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Through the union, postdocs bargain collectively with UC to improve our pay, benefits, rights, and terms and conditions of employment.
Postdoctoral Scholar appointments are intended to provide a full-time program of advanced academic preparation and research training.
Individuals pursuing clinical fellowships and residencies in the health sciences are excluded from appointment to these titles. The initial appointment of a Postdoctoral Scholar at the University shall be for a minimum of one year.
At the request of the Postdoctoral Scholar, the University may agree to bridge the Postdoctoral Scholar’s appointment. It is within the University’s sole discretion to appoint, reappoint or not reappoint a Postdoctoral Scholar. The total duration of an individual’s postdoctoral service may not exceed five years, including postdoctoral service at other institutions. This section applies to Postdoctoral Scholars to whom the University has made a written offer of employment, who have accepted such offer in writing, who have satisfied work eligibility requirements for U.S. Postdoctoral Scholars are eligible to participate in the Postdoctoral Scholar Benefit Plans which include medical, dental, vision, life, AD&D, short term disability, and voluntary long term disability. Postdoctoral Scholar Employees (3252) are required to contribute to the University of California Defined Contribution Plan (DCP) as Safe Harbor participants, and may make voluntary contributions to any of the University of California Retirement Savings Program plans.
The University shall continue the current Postdoctoral Scholar Benefit Plans, Premiums, Assessments and Fees listed in this Article with modification only as enumerated in this Article or Appendix A, unless aspects of the plan design are changed by the plan carrier. As a condition of appointment, Postdoctoral Scholars must have adequate health insurance coverage for the duration of their appointment.
Postdoctoral Scholars are automatically enrolled in the Life, AD&D, and Short Term Disability programs.
The Postdoctoral Scholar health and welfare plans provide an annual open enrollment period during which eligible Postdoctoral Scholars may elect to change specific plan or coverage options.
The costs to plans for which the University does not contribute are to be paid by Postdoctoral Scholars.
Postdoctoral Scholars shall continue to have access, if any, to campus health facilities under the same terms provided to other campus employees. The University will provide written notice in the appointment letter (included in Appendix A to the appointment letter) for Postdoctoral Scholar Fellows (3253s) with individual fellowship grants that the University may deduct the cost of health benefits from the grant(s). The University will also provide written notice to Postdoctoral Scholar Fellows (3253s) of its intent to deduct the cost of health benefits from the grant(s) or to Postdoctoral Scholar Paid Directs (3254s) of its intent to deduct health benefits costs from funding provided to the University or its intent to charge the Postdoctoral Scholar, consistent with the health benefits allowance set forth in the grant(s), and the basis for such action.
Postdoctoral Scholar Employees (3252), as Safe Harbor participants contribute 7.5% of gross salary to the University of California Defined Contribution Plan in lieu of Social Security taxes, and are not eligible for membership in the University of California Retirement Plan (UCRP).
Postdoctoral Scholars who held UCRP-eligible positions without a break in service immediately prior to Postdoctoral Scholar – Employee (3252) appointments retain eligibility to participate in UCRP in accordance with UCRP Plan Documents and Regulations. When the University increases contributions to the UCRP, Postdoctoral Scholars shall contribute to the UCRP at the same time and in the same amount as other eligible represented academic employees. For informational purposes only, a brief outline of benefit programs in effect on the date the Agreement is signed is found in Appendix A. For details on specific eligibility for each program, see the applicable documents, agreements, regulations, or contracts. Military Leave – An eligible Postdoctoral Scholar on military leave with pay for emergency National Guard duty or Military Reserve Training Leave shall receive those benefits related to employment that are granted in the University’s Military Leave policy and its related documents. Approved leave without pay shall not be considered a break in service and, except as provided in Section 3.c, below, shall not determine eligibility for benefits except that the regulations of the retirement systems determine the effects of such leave without pay on retirement benefits.
Except as provided in Section 3.c, below, an eligible Postdoctoral Scholar on approved leave without pay may, in accordance with the benefit documents, rules and regulations, elect to continue University-sponsored benefits for the period of time specified in the benefit documents, rules and regulations. A Postdoctoral Scholar on an approved Family Medical Leave shall be entitled, if eligible, to continue participation in health benefit coverage (medical, dental, and vision) as if on pay status for a period of up to twelve (12) workweeks in any 12-month period. Purpose: The primary purpose of the JHCC is to review the Postdoctoral Scholar Benefits Plan and to make recommendations for improvements or changes.
Open Enrollment: Open Enrollment for Postdoctoral Scholars shall be held in October-November. Sharing of Information: The Union and the University agree that they will each provide each other relevant and necessary information related to the University’s decisions about benefits offerings and costs. Nothing shall preclude the University from providing compensation to Postdoctoral Scholars at rates above those required in this Article.
When the requirements of the sponsoring agency exceed the requirements of this Agreement, with the exception of the provisions of §A.2. Disciplinary or dismissal actions for just cause must comply with all applicable provisions of this article. Suspension is a University required cessation from work activities for a specified period of time, and includes loss of pay, access to University property and parking and library privileges. Dismissal is the termination of a Postdoctoral Scholar’s appointment initiated by the University, prior to the appointment end date, when the University determines that the Postdoctoral Scholar’s conduct or performance does not justify continuation.
