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Steven TweedieSo you managed to get your hands on an iPhone 6, but what apps should you download?
Every iPhone 6 comes with Apple's new iOS 8 mobile operating system pre-installed, which is capable of some great features like app extensions, widgets, and better-than-ever graphics. Building a consistent source of residual income is one of the best things you can do in order to develop significant wealth.
It should come as no surprise that finding a residual income business opportunity is a major step towards financial freedom.
Unlike other forms of income, passive revenue lets you continue to earn money from your work, long after you’ve finished the task. In this post I’ll explain why I think internet marketing is one of the best residual businesses you can start from home. Affiliate marketing is a sub-category of internet marketing, and is a great stream of income you can develop. This is a popular option for many people wanting to work from home because the hours, time investment, and even earnings potential are all extremely flexible and can cater to anyone’s needs.
If you’re just looking for a little extra part time income on the side, you can work a few hours a week and build a consistent stream that will continue flowing for many, many months. If, on the other hand, you’re looking for a full time business to develop, full time work with internet marketing can be very, very lucrative. Instead of a single hobby site, you’ll probably end up developing a portfolio of niche sites or 1 or 2 larger authority sites from which you can earn your residual stream.
Not only that, but from a business perspective, there are also a number of viable exit opportunities for affiliate sites, which means that you could have the option of cashing out your investment through a website sale.
Because there is such a strong demand from companies looking for websites to help sell their products, earning a living through marketing other companies’ products is a great way to tap into exciting market niches without the hassle of running a “traditional” business. Think about it this way: many digital services (software, online resources, etc) offer affiliates 50% commissions (and sometimes higher) for referring customers.
The point I’m trying to make is that affiliate marketing gives you, as an individual, far more freedom. Meanwhile, you still get to enjoy the financial freedom associated with selling reliable products that solve people’s problems. While internet marketing isn’t rocket science, there are a number of key factors and metrics you should be aware of when you’re starting.
These factors will influence everything from the specific niche you choose to the content you create and the products you decide to promote, so it’s important that you follow a few key guidelines when building your business. If you’ve never worked with internet marketing before and don’t know where to begin, there are complete courses available that will walk you through every step of the process, from ideation through execution and monetization.
You can click here to access my list of top affiliate training programs, or click here to learn how to get 10 free classes from my top-ranked provider. Here we see modern classic outfit, which consists of a slim-fit jacket, black top and tailored skirt. As a Microsoft Online Services Partner SOS can advise you on the best cloud based solution for your organisation. If you are looking at implementing or just investigating cloud based solutions then do not hesitate to contact us for a no obligation proposal.
By some freak chance these blog posts have consistently come up on first page of Google and sent a ton of traffic to this site which I’m thankful for and hopefully given visitors some great reading recommendations.
That’s like reading one book every two weeks, so totally doable in terms of investing time in reading them – think of it like your almost free education!
I had a great amount of feedback and suggestions on Google Plus and Facebook (plus within groups too). After reading Kate Northrup’s book, I really woke up to the fact that I needed to change my relationship with money quickly if I wanted to continue creating freedom in my lifestyle. She has ridiculously valuable exercises that gets into the nitty gritty of why you think the way you do about money and how to transform your relationship so you can earn more in your business. If you’ve been looking for an updated version of Rich Dad Poor Dad or some other book about how to achieve lasting wealth, this is the book you need. It’s realistic in that he lets you know the facts about what it means to become a millionaire, but he also gives you actionable steps to take to reach that money milestone. This is a great book for consultants, freelancers, or contractors that are looking to charge more but aren’t sure where to start. People are always raving to me about Gay Hendricks and how it’s completely changed the way they approach their business. And it makes sense considering she is all about breaking through limiting beliefs that hold you back from truly having the freedom you want and deserve.

