their fullest potential. BOTTOM LINE is this: Work on finding 1-3 friends or family members to join you in the next Challenge Group with me. I recommend Go Pro by Eric Worre and The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy as great starters.

You are welcome to participate in an apprenticeship challenge group with me where YOU are their coach, but I will lead the group along with you so that you get a feel of how to lead a group.
This is a training in the Coach Online Office that will help build your knowledge about the business aspect (if that is your goal).
Be sure to utilize the FAQ section of the site which can be found at the bottom of the Home Page in your Coach Online Office. You always need to be bringing in new people in order for your business to continue to grow! I’m not only dedicated 200% to your success but we also have a team of INCREDIBLE leaders who are all ready and willing to share wisdom, advice and guide you at a pace that best fits YOUR goals.

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