At any stage of the discipline or dismissal process, a Postdoctoral Scholar may represent himself or herself, or may be represented, except by a manager, supervisor or confidential employee.
The University may take other disciplinary action consistent with extramural funding agency requirements. The University will immediately provide the Postdoctoral Scholar and the Union with written confirmation of the terms and reasons for the investigatory leave. The University shall provide a Postdoctoral Scholar with a written Notice of Intent before initiating the actions of suspension without pay, reduction in salary or stipend, dismissal, or other actions consistent with the requirements of extramural fellowship agencies. In instances where the University is providing the Postdoctoral Scholar with a Notice of Intent to Dismiss, the notice shall also include all documents relied upon by the University in the dismissal action.
A Postdoctoral Scholar who receives a written Notice of Intent shall be entitled to respond, either orally or in writing, within fifteen (15) calendar days of the date of issuance of the Notice of Intent. If the University determines to institute the discipline or dismissal after reviewing a timely response, if any, the University shall issue a written Notice of Action to the Postdoctoral Scholar. Such notice shall specify the disciplinary or dismissal action taken and its effective date, and the right to appeal the action in accordance with Article 6, Grievance and Arbitration. The Notice of Action may not include an action more severe than that described in the Notice of Intent.
The University shall place a copy of the Notice of Action in the Postdoctoral Scholar’s personnel file.
A grievance is a claim by an individual Postdoctoral Scholar, a group of Postdoctoral Scholars or the UAW, that the University has violated a specific provision of this Agreement during the term of this Agreement. A Postdoctoral Scholar may be represented at all stages of the grievance and arbitration procedures. Resolutions shall be consistent with this Agreement, and shall not be precedential unless agreed to in writing by the parties to this Agreement. The University shall provide the UAW with a copy of the grievance and the proposed resolution. The University shall not implement the proposed resolution of the grievance until timely receipt and review of the UAW’s written comments, if any. Failure to provide the necessary information to the mailing house as set forth in Article 29, Union Security. In the event the union alleges a contract violation as a result of an Office of the President action, the grievance shall be filed directly at the Office of the President within 30 days of the day the union knew or should have known of the action giving rise to the grievance.

Step 1 – Informal (optional) grievance Resolution – Before commencing formal grievance processes, the grievant may discuss the grievance with his or her immediate supervisor in a timely manner. If the grievance is not resolved through informal discussion, the grievant may seek review as set forth below.
Attempts at informal resolution do not extend the thirty (30) calendar day time limit to file at Step 2. At the time the Step 2 grievance is filed, either party may request a meeting prior to the issuance of the Step 2 response. The parties may bring individuals to the meeting who have relevant information to present regarding the grievance. The University shall issue a written response to the grievance within fifteen (15) calendar days of the date on which the Step 2 grievance was filed or the date of the Step 2 meeting, whichever is later. Email submissions must include PDFs of all documents, information and signatures necessary to be in compliance with the Grievance Procedure provisions of this Agreement.
The ‘date of filing’ for emailed Appeals to Step 3 shall be the date received on the University server, provided that the appeal is received during business hours. The University shall acknowledge the Union’s Appeal to Step 3 through a computer generated, automatic email response. The subject of the grievance as stated in Step 2 shall constitute the sole and entire subject matter of the appeal to Step 3.
Offers of settlement are inadmissible at any step of the grievance or arbitration procedures.
Grievance File – Materials generated as a result of the filing of a grievance including the grievance form shall be maintained by the University in a file separate from the Postdoctoral Scholar’s personnel file.
Only the UAW may file an appeal to arbitration and only after the timely exhaustion of the grievance procedure. Hand Delivery: When hand delivered, proof of service must accompany the appeal to arbitration. Email submissions must include PDFs of all documents, information and signatures necessary to be in compliance with the Arbitration provisions of this Agreement. The ‘date of filing’ for emailed Appeals to Arbitration shall be the date received on the University server, provided that the appeal is received during business hours. If a grievance is not appealed to arbitration, the University’s Step 3 response shall be final.
The written appeal to arbitration must be received by the Office of the President within forty-five (45) calendar days of the date on which the University issued its Step 3 response, or within forty-five (45) calendar days of the final date on which the University’s response was due if no response was issued. Within fifteen (15) calendar days of the postmark or date of personal delivery, the University shall mail to the union an acknowledgment of the receipt of the appeal and the identity of the University official to whom all relevant correspondence should be directed.
Within sixty (60) calendar days from selection, the parties shall attempt to agree to a hearing date, but if they are unable to agree, the authority for scheduling a hearing date shall reside with the arbitrator. When practicable, the University shall inform the UAW in writing of its intent to assert the issue of arbitrability prior to the selection of the arbitrator or at least forty-five (45) days prior to the scheduled arbitration. In recognition of the large number of international Postdoctoral Scholars in the bargaining unit, the University and the UAW agree to the provisions of this Section.
