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In The Greatest Miracle, opening December 9 in limited release around the country, producer Pablo Jose Barroso and Dos Corazones Productions bring to life a story of hope and faith. Tim Drake also has an excellent review of The Greatest Miracle over at National Catholic Register, including a few thoughts on the film from his children. The Greatest Miracle opens December 9 on 3D screens in 14 states. Here you can join over 400,000 members from around the world discussing all things Catholic.
I hope this isn't against forum rules---advertising a catholic film, however--I would like to see it.
Thank you for concern, more than advertising a film, I saw it as sharing a possible evangelizing tool for our children (and for many adults), in these days when almost everything in the media evangelizes them in the opposite direction.
Don't get me wrong- I'm sure it has a powerful message and I'm also sure that the graphics aren't what really matters. However, keep in mind that today's youth is used to truly well done movies in both cinematics (real life action) and in CG (computer generated). Working with Catholic youth in the classroom, I have witnessed how even animated stories, when introduced properly, have moved students' hearts. I'm not too sure if the webmasters or designers know this or not but everytime I go to the original website for this movie it turns out as an error page. I've even tried to contact them by email but the email address they provide is no longer working? The website announces: ?El Gran Milagro? Now on DVD from Latin America, Spanish Audio Only!!!

With the tremendous influx of witchcraft and dark magic in our children's films it was time for something like this. The story revolves around three people who find themselves at the same Catholic Mass because of crises they are struggling to endure.
Through their angels, they come to understand what Pope Benedict XVI described in Light of the World, his book-length interview with German journalist Peter Seewald.
As far as its effects on children is concerned, I will let these Children's comments speak for themselves. I believe it is going to become one of the greatest evangelization and catechetical tools of our times.
Morris, the visual writer of the animated hits Pocahontas and Hercules, who earned an Academy Award nomination for his work on 2009’s The Princess and the Frog. Membership is open to all, Catholic and non-Catholic alike, who seek the Truth with Charity. With such a powerful message, we can expect that it will encounter obstacles and spiritual warfare.
I know that the film was made in cooperation between American producers and a Mexican film company and that the film was made in both languages. What surprised me the most was how rapidly the showings of this film were multiplying in Catholic churches, prayer communities and First Communion classes. Going to Mass is not new to any of them ? but they need assistance to embrace its true meaning.

John Chrysostom states that “When Mass is being celebrated, the sanctuary is filled with countless angels who adore the Divine Victim immolated on the altar. Going to Mass is not new to any of them, but they need assistance to embrace its true meaning. I saw another video in which many priests who attended the screening praise it very highly. That is where you have to rely on God's grace to be there to work in their hearts and to make up for the poor graphics. Upon my return I purchased a copy of the Spanish version (El Gran Milagro) on Ebay and even with someone translating it, everyone in my English speaking prayer community who has seen it has loved it to th point of tears. That guidance comes from their guardian angels, who help them to understand the struggle between good and evil, and the miraculous triumph of faith that manifests itself in every celebration of the Eucharist.
This is why its release is encountering so much obstruction (you know how spiritual warfare works.) This is why it needs our prayers and our support. And that guidance comes from their guardian angels who help each understand the struggle between good and evil and the miraculous triumph of faith that manifests itself in every celebration of the Eucharist.

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