And the need for more vulnerability is huge. We put on armour and never take it off to let people in or to be the person we want to be.
While it might be cliche to say that nothing compares to you, that kind of thinking is what is going to set you apart and help you thrive in business. After I talked about creating new habits so you can achieve your goals for the new year,  I was happy to see that Tam Le recommended The Power of Habit. There is blur between how we live our lives and how we run our businesses, and if we want to be achieve our ideal lifestyle, we need to be cognizant of how to build good habits in both. When you’re in charge of creating valuable content, how can you find your voice so you can be as authentic as possible? Srinivas Rao has put together a collection of his journey into vulnerability and taking risks, which can be a game-changer if you’ve been keeping quiet and know that you have more to say. The marketing world is full of a lot of noise and advice that may or may not work for your business. He shows you how to filter out the bad (&downright stupid) advice and what you should be doing with your marketing to create business that lasts. This book is a must-read for every single blogger out there. In it, Cialdini teaches one of the keys methods of persuasion –  the Law of Reciprocity.
As bloggers, a cornerstone of our business is giving away free content to our community and when you start to understand the psychology behind what we do and are able to leverage other similar techniques, you can create a strong foundation for taking your business to the next level. I’m glad Navid Moazzez recommended this as I recommend it weekly to clients and friends. Tom Asacker tackles the question of belief and motivation in a book full of inspiration and a-ha moments that make you want you to read it slowly to savor the wisdom. We all take a different path to entrepreneurship and turn up as different people, no matter which traits the articles say are best for business and leadership. You might know that I have a product series called BYOB – Build Your Online Business. Well I was introduced to Gloria McRae when she was getting ready to launch BYOB – Be Your Own Boss. Unlabel, recommended by Navid Moazzez as one of the best he’s read in a while, does just that. How would you like to be the obvious choice among your competition and land new clients sans slaving over impressively time-consuming proposals?
Deemed as a go-to book for creatives by Karley Cunningham, the Win Without Pitching Manifesto will show you how to run your business to be more lucrative and gratifying. Read this if you’re feeling stuck in a rut with client work and want to see your business with new eyes. A few freedom fighters from the community recommended that my book be on this list, and here are what people who have read the book are saying about it. After seeing Nancy Duarte speak at WDS, it was obvious to everyone in the room that she had discovered a genius formula for crafting everything from blog posts to keynote speeches that create movements and incite passion. Read this book, recommended by Diana Tedoldi, if you’re looking to start or refine your remarkable speaking career. I met Tim Grahl right around the time when I had just released my book, The Suitcase Entrepreneur, which was such a great connection since his book is all about selling books! Tim Grahl has tons of strategic advice for you, the new author, to make the most of every marketing effort and create a successful launch. Now that we live in such a diverse environment where we can wear many different hats, how do explain our work in an impactful way? Would you rather refer a customer and make 50% or have to close a lead, provide a product, maintain a piece of software, and provide customer service for the other 50%?
You never have to worry about customer complaints or being on time for a client call, since all of those nitty gritty details are handled by the company you partner with.
Today I bring you women's business attire essentials, which include suit jackets and blazers.
Depending on your circumstances Cloud Computing can be a highly beneficial technology to either replace or complement solutions in your existing network. SOS is renowned for its professional technical experience, reliable services and first-class support.
Rather than me tell you what I think is best (I mean I do that all the time anyway right!), I decided to crowdsource your recommendations, too. It’s a book that will show you how to increase your revenue, your audience, your traffic, and your happiness all while being ridiculously productive. Read it when you need to be re-inspired or when you need to see an old problem with new eyes. Entrepreneurial DNA, recommended by Paul Strobl, is a book that will identify your unique style as an entrepreneur and help you find your strengths and weaknesses so you can be aware of them and use them to your advantage.

What’s more it will show you how to flex your creativity muscles to boost your brand, marketing efforts, and ultimately your sales. Bought Youtility: Why Smart Marketing Is about Help Not Hype ?? and will read more of your suggestions this year. I learn so much more that way than putting it on my to do list, because I feel a connection to the book.
You are about to see beautifully crafted and smart, feminine tailored looks, which are classic and feminine. We pride ourselves on utilising our extensive technical knowledge to constantly improve the level of service provided to our clients. It’s a straightforward business book with a rally cry to buck all of the traditional ways we build business.
I like audio books as well for listening while on the move, and I read on planes, in airports and when I’m in transit quite often. Today's fashion offers great and modern take on power dressing, that's why many ladies can easily update their wardrobe by adding couple of elegant office and business ready looks.
When in doubt, then it's always a good idea to look through various available options, before deciding, which business attire might fit you. I have chosen different designs for business and professional looking, which are quite versatile for wearing from day to night. For instance, you can wear the same jacket for meetings by combining it with tailored pants, then you can add a slim pencil skirt for evening informal events. 2015 SeptemberCommunity Service Provider, Newcastle NSWOur Client Manager's product knowledge is unreal and he is very clever. 2015 SeptemberCommunity Service Provider, Maitland NSWOur Client Manager is knowledgeable and very patient with me. We feel we are receiving value for money with the great service and we go through our Client Manager for everything we need. We deal with our Client Manager for everything and he always offers a resolution for anything that comes up.
August 2015Fire & Rescue Equipment Supplier, Newcastle NSWOur Client Manager is a fantastic representative for SOS! The most important thing is response time and we are definitely getting a great response whenever we need it from him. August 2015Manufacturing Industry, Cardiff NSWOur Client Manager is great and very helpful. He fixes any issues straight away, has really good knowledge and calls out to see us regularly. The monthly reports are great and we are receiving value for money, especially if something breaks down. August 2015Community Transport Provider, Northmead NSWOur Client Manager is excellent with his service, he is on the ball, listens to our needs and is quick to resolve any problems.
SOS did a great job when we were expanding and needed additional equipment and the system works very well. May 2015Transport Industry, Heatherbrae NSWWe are very happy with the service and our Client Manager always responds quickly to any problems we might encounter; we wouldn't have anyone else! Our Client Manager makes sure we have the right equipment for our needs and he understands our requirements. May 2015Renewable Energy Industry, Newcastle NSWOur Client Manager is by far the best person we have worked with from SOS. We have total trust in our Client Manager to make sure we have everything we need for the business and we are receiving value for money from the service. April 2015Mechanical Contractor, Hunter Valley NSWOur Client Manager’s service and support is wonderful and he's slowly but surely teaching me some tricks. The system is great and everything works as it should.  SOS are one of the companies I have no issues with, I don't know what I'd do without you! February 2015Electrical Contractor, Newcastle NSWOur Client Manager is wonderful with his support, product knowledge and problem resolution skills.

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