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Anyone who has engaged in or interacted with any public discourse on the subject of miracles in the New Testament (especially the resurrection) will have encountered this objection: How can an historian infer that a miracle is the best explanation of historical data, given that supernatural phenomena are, by their very nature, extremely improbable? Historians more or less rank past events on the basis of the relative probability that they occurred All that historians can do is show what probably happened in the past.
If historians can only establish what probably happened, and miracles by their definition are the least probable occurrences, then more or less by definition, historians cannot establish that miracles have ever probably happened. Such reasoning is a modern incarnation of the view espoused by the great Scottish enlightenment philosopher David Hume in his classic treatment Of Miracles, and other modern critics have adopted a similar stance on miracles and historiography.
The first point that must be highlighted is that we do have very strong evidential grounds for asserting that the facts we observe about reality are far better at home in a theistic Universe than in a non-theistic Universe — the evidence for a cosmic beginning to space and time, the evidence for meticulously precise fine-tuning of the laws and constants of physics, the evidence for design in biology, the evidence for the non-material character of consciousness, and so on.
With this in mind, non-natural candidate explanations for available data are, at the very least, in principle, on the table. It is important that Christian apologists not view miracles, such as the resurrection, in isolation from the theological context in which it sits. Likewise, the hypothesis that Allah deceived Jesus’s followers into believing that he had risen from the dead must be evaluated on its own merits, and indeed it can be rejected. Do you agree with the principle in our legal system of excluding supernatural explanations? Which disciples who supposedly saw the risen Christ died SPECIFICALLY for their testimony, and who rejected the chance to save themselves by recanting? Stephen B – The most important point is that there are good reasons to believe that reality is God-based and not many god arguments that naturalism reflects reality.
Supernatural explanations: remember that the miracles in the Bible especially the resurrection of Jesus were prophesized and have a theological basis showing the authority of that person as called by God.
In this case, the subject in question is not something beyond the scope of our physics, it’s something that our physics tells us is impossible! If the universe is eternal, then because energy cannot be created, the universe by necessity cannot be a closed system and is receiving energy from an infinite and external, source of energy. Maryann sleasman I disagree with most of what your so called reviews on the spn eps cause somtimes you complain so damn much! You must only upload images which you have created yourself or that you are expressly authorised or licensed to upload. The final confrontation between the Winchesters and an angel that fancies himself the new God. One might grant that the mass hallucination hypothesis as an explanation for the purported postmortem sightings of Jesus is immensely improbable — but surely it has to be less improbable than the proposition that Jesus rose bodily from the dead. Historians can establish only what probably happened in the past, but miracles, by their very nature, are always the least probable explanation for what happened. One cannot, therefore, arbitrarily exclude the supernatural from having causal power in the real world.
One may respond by pointing out that, although the supernatural cannot be ruled out a priori, nonetheless there is no way to evaluate the merits of one supernatural explanation over another. The strictly historical inquiry into what best explains the facts and evidence before us must be accompanied with an investigation into whether the God to which the aforementioned data points would plausibly have motivation for raising Jesus from the dead.
If not, how would you imagine any court case to proceed if the defence team could simply cite a supernatural alternative to the the accused being the responsible for any event? These reasons are rejected by Christians for pretty much the same reasons that Muslims reject the reasons you cite for why Allah cannot exist. What were they accused of, what sources do we have for their deaths, and would they still have been killed even if they recanted their Christ claims? The other Abrahamic religions have their apologetics replying to why Jesus CANNOT have been God, and they have their responses to the Christian apologetics against their faiths. It seems I’m being told that the resurrection of Jesus is likely BECAUSE God is likely to exist, and that God is likely to exist because Jesus was resurrected.
In addition to the Disciples, the bible mentions 500, I believe, but is this 500 claims to explain, or just a single claim?
That source must necessarily be super-natural (outside the bounds and confines of our universe). Meanwhile, Metatron makes his move against humanity, as Sam, Castiel, and Gadreel try to stop him.

