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All CategoriesHUMAN HAIR Weaving Extensions Remy Hair SYNTHETIC HAIR Weaving Extensions Human Hair- Braiding Bulk Synthetic Hair- Braiding Bulk Hair Extensions Shop Hair Extensions BY BRANDS Human Hair Blends-MASTERMIX Lace Front Wigs LACE FRONT WIGS -SHOP BY STYLES WIGS SHOP WIGS BY BRANDS BUNS AND PONY TAILS Instant Weaves - Half Wigs SKIN CARE PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS Hair Products Natural Hair Products KIDS PRODUCTS MENS PRODUCTS STYLING AND BARBER TOOLS CLEARANCE SALE! As pictured, I received three different products from Miracle Noodle: the angel hair, fettuccine, and rice varieties of their product. I looked around online for a recipe to make using the Miracle Rice and because I am not a fan of stir fry or spicy foods I chose a recipe that normally calls for Minute Rice called cheesy broccoli chicken rice. I cooked my broccoli separately in the microwave (I am FAR from a chef!) However you could incorporate the broccoli into the skillet if you like or cook in a steamer if you are opposed to using microwaves. This entry was postedon Saturday, November 27th, 2010 at 1:39 amand is filed under Healthy Foods, Recipes.
Anything is possible when we believe it is ~ We are creating our own reality and we can choose to create that reality whichever way we want.
Its all good, its all very very good ))))) I was interviewed the week before my miracle I share more about my dis…ease on here and you can hear me saying I am 110% believing that I can heal – a week later I got the proof! With wellness flowing in I am also very excited to be sharing lots of vibes both online and offline and would love to share some more with you…. This entry was posted in ¦ Events & Workshops ¦, ¦ Pioneers of Positive Change ¦ and tagged can you heal hearing loss, can you really heal yourself, does law of attraction work, examples of healing, heal from menieres, healing from hearing loss, healing from menieres, healing hearing loss, healing myself, how to heal hearing loss, how to self heal, i healed myself, law of attraction healing, law of attraction illness, law of attraction queen, liz green, manifesting wellness, people who have had miracles, people who self heal, real life miracles, self healing, witness a miracle, witness a real life miracle, you can heal your life, you can heal yourself by Liz Green.

So what I made was actually the newest product from the Miracle Noodle company, called Miracle Rice.
I am a huge fan of almost anything that has cheese, chicken, and broccoli so I thought for sure this was the right recipe for me to try out.
Then I added in the Miracle Rice and turned the heat down to simmer until the broth was absorbed. Personally I will not be having any more of it because I suffered from some digestive issues after eating it. The Publisher of this site will be held harmless of any decision or actions you take while reading this site or buying products for sale on this site. I can honestly say I am in appreciation for everything unfolding as it did even the really BAD bits when it knocked me off my feet and sent me into a right old spin (Literally). It’s made from the exact same ingredients as the noodles, but it has been shaped into tiny little balls to resemble rice. Once I followed the instructions to rinse well and then boil, I found the smell to be gone. The taste of the Miracle Rice was very good as it tasted just like the chicken broth it was cooked in.

Since the ingredient that these are made from is soluble fiber it can possibly have a laxative effect on some people – I happen to be one of them. The packaging was nice and the shipment did not take long to arrive (although the company is based out of Los Angeles and I live in CA).
So I simply let it simmer for about 10 minutes and then drained it in the strainer shown above). From all the reviews I have read this does not seem to be a very common issue, it may be due to the fact that I have mild IBS, so don’t be afraid to try these out! Also it should be noted that it did not offer the same taste as a regular white rice would.
I did not even eat the entire bag of rice which is a regular serving size for the rice, I ate about a quarter of the bag in my bowl.

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