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In 2002, I worked at a telecom company in Tulsa and we participated in an event called Corporate Challenge. There is something about the interdependence and camaraderie of teamwork that appealed to me.
Jim Ryan at Soft Skills for Hard Jobs advocates Morning Check-In Meetings to increase employee engagement.
When working as an individual, there is no one else to look to when your workload becomes overwhelming. Former Army Lieutenant General Russel Honore is attributed with saying, “…¬†why do you try to form a team?

He addresses team and individual effectiveness, marketing, communications and creativity for smaller, entrepreneurial organizations as well as large enterprises. Also, I believe that in today’s ego-driven, leadership-crazed business culture we could probably use a little motherhood and apple pie to ground us. She refers to BlackRock experimenting with teams sitting down regularly to have members share time constraints with each other and work out solutions. As I completed my registration, a realization hit me that all the events I chose were team sports.
The word brings to mind inspirational posters with a team rowing a boat or business people running a relay race.

Even though I fancied myself a decent outside shooter in basketball, I had foregone the 3-Point contest.

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