The images should not contain any sexually explicit content, race hatred material or other offensive symbols or images. Thus, it is argued, any hypothesis which purports to explain the pertinent evidence, no matter how improbable, is a better explanation than invocation of the supernatural. Frequently, regrettably, Christian apologists will miss the difference between the assertion of methodological naturalism and metaphysical naturalism, and so will respond in an incomplete way to the challenge — perhaps by identifying the presuppositional nature of the argument.
Indeed, the increasing evidence of design in the realm of biology indicates quite strongly that the Universe is not governed by a deistic god who has no participation in worldly affairs, but rather an intervening one who interacts with the world. The resurrection of Jesus is not some isolated event that is completely disconnected from any theological setting.
Secondly, the resurrection of Jesus sits within a larger theological context, and one can demonstrate that God had plausible motivations for raising Jesus from the dead. It carries a lot of baggage being associated with ghosts and creepy, unexplainable phenomenon. Once again, you’re back to something that transcends and exists outside of time, space, matter, and energy. Please update your browser, or download a new browser, for example: Firefox or Google Chrome or alternative, before continuing to use this website.
We are shown how to receive healings and miracles and one way to receive, is by having faith! The fact is that the objector is not necessarily denying a priori that supernatural explanations are, in principle, possible.
A being endowed with infinite power, or omnipotence, could be invoked to explain absolutely any set of observations — and thus, the argument goes, it really lacks the explanatory power to explain anything.
Indeed, the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus is the culmination of the Jewish Scriptures, and numerous events throughout these Scriptures foreshadow and point towards this coming event.
The Qur’an also claims consistency with the Christian Scriptures and that the coming of Muhammad is prophesied by both the Old and New Testaments (see my article here). Indeed, it is difficult to justify the assertion that a miracle is highly improbable given (1) God exists and (2) one can demonstrate that God has plausible reasons for performing a miracle. They stick the amped up Dean in the holding cell, away from the First Blade, until they can figure out what to do with him.
Rather, the objector is rejecting the notion that an historian can use the standard tools of evidential inquiry to establish that a miracle has likely occurred.
Indeed, that would be an even more implausible hypothesis than the mass hallucination hypothesis.
We thus have a prior plausibility that God would raise His Son, Jesus, from the dead in order to vindicate his self-claims to Messiah and Savior of the world. Thus, at the very least, the resurrection hypothesis is a candidate explanation that must be considered to be on the table as not a mere technical possibility, but as a real possibility in the sense of being sufficiently plausible to be a contender in the battle for best explanation. It seems I’m being told that the resurrection of Jesus is likely BECAUSE God is likely to exist, and that God is likely to exist because Jesus was resurrected. They return to check on Gadreel but he’s gone bye-bye, obviously not wanting to risk Dean finishing the job.
We would call a miracle an event that violates the way nature always, or almost always, works so as to make the event virtually, if not actually, impossible. There are a number of ways in which the Christian can respond to the skeptic on this point.
If one’s worldview, however, justifiably allows for supernatural causation, it is not necessarily an improbable event that God intervene to raise Jesus from the dead.
If Allah could have deceived them about the crucifixion, perhaps he also deceived them about the resurrection. This context cannot be ignored when we investigate the historicity of Jesus’ resurrection from the dead, and the hypothesis that God supernaturally raised Jesus from the dead must be considered, at the very least, a candidate hypothesis that can be investigated and evaluated on its merits, and its causal efficacy to explain the relevant evidence. Thus, it is implausible that the god of Islam even exists, let alone that he had plausible motivation for deceiving the disciples of Jesus into believing that Jesus rose from the dead. His injuries don’t allow him to make it that far, and they catch up to him just as Metatron throws out the announcement on Angel P.A. After Gadreel’s healed by the weakened Cas, he tells the hunter and angel just what Mets is up to; he’s going to take a little trip and immerse himself into humanity.

The King of Hell arrives and Dean admits to him that he “can’t turn it off…I get this high and I need to kill.” All in all, the Blade’s acting like Dean’s personal brand of heroin.
