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My biggest fear is how she'll react because I'm not really sure if she if she likes me back. Should I be honest with her and risk being rejected or keep everything to myself so we can stay friends? Nikki had a meltdown that "Brandon" accidentally sent a text to Nikki that was for MacKenzie. Nikki knew that Brandon wouldn't have put the picture of the "booty-ful" haircut Brianna gave her all over school.
Brandon then suggested that he could hand Nikki the books, meaning that he really wanted to talk. Nikki was upset that Brandon couldn't go to the dance and that he texted at the last minute. Nikki said that Brandon had ripped out her heart, threw it in the dirt, and trampled all over it.
Brandon was disgusted at the fake text that said that he had coughed up a booger and thought of Nikki. Right before Nikki and Brandon were about to kiss at the Sweetheart dance, MacKenzie interrupts them. Brandon told Nikki he wanted to write an essay about her for a scholarship competition in order to pay his tuition. Once they reschedule again to meet at the library, Nikki waits for Brandon but falls asleep in the study cubicle and stands Brandon up. MacKenzie tells the TV crew that Nikki has a messy relationship with Brandon and says she will dump him the next day. The TV crew does not give Nikki enough time to talk to Brandon about what MacKenzie had done. After she's done, he tells her he finished the essay but was rejected since MacKenzie stole his topic.
Brandon tells Nikki there is no way he could finish it within two days and wouldn't miss the listening party the band has on Saturday which is the deadline. Nikki feels angry and tells Brandon that his scholarship competition was much more important than the listening party and tells him to not come. Brandon becomes stunned and hurt when Nikki said that and rushed out before Nikki apologized. When Nikki arrives at the ski resort where the listening party is being held, she meets Brandon there and he takes pictures of her when she won the Extreme Skiing Competition when MacKenzie got second place. Nikki finally tells Brandon to make his essay entry about her winning the Skiing competition and submit the photos he took of her. Once Nikki and her band members sit at the table for the meet and greet, the CDs they were going to sell for the Kidz Rockin' are gone. She is devasted when she realizes MacKenzie is highly likely to be the one who's going with Brandon to camp. In her fairytale dream, Nikki attends a royal ball to meet the Wizard of Odd (aka Principal Winston) so she can go back home.
Just as they were about to kiss again, the clock struck midnight and Nikki rushed out, leaving Brandon upset and confused. When she is arrested for treason before the Queen of Hearts (Victoria Steel) and is about to be executed, Prince Brandon comes with Sleeping Beauty (Jenny Chen), Rapunzel (Marcy Simms), Snow White (Violet Baker), Goldilocks (Chloe), and Red Riding Hood (Zoey) to defeat the Queen of Hearts and MacKenzie the Wicked Witch of the West.

Brandon blocks MacKenzie from doing so and Brianna the Good Witch of the North (Nikki's sister and fairy godmother) turns MacKenzie into a frog.
Once Nikki wakes up from her dream and goes to the nurse's office, Brandon comes up to her, concerned. He heard that MacKenzie lunged a dodgeball to her face, causing her to fall unconscious and have the dream.
She giggles and says she is fine and thinks that Brandon was such a nice guy, sweet and romantic towards the situation. Although these moments weren't in the books, Brandon and Nikki share a lot of moments at Nikki's blog. Brandon says “Ahem, this is and an A and B conversation, so why don’t you C your way OUT!” meaning that he was 'A' and Nikki was 'B'.
Brandon knew that Nikki was upset about the gift so he tells her that it was something else. Nikki sends a text to Chloe that gets sent to Brandon by accident: "I had a crazy crush situation today!! Brandon sent a text about Nikki to her by accident: 'I was such a klutz when I saw her today. The game, Symbol Quest, challenges players to crack cryptic clues, each of which leads to a symbol on the screen. I was looking forward to seeing what the book’s publisher would cook up, since I really enjoyed the original web game for The Da Vinci Code.
Fans of the books have already compiled list of hints and solutions to this new game, in case you’re stuck (and you most likely will be, at times). This work focuses on the experience of adults with the disorder, combining practical information and moral support. I'm also worried she'll find out that I don't come from a wealthy family like all the other kids at this school.
I'm just happy we were able to keep Fuzzy Friends open so that your gran—er, I mean Betty—can continue to take care of those animals. As one of the protagonists, Park, would say, “It’s supposed to be art, and art isn’t supposed to be nice.
So, add us to your ad blocker’s whitelist or pay $1 per week for an ad-free version of WIRED. It’s supposed to make you feel something.”The reason we feel something with this novel is due to Rowell’s characters. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Conde Nast. And whenever I try to tell her how I feel, I panic and just end up staring at her like an idiot. Eleanor is a dual-protagonist novel in which the title characters meet on a bus on their way to high school, and throughout the year fall in love.
They have everything in common—a love of music, sense of humor, growing attraction—but they lead antithetical lives. Park comes from a stable home life in which his parents are equitable partners, and the family’s love is easily evident in everything from their flowerboxes to their nightly dinners. Eleanor lives with her mother and stepfather, the latter making every moment of every day difficult and even dangerous for Eleanor, her four siblings and her mom.

