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In the new age philosophy, there are many books describing the ways to get what you want with the Law of Attraction.
Most of the times, we think we know exactly what we need to be happy, what we need to get rid of, what needs to happen and what shouldn’t happen.
There are two levels of intentions, one held in our mind and one held in Totality’s intelligence (you can replace the word totality with God, Almighty, Life etc.). A lot of emphasis is put on the new age philosophy that we have to think positive thoughts but more importantly we have to focus on what is behind the thoughts, that is your state of being. As we grow up we make mistakes, we accumulate a lot of guilty and we feel we don’t deserve love, success, money etc. Imagining you are having a big day ahead and your fears arise about what all can go wrong, what people may think about you, what needs to be flawless. Hope you now have a better idea about how the law of attraction works, I would like to end with a small analogy.
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This is because they do not have any resistance around the small things, and because they don't think thoughts that contradict them. When it comes to the bigger things, however, people often emit thoughts of doubt or worry that contradict those bigger things. This is a common question we usually ask ourselves and to which there isn't a specific answer. Plan any exposure to situations that involve danger It's important that you have a strategy and achievable defined goals. To restore harmony into a relationship, focus on what you appreciate about the other person, and not your complaints. When you exist in the great state of gratitude, you become a person who only wants to give.

Here are 6 very Simple Steps that You do daily to make Law of Attraction Your Best Friend !
This  sentence seems to be very  simple, but you will immediately realize that this raises more questions than it answers. Discover How To Use Creative Visualization and Know How To Vibrate At Frequency of Success? How To Cultivate Your Spirit and Eliminate Destructive Habits Using Mindfulness Meditation?
We all experience the world in different ways and hold different perspectives about things and events in the world. Totality knows about the whole picture all the time (whole picture meaning the consequences of a result on everyone and everything in the world), whereas we can’t comprehend the entire picture, but there are ways to align ourselves with the totality to ease the manifestation process, bringing joy to our lives and help you be of value to our society at the same time achieving what we want.
Be aware of your mental conditioning, you will realise the patterns that are pulling you down. Try focusing on what can go right, how awesome the day is going to feel, how small flaws may arise but your positive attitude can overcome the challenges, making the day smooth. Say you have a glass of water, the glass has a limitless supply of water, how much ever you remove the water, it gets a magic refill.
You can look into your past or study any person’s past and realise that the big jumps in maturity, life satisfaction, gratitude etc. Drink the nectar of awareness that comes through meditation practices, and the joy will know no bounds.
They're my bedrock.'Catherine is believed to be roughly eight-months pregnant and recently revealed that she is expecting a baby girl. It is up to you to test the law of attraction in the ways described below and see for yourself.
This greatly hampers the manifestation and you would be attached to the outcome and not be able to put in your best efforts. Your fears cease, confidence rises, your state of mind and intentions are of high quality and so are your actions.

Or will things that we don’t desire also happen if we somehow think strongly about them?
This reminds me of a Dalai Lama’s quote, “Remember that sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck”.
If you only focus how other people may think about you when you own a new house, how to show off, etc.
Say you are stuck in terrible traffic, you can be thankful that there is a road, and you are sitting in a vehicle, that the traffic will at least clear slowly etc. Plants can be compared with the desired outcomes, weeds can be compared to the negative outcomes, negative thoughts, unhappiness, delusions etc. Don’t do that, you just have to keep watching your mind objectively when it acts in needy state and that state will lose its grip. Instead see the bigger picture and truly feel what the new house can do to the world and you.
For example, we may think that a job could be ours or not, so how do we apply the Law of Attraction in such a case? I highly recommend Anthony de Mello’s book “The Way to Love” to go beyond attachments and fear.
The number of people who will get employment from constructing the building, the way you are your family will enjoy the new house, imaging the amazing feeling to be in the house, having a good time with friends, neighbours etc. Or what do we do when we are thinking strongly about something and someone else is thinking strongly about.the exact opposite thing?
Sometimes it happens that some plants die even after your best efforts, then focus growing new plants instead of regretting and thus putting more weeds.

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