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As the Bingo boards run dry and your Senior Sims head to the afterlife, make sure they leave a memorable legacy to pass onto future generations! In The Sims FreePlay update, you’ll need to make one epic decision: do you want your Sim to be Geeky or Sporty?
Life Orbs can be passed through generations to level up, and you can use that energy to unlock new community lots and hobbies. You’ll be able to fulfill unique Life Dreams based on which personality you choose, so think it through. Explore the coral reef and collect shells on the sand, or become the next Pinball Wizard and Skill Tester at the Arcade.

You can just stow it in the Sims backpack and then move it to where ever your teenage Sim lives.
They make more money from work and gardening, and they can move out from parents' house, date, develop a relationship, have an "whoohoo", and get married. But, what if all those adult Sims will become seniors in two weeks and die in another week? I doubt if anyone who loved the old Sims Freeplay likes this idea.After the March 2014 update, each Sim will be given an "age controller", which shows they will move on to next phase of their life in a few active days, and someday, will "be sent to an afterlife".
I do also find it weird that a senior Sim cannot "be romantic" or get married with a Sim which is still an adult but has been in a romantic relationship("partners" or "engaged").

If two adult Sims were married but one of them became a senior earlier, they cannot "be romantic" with each other nor "get divorced".

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