The characters are nuanced and plausible, and even teenagers today could easily connect with these two characters, who inhabit a mid-1980s world. In the end, Eleanor escapes from her wrecked home with Park’s help, and the novel ends with ambiguity as to the outcome of their relationship.The fact of the matter is that if read shallowly, Eleanor could come across as a hero-saves-damsel novel. However, Eleanor is a protagonist in her own right: she is half of the narration, after all, and Rowell makes good use of small details, too. In particular, Eleanor rants against Hugh Hefner, and she and Park share conversations about the X-Men’s only women having superpowers like “thinking really hard” and “wearing spotless lingerie,” which lends a layer of feminism to Eleanor’s character.
He does end up driving her off into the sunset, so to speak, but Eleanor accepts this as part of her own plan of escape. Park doesn’t formulate the entire escape plan and then enact it with Eleanor as a passive participant.
It’s Rowell’s writing that moves the plot development from traditional hero story to something deeper and more significant.Rowell writes with the certainty of an artist in the middle of her career. Eleanor is not self-conscious, and Rowell is clearly confident enough to lead the reader to a conclusion instead of pushing the reader over the brink, but I expect that Rowell is not yet at the apex of her career. Some of her lines are truly beautiful, even peaceful, and would be even without the context of the greater novel.
Little moments build deliberately until they crest, allowing the reader a growing sense of anxiety, understanding and falling in love along with the characters.
In this way, we do not experience surprise at the plot developments, but we are not able to predict these events or grow bored, either.The story structure is also sophisticated for the average teenage reader. Rowell opens with the end of the story, moves between protagonists for each chapter, and ends the story with a cryptic, unexplained note. These techniques, the latter in particular, might be difficult for an immature reading audience to appreciate. Eleanor obviously does not choose the weight she has (most nights her family doesn’t have a substantial enough amount of food for everyone to avoid feeling hungry) but she does not seek to lose weight, either.
In this way, Rowell subtly fights the fat-shaming arguments that connect weight to personal choice and even morality.
It might not be easy, and you might get hurt, but take care of yourself and, when you can, take care of others, too. Adults who might read this presumably already escaped their adolescence and any harrowing situations experienced therein. To keep the message on point, Rowell doesn’t allow us to see Eleanor get to her adult years, or even to college, because teenagers with rough home lives and no college fund don’t get to skip merrily along to the golden dorm years. Sometimes they have to live in a relative’s house where they’re not entirely welcome, and sometimes the adults in whom they put their trust don’t become the Walton-esque caregivers the teen has never had. We see her struggle in order to pull through our own struggles, to know we are not alone, and to have hope.This is a YA novel written specifically for young adults, using its adult themes as a way to reach out to a specific audience. Eleanor and Park have concerns that adults could classify as either trivial or significant, but to the protagonists, they are all significant—some are just more fleeting.
Eleanor in particular worries that Park is a superhero, and she cannot live up to the awesomeness that being the partner of a superhero demands.

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