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Exploring the world of plants and its relation to mankind as revealed by the latest discoveries of scientists, The Secret Life of Plants includes remarkable information about plants as lie detectors and plants as ecological sentinels; it describes their ability to adapt to human wishes, their response to music, their curative powers, and their ability to communicate with man. Published in 1973, The Secret Life of Plants was written by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird. In this imaginative, beautifully illustrated work the book's authors explore the possibility that plants are emotional beings, capable of experiencing pain and fear like we do. This book is as fascinating as it is fantastical and the thought that plants are sentient beings has long interested some of our greatest thinkers.

It was the basis for the 1979 documentary of the same name, with a soundtrack especially recorded by Stevie Wonder. Profound conclusions were drawn with a few simple experiments: cutting his own finger (plants have a strong affinity for their owners), the death of brine shrimp in boiling water (plants care for other animals) and eating a yogurt (plants recognise lower life forms such as bacteria).
On visiting Bose's laboratory in Maida Vale, London the vegetarian playwright George Bernard Shaw was shocked by the convulsions of 'so stolid a vegetable' as the cabbage when submerged in boiling water. This sentience is observed primarily through changes in the plant’s conductivity, as through a polygraph, as pioneered by Cleve Backster.

During these experiments Backster left the laboratory and employed a randomiser so that his consciousness did not effect the results (plants can read your mind). If plants breath without lungs, move without muscles and digest food without stomachs who is to say that without a central nervous system they cannot feel?

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