He wants to know if there’s a way to get rid of it but, first thing’s first, he needs to get out and hit the streets so he can find Metatron and shove the Blade down his throat—figuratively speaking.“So this is what you and Moose do,” Crowley muses as he and Dean set up shop in a diner, searching for any clues as to Metatron’s whereabouts. They get it when some demon henchmen bring forward a social media video of Metatron aka ‘Marv’ resurrecting an unlucky Indiana lass who had the misfortune of losing a one-on-one with a moving car in front of two dozen eyewitnesses. The video shows the wannabe Heavenly High Roller whispering something to the woman and Dean needs to find out what—of course, he’s not the only one. The brothers talk…well, Sam talks, blasting Dean for his selfishness and bad decisions but, as both angels have made known, he finally admits that Dean’s the best chance they have to take out Metatron. And with the promise of unification, they send the King of Hell packing without a by-your-leave.As the Winchesters track down Metatron, Gadreel and Cas take on the most important aspect of things. Earlier Gadreel surmised that Metatron’s tapping into the angel tablet and, for all intents, is God-like in his abilities. In order for Dean to take him out, they’ll need to break into Heaven, locate the tablet and severe its connection with Metatron. Cas drops another pop culture reference and they channel the ‘Wookie is my prisoner’ “Star Wars” Plan. It seems to be working until, when they step for into Metatron’s office, they’re slammed into angel jail.
The thought of being imprisoned once more nearly cripples Gadreel but, as Castiel fails at convincing Hannah of Metatron’s misdeeds, the angel that once disgraced himself by allowing the serpent into the Garden, Gadreel atones. Using the sharpened stone pieces, he’s carved the suicide bombing recipe on his chest and fires it up, killing himself and breaking Castiel free. But the angel doesn’t run for the office; he stares directly into Hannah’s eyes and asks her “Do you believe him now?”After the Miracle in Muncie, Marv has moved on to other pastures. When they get a 20 on Metatron’s position, Dean KO’s his brother and makes for Metatron without backup.
But Dean’s not buying it; in fact he’s got a bone to pick with Metatron for Kevin, for a lot more.
By the time Castiel shatters the tablet up in Heaven, Metatron’s already shoved an angel blade through Dean’s chest right before Sam’s eyes. He tries to move in for the kill but Metatron retreats back to his office and finds Castiel waiting for him.If there was ever a weakness in fighting the powerful, it’s exploiting their hubris. And Castiel does this masterfully, allowing Metatron to rant about the angels and their need to follow him.
By the time he does, it’s too late and, at Castiel’s behest, they let him live, locking him in heaven’s prison.During the angelic confrontation, Sam’s trying to will Dean to live but his older brother knows what’s coming.
Though he had withheld some information he “never lied”, a confession that is both powerful and true, considering the source.
Though the biggest nugget of information he kept from them was that, tired of the pull of the Mark, Cain took his own life but, as we know, death didn’t take to him.
It seems as if the Mark wants its just do, and this time around, that just do is Dean Winchester.
They’re those of a demon.An Uncertain FutureSo that happened…out of all the times Sam and Dean have cheated death or come back just a bit off, never have they been infested with such darkness as we saw in Dean’s eyes. He’s a demon now, ladies and gentlemen, and with that, ‘Supernatural’ has chosen a road they’ve yet to travel.
It should be a very fun ride next year because, despite what we think we know, we have no idea how the Mark and First Blade, coupled with the new demon-y status, will affect him.When Sam found out Dean lied to him in order for Gadreel to heal Sam’s dying body, Sam was almost eager to let Dean know that, if things were reversed, he would have let Dean die.
Sam’s actions are a good reminder to us all; we may think we know how we’ll react when something comes our way but, until it actually does happen, we truly won’t know.So where does this leave Castiel and Heaven? He’s slowly losing his grace and, now that Metatron’s behind bars, is Heaven back open for business?

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