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Osho read an enormous amount of books during his life time, all collected into a library in his Ashram in Poona.
Ma Kavisho, Osho′s librarian, has catalogued 900 books in which Osho painted the endpapers and 3500 in which he coloured his signature.
He explains that when we repress our basic nature, sex takes roots in the unconscious, creating an unnatural obsession. Atisha is one of the rare masters, rare in the sense that he was taught by three enlightened masters.
Bombay sannyasins celebrated her death with a beautiful kirtan on her birthday, February 12. The book contains stories of several people who recount openly the circumstances which ultimately led them to become disciples of Osho. This memoir recounts my experiences during the 10+ years I was a disciple of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (now known as Osho). It makes sense and sounds easy, but anyone who has tried it knows just how difficult it is to do in practice.
In essence, it is about changing yourself from the inside, and then seeing the remarkable results that has on your life on the outside. A beautiful book with many photographs of Osho and relating to his life, to celebrate Osho′s 80th birth year.
The book has won multiple book awards: Living Now Book of the Year, Nautilus, Eric Hoffer, and finalist in Indie Excellence Awards.
The book was shown to Osho in 1989 and his penetrating comment on it can be found at the end of the film. Nirgun concludes her book at age 74, writing, "Scientists tell us that nothing in existence can ever go out of existence. For several years, David was the leader of the Codependency groups at Osho Commune in Pune, India. Integrating the financial and spiritual worlds to transform our personal and planetary consciousness. The deck comes with an instruction booklet, which offers Osho quotes for each card and instructions on how to use the deck.
The book immerses the reader into the mysteries of Japan, deepens the understanding of Reiki, not only historically, and invites to experiment with new Reiki techniques. In Oregon she ruled the entire commune supposedly under Osho′s guidance, until differences crept up. Meeting Osho in April 1976 Devageet immediately knew that he had found his spiritual master. The Osho Transformation Tarot, also called Osho Neo-Tarot, as an application for your iPhone or iPad. Osho was not in favour of compilations, parts taken from his different books and put together to form another book. After they were published, it was felt that these compilations were interfering with sales of the complete discourse books in the Commune′s bookshop. The messages to and fro between Sarito and Keerti show that Osho was not in favour of compilations published by sannyasins themselves.
A-influences created in life, that is, in life itself - they are the first kind, and often the only kind, of influences people are subjected to; A-influences do not come from an esoteric center.

B-influences created outside life as C-influences, but diminished in consciousness by being thrown into the general vortex of life; the second kind of influences. Myths and fairy tales can be said to be B-influences pointing to a higher level of consciousness.
In order not to have to work with mainstream publishers who prefer a watered-down Osho in compilations, some sannyasins publish Osho′s books themselves.
In a series of 80 talks on an ancient Tantra text of 112 meditation techniques, the Indian god Shiva offers these 112 methods to his consort, Devi. THE BOOK OF SECRETS is a tremendous resource for anyone interested in experimenting with meditation.
THE BOOK OF SECRETS was, in fact, the first Osho title to be published by international publishing houses around the world in many languages. Osho brings into focus the central point that, just as the physical sciences have developed techniques to transform matter, Tantra has developed meditation techniques to transform the spirit. The book is also perhaps a first in acknowledging the woman’s status as an independent inquirer. In the Book of Secrets, Osho has provided an in-depth understanding of the differences between sex and Tantra, Tantra and Yoga, the views about sex in the East and the West, the male and female polarity and how both can become mutually nourishing.
These 112 methods are for the whole of humanity-for all the ages that have passed, and for all the ages that have yet to come. Death can take the fading body, the static personality, the prickly ego - take them, and welcome. Osho develops these ancient telegraphic and condensed sutras into the fundamental and now classic work, THE BOOK OF SECRETS and takes the reader through each set of two-line verses and explains what method of meditation they are describing, and how to do it. Originally it was published as a series of five volumes, and it proved difficult for many of the publishers to keep all the volumes in print simultaneously. Deva, or Parvati, the consort of Shiva, asks him some of the most quintessential questions for unraveling the secrets of how meditation can bring about a complete mutation in human consciousness. The core message is that sex is essentially a mystery, a creative energy manifested in the entire universe.
When touching, just touch through the hand and remember the inner one who is hidden behind, sensing touch. Although the meditations themselves come from the Tantric path, Osho draws on a wide variety of spiritual traditions (Taoism, Buddhism, Christianity, Sufism, and Zen, among others) in the process of making this ancient text easily accessible to the modern reader.
Tantra merely shows ways to elevate and transform sex energy in the process of experiencing the higher states of consciousness.
Sex being the strongest desire there is, Shiva explains how the way of Tantra helps in understanding this desire and transcending it. Tantra is helpful in the understanding of this energy and showing how to live a healthy and natural life with love and awareness.
Osho’s contemporary interpretation of the secret teachings of the 4000-year-old Vigyan Bhairav Tantra, is now collected all in one impressive volume, published by St. Be sensitive, feel different textures and remember all your senses are just doors, receiving stations, instruments, receptors. Throughout, Osho encourages the reader to experiment with the techniques in a scientific way, based on experience and experimentation rather than belief or superstition. Martin’s Press in New York was the first publisher to take the bold step of publishing this huge collection in one volume.

Martin’s Press and available from literal bookshops throughout North America and from virtual bookshops on line. It has proved to be a remarkable success, and the book continues to sell in strong, steady numbers year after year. Osho goes line by line through each of the mysterious teachings that were first made known in the West by Paul Reps in the last chapter of his book, Zen Flesh, Zen Bones. In the process, we learn that these verses are, in fact, highly condensed, telegraphic instructions for 112 different meditation techniques. Osho describes each technique in detail, and explains how we can experiment to find out if it is the right technique for us. The Book of Secrets was originally delivered as a series of talks, so Osho also answers questions from his audience about the techniques, and about their experiences in meditation.
Always mindful of the anti-sex, anti-life teachings of religions and educational institutions, the book responds to dozens of gritty, essential questions about a wide range of relationship issues. Is it really possible to be in a relationship and still have a life outside of the "we" identity? What are the real differences between men and women and how they view relationships, versus the differences that we’ve just been conditioned to have? What are the alternatives to the confinements of marriage and family on the one hand, and the empty superficiality of casual sex on the other? But at the same time there arises an undercurrant of feeling that something is missing - a quality of intimacy. This quality has very little to do with the physical, though sex is certainly one possible door.
Far more important to intimacy is a willingness to expose our deepest feelings and vulnerabilities, with the trust that the other person will treat these with care. Ultimately, the willingness to take the risk of intimacy has to be grounded in an inner strength that knows that even if the other remains closed, even if that trust is betrayed, we will not suffer any permanent damage. In this gentle and compassionate guide, Osho takes us step-by-step through what makes intimacy frightening and how to encounter those fears, go beyond them, and nourish ourselves and our relationships to support more openness and trust. But we have filled man with antagonism towards sex,and the result is that love has not flowered. Sex, on the contray, keeps churning inside, and the consciousness of man is muddled with sexuality. This perverted sexuality is the fault of his so-called leaders and saints: they are to blame for it. Until man frees himself from such teachers, moralizers and religious leaders,and their phony sermons, the possibility of love surfacing in him is nil. If I were to count on my fingers ten benefactors of humanity, Saraha would be one of those ten.

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