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Posted on May 17, 2014 at 3:20 am by Den-O under GodzillaThe original big bad kaiju has just returned to theaters after a 10 year hiatus. This line too sets the tone for what is to come in the Godzilla Awakening prequel graphic novel to the blockbuster film Godzilla. Godzilla Awakening as a prequel to the film sets out to elaborate on some of the more rushed over history of Godzilla and the MUTO's.
Here we begin with the rather simple trope of a father and son reuniting after some time apart. They each thrived on the natural radiation of the Earth which was far higher than it is in the modern world. The hibernation these creatures experienced from this point went uninterrupted for eons, until August 6th 1945, Hiroshima.
What the battle truly does is finally convince the US military and Monarch that Gojira is real. Mere days later the often mentioned General MacArthur finally appears to put an end to this Gojira business. We now see that 1 year later in 1981, after the Dr began his tale to his son Ichiro in 1980, that he's passed away.
The final shot we're given is of the titular beast rising from the fires of the Bikini Atoll. Godzilla Awakening sets out to expand upon the brief history of Legendary's Godzilla film in a big way. In any case this book is available on store shelves now at any of your Local Comic Shops or other fine book retailers! In a sense mirroring the way in which Bryan Cranston's Joe and Aaron Johnson's Ford meet once again after being estranged in the film.
Serizawa is involved with the Japanese navy, and although he can speak and translate English he (rightfully so) harbors hatred for the american military. From 1946-1950 we see the Monarch Unit make there way to these places in search of the MUTO. A team will traverse the depths of Challenger Deep near the Phillipines, the deepest point on Earth. The Monarch team has returned to headquarters for an apparent important meeting with another biologist. But these beasts, the ones that survived at least, were forced to live underground and in the seas, closer to the core of the Earth's radiation because of the Permian Impact. The atomic bomb that day created enough radiation to awaken at least one MUTO and draw it there, where Serizawa witnessed it. The good Dr is awoken from his weary sleep on the open ocean thanks to a distress call from trusted sources on Moansta Island in the South Pacific. If you haven't seen the film by this point then read no further, we delve into the secrets of the film and how they relate to the book from here on. Avid fans will note that in the film Ichiro still has his fathers compass, which he explains stopped functioning on this exact time and date, which is course when the atomic bomb was dropped. Ironic given the circumstances by which he must now help aid an American ship which has somehow run aground in the middle of an island.

Surely if monstrous creatures of myth have survived into the modern day they would choose to lay dormant here. Initially thought to be a severed piece of limb or a scale it would turn out this roughly human head sized thing was a single giant cell of the MUTO creature. Expanding on it this time we're given multiple examples of such a creature in ancient historical reference even dating back to 30,000 BC.
Much like the film the book has saved the plentiful full on shots of the creatures as well as Gojira's iconic Atomic Breath, for last.
This surprising meeting spurs Ichiro to try and carry on his father's legacy.The exchange that follows once again sums up perfectly, the point of this book. The document clearly proposes the idea that this Gojira survived so the military had at least some idea that they might see him again in the future. Thought their assignment to kill the MUTO's seems pointless as they had no feasible way of doing so in the 40's & 50's. Though what the good doctor would theorize, and this unit would later discover, would be something far greater. A young Ichiro Serizawa, later to become the poetic character played by Ken Watanabe, has come home to his father, the elder Dr. After encountering a survivor of the ships wreckage, Shaw, our party finds the ship and it's indeed grounded. Serizawa begins to assemble a theory, one which he can't yet substantiate, one that no one yet believes. This treats we the readers to at least one throwback reference to classic Godzilla as one of the creatures remains stored here is a giant ape monster.
Serisawa posits that Gojira and the Shinomura were natural predators to one another, keeping each other in check.
Such a vague premise for survival leaves TONS of room open for more creatures in sequel films to have survived as well.
With this undeniable proof Dr Serizawa can at last show his superiors that his Gojira is real.
Though clearly not as impressive because of the medium in which it's represented, this fight is every bit as pivotal to the plot as the final one in the film. With the number of page given to each chapter being just over 20 pages there isn't quite enough space to have all the art necessary to convey each scene. A living legend, a monstrous myth, the king of all monsters, Godzilla! This book set out to expand the historical universe of the 2014 Godzilla film and it has succeeded wonderfully. He believes another creature has been fighting the MUTO over the years, though not necessarily defending mankind.
Primarily because each MUTO is made up of millions of these small creatures all working together to survive. Oddly the focus then shifts to Serizawas home where he and his son are marveling over a black starfish he's found and brought home. Ordered to stay away form the island, Serizawa gets in close enough to see the battle between two gigantic forces of nature.
However Dr Serizawa saw at least 1 piece of the creature escape, though his compatriots would fail to take this seriously.

In already having partial understanding of this films in universe history I was less distracted by questions I may have had about the film, and could simply enjoy myself more. But he's unfortunately relegated to mostly one-liners and the poeticly beautiful statements of someone most of us would assume is crazy. Merely because there's so much content to include on some pages, the art can actually be a little hard to follow.
His father has summoned him with urgent business, in his twilight years he now wishes to tell his son the truth about his life and career. The reason for which is soon made clear when claws begin to tear through the crew and remainder of the ship. But up to now no one credible has seen this second creature which he's found to be called Gojira by some survivors who've seen it. Unfortunately the other specimens shown range from obviously something to impossible to tell, but none hearken back to classic Toho beasts.
This is an insanely appropriate Kaiju type name in the tradition of classic Godzilla, one that was sorely need for the film. But by allowing us to see more of his father through this book, it gives us a much better point of view to appreciate Ichiro from. Not as a worker for a shipping company which was a mere cover, but as a researcher haunted by the ghosts of monsters, one who hunted them.
Handily explained for us as a conjunction of the words for whale & gorilla in Japanese.
Once agin this mirrors the films ability to show us how monster, gods among the creatures of the Earth, can hide right in front of us despite being larger than life. A trail of radiation will be left to allow the surviving Shinomura piece to sniff out so that when the moment is right, an Atomic Bomb can be set off.
It should also be noted that the design of this MUTO is VERY different from the films depiction of the male or female. But the legends of this beast span generations and civilizations, once he was merely a monster of myth and legend.
The team then exposes it to radiation, at which point it grows and regenerates to a point where it's extermination is required. And how else would any sane person attempt to describe the unbelievable things which he's seen in his life? If you haven't seen the film yet then you owe it to yourself to read this first and give yourself a jump start on the amazing ride the film will take you on. It looks very much like a flying Manta Ray with claw like tentacles and ram horns around it's maw, as well as 2 eyes on each side of it's head.
Monarch Unit knew the MUTO thrived and reproduced based on radiation over 50 years prior to the events of the film.

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