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You're not stuck with the brain you're born with, says this neuropsychiatrist, who offers "brain prescriptions" to ease anxiety, fight depression, and curb anger and worry. Author Joe Vitale’s previous book, Zero Limits, presented a unique self-help breakthrough focused on helping overworked, overstressed individuals overcome obstacles and achieve their goals.
This book is about the ancient Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness known as Ho?oponopono. His simple exercises have helped thousands of patients rewire their brains to work more effectively.

20121 Kings 8:28 -- But please listen to my prayer and my request, because I am your servant. It was the first book to explain how a secret Hawaiian method called ho’oponopono can help people experience health, wealth, happiness, and more. The practice of ho’oponopono, as revealed by author Joe Vitale, guides you through the journey of life with the tools you need to rid yourself of hindrances and open yourself up to infinite possibilities. This book is a real life changer and incorporates teachings about love, forgiveness and breaking away from mental constraints.

It empowered thousands of readers to take control of everything in their lives in order to achieve all they’ve ever dreamed of. At Zero starts where Zero Limits left off.

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