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Marriage quality, gay rights and “love is love” are common refrains that the Left uses in order to dismantle traditional marriage as we know it. With each argument and rebuttal, Anderson substantiated his arguments with social science studies that uphold the value of a traditional marriage and therefore, a traditional nuclear family. Anderson delved into the victims of the redefinition of marriage movement, the implications of denying religious freedom for religious charities, adoption agencies and other charitable efforts, and ended on a high note. All in all, this is a great and insightful book for those who are curious about what supporters of traditional marriage believe in, addressed in a precise and direct manner which is easily digestible for the modern reader. Coming to a university near youBefore you find him on offer as a university speaker or course, you may want to read the meticulously documented story of Cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal by former Accuracy in Academia executive director Dan Flynn. Receive updates on our efforts to fight bias in academia, as well as the most recent publications from the Accuracy in Academia web site.

In turn, the legal foundation for reversing marriage definitions is on shaky legal ground, since additional legal challenges surrounding bigamy and polygamy laws will inevitably be filed. He also took time to outline over a half dozen instances in which religious liberty and freedom were overruled by the gay movement, ranging from the firing of Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich, the outrage over Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) and how the government has fined small businesses such as Sweet Cakes by Melissa, to name a few. He encouraged the formation of a grassroots movement, similar to the pro-life response to Roe v.
Tagged as book review, Brendan Eich, Constitution, Heritage Foundation, Indiana, John Roberts, marriage, Mike Pence, Obergefell v. Anderson’s latest book, Truth Overruled: The Future of Marriage and Religious Freedom, serves as an answer to many of these arguments. Instead of respecting state law and upholding the Constitution and limited government, the Obergefell v.

Anderson correctly noted how there is less tolerance and more government coercion in the public space regarding marriage beliefs, due to the lack of religious liberty protections. Wade, to work toward the goal of maintaining religious freedom and the traditional definition of marriage.
Hodges ruling actually increased the government presence in the bedroom by fundamentally changing the definition of marriage, Anderson argued.
Anderson turned to Roberts’ dissent, where Roberts pointed out how previous marriage-related cases (such as striking down interracial marriage bans)  did not try “to change the core definition of a marriage as the union of a man and a woman,” which was what the majority used as legal precedent and basis in their ruling.

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