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The Secret Program Full Documentary features in-depth discussions of the secret space program, particularly its real identity, people responsible of its formation, and the reasons behind its development.
The documentary also features interviews with the Secret Space Program conference’s attendees in Amsterdam.
It is believed that a secret space fleet code known as “Solar Warden” has been in secret operation since around 1980, unknown to the public knowledge. Here’s a new footage of an unidentified flying object flying near a plane over Mudgee in Australia.

The well-known journalist and TV personality Jaime Maussan claims to have provided evidence from tens of thousands of people from around the world on UFOs and extraterrestrial activity. UFO Leaves Earth & Shoots off Quickly in a Red Haze, NASA LIVE STREAM 2016 There is a lot of information, and dis-information, conspiracy theory circulating the internet.
It answers questions that have long been around, such as the truth about the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations, their advanced technology, and the people who have knowledge about it. The documentary makes you decide if this subject is nonsense, or conspiracy has been going on, or perhaps it is very sensitive that may cause confusion and commotion across the globe.

There are also random street interviews of people in Amsterdam where locals share their thoughts about aliens, alien abductions, and alien contacts.

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