If the arbitrator makes the determination that the grievant was not dismissed for just cause, the University shall reimburse for actual travel costs incurred, for the grievant only, to appear at the hearing.
If the arbitrator upholds the dismissal, the union shall be responsible for reimbursement of travel costs to the grievant.
Prior to the arbitration hearing, the UAW and the University shall attempt to stipulate as to the issue(s) to be arbitrated and to as many facts as possible. During the hearing the parties shall have the opportunity to examine and cross-examine witnesses under oath and to submit relevant evidence. The arbitration hearing shall be closed to anyone other than the participants in the hearing unless the parties agree otherwise in writing. In all cases appealed to arbitration except for actions taken pursuant to Article 5, Discipline and Dismissal, the UAW shall have the burden of proceeding. Scope Of Arbitrator’s Authority – The arbitrator shall consider the evidence presented and render a written decision within thirty (30) calendar days of the close of the record of the hearing.
If the grievance is sustained in whole or in part, the remedy shall not exceed restoring to the grievant the pay, benefits or contractual rights lost less any compensation from any source including but not limited to Workers’ Compensation, Unemployment Compensation or other employment. The arbitrator’s fees and the costs of transcripts requested by the arbitrator or both parties shall be equally born by the parties.
Extension Of Time Limits – Time limits set forth in this article may be extended only by agreement of the parties in writing. The University and the UAW shall establish a reasonable schedule for the arbitration proceeding. The Postdoctoral Scholar grievant(s), shall be in a without-loss-ofpay-status for the entire arbitration hearing. No more than one (1) Postdoctoral Scholar representative shall be in without-loss-of-pay-status for an arbitration hearing. The University shall not be responsible for any lodging, travel expenses or other expenses incurred by a grievant, witnesses, employee or UAW representatives with regard to the union’s presentation in the arbitration hearing. The parties agree that there will be a Northern standing panel of thirteen (13) arbitrators and Southern standing panel of thirteen (13) arbitrators to hear arbitration cases scheduled for hearing pursuant to the provision of this article. If the UAW appeals a grievance to arbitration that contains allegations of a violation of Nondiscrimination but does not allege violation of another Article that is arbitrable, the Union’s notice must include an Acknowledgment and Waiver Form signed by the affected Postdoctoral Scholar. The timeline to appeal to arbitration set forth in this Article will be extended by thirty (30) calendar days for such grievance to enable the Postdoctoral Scholar to make an informed choice. The University and the UAW acknowledge that promoting and maintaining a safe and healthy workplace is the responsibility of both parties. The University shall make reasonable attempts to furnish and maintain safe working conditions in the workplace and equipment required to carry out assigned duties.
All postdoctoral scholars have an obligation and responsibility to complete and sign off on all required safety training and retraining within campus guidelines.
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The results of the bargaining are spelled out in a collective bargaining agreement or contract.
This Memorandum of Understanding, hereinafter referred to as the “Agreement”, is entered into by and between The Regents of the University of California, a corporation hereinafter referred to as the “University”, or “UC”, or “management”, and the International Union, United Automobile, Aerospace and Agricultural Implement Workers of America (UAW), AFL-CIO, hereinafter referred to as the “UAW” or the “union”. The University recognizes the UAW, as the exclusive representative for the purposes of collective bargaining with respect to wages, hours and terms and conditions of employment for all Postdoctoral Scholars in the classifications listed below.
The parties may agree to modify the recognized unit pursuant to the rules and regulations of the Public Employment Relations Board (PERB). For example, a PI may be waiting for renewal but without confirmation of award, department is advised to only appoint for the period they have funding.

Under unusual circumstances the University may grant an exception to this limit, not to exceed a sixth year.
The University shall consult with the union and secure agreement on changes to the plan design.
Open enrollment provides an opportunity for Postdoctoral Scholars to choose among plans due to changes in circumstances of the Postdoctoral Scholars, changes in the coverage and costs of and changes in plan availability, which may change from year to year. The University will provide such notice to a Postdoctoral Scholar Fellow (3253) no later than the date of the deduction. The UAW and the University understand and agree that the descriptions contained in Appendix A do not completely describe the coverage or eligibility requirements for each plan, the details of which have been independently communicated to UAW. However, an Postdoctoral Scholar who exhausts her entitlement to health benefit coverage while on an approved Pregnancy Disability Leave that runs concurrently with federal Family and Medical Leave, shall not be entitled to an additional 12 workweeks of health benefit coverage under the California Family Rights Act. The University will share information with the Union to allow the Union the opportunity to ensure the proper calculation of premiums and the application of relevant health care regulations.
The supervisor shall arrange the additional funding prior to the begin date of an appointment.
For Postdoctoral Scholars in Paid Direct titles, suspension is a debarment from the Postdoctoral Scholar training program for a stated period. A Postdoctoral Scholar’s representative may respond to the Notice of Intent on behalf of the Postdoctoral Scholar. The University shall