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This week on The Secret Circle (Season 1, Episode 20) the crystal goes missing from the circle’s clubhouse and the search to retrieve it leads them to “the creepiest place on earth”.
At the end of last week Cassie’s grandmother Jane dies when Charles accidentally snuffs her out instead of Blackwell - unbeknownst to Cassie, who assumes the witch hunters are behind it. The only crystal now missing from the crystal skull configuration is Adam’s family’s, but it doesn’t appear on the locator map so Blackwell suspects it may be cloaked. Meanwhile a newly acquired crystal gets magically sucked right out of the clubhouse and the map points them to what Faye calls “the creepiest place on earth”- Eben must have a witch insider working with them!  Jake suggests he get in touch with Isaac, but when try to one of the young witch hunters who kidnapped them at Halloween shows up to tell them that Isaac is dead. The circle heads to “the creepiest place on earth” – an abandoned carnival in order find the stolen crystal, Diana and Cassie look in one direction and Faye and Jake head off to the haunted house - but instead of getting the usual haunted house scares they see something even freakier – dead witch hunters.
I would love to see them make a season 4 seriously that's all I need but season 4 and a movie would get them way more fans maybe even a season 5 after that. Just like The Vampire Diaries, the CW’s newest show, The Secret Circle, is a seductive, supernatural delight.

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At the funeral sparks are flying despite the sadness: Cassie and Adam share a kiss behind closed doors,  Jake and Faye team up to steal some pills from Dawn’s handbag only to find her family crystal hidden in the bottle and Diana goes home to ask her dad the hard truth about whether John Blackwell is her real father.
Adam and Melissa head out to search through his grandfather’s things, but they also find a bottle of vodka in the process and Adam spills about his kiss with Cassie, then lo and behold uncloak a secret panel – but the crystal isn’t there.
Cassie’s emotions get the better of her and she nearly strangles him with her dark magic thinking that he killed her grandmother.
With its assortment of thrills, chills and sexy love triangles, TSC certainly knows how to please viewers. Charles is devastated to find out his wife had an affair and that the man he hates fathered his daughter and seeks Blackwell out to fight out it in a bar and warns him to stay away from Diana. After checking out the locator map at the clubhouse it reveals that the crystal is in the high school somewhere.

After getting beaten by Charles, Blackwell pays a visit to Dawn and tells her that they can all have their power back – if they use the circle to kill all the elders. Meanwhile Cassie and Diana see the traitor and chase him down, Cassie knocks him out by sending a spear flying through the air and when they catch up to glimpse at his face before he runs away they are shocked to see that it’s Jake’s maybe-not-dead-anymore brother Nick! Power-hungry Dawn goes to Charles who is planning to take Diana away and claims that Blackwell is using their kids, but also that they need their powers back to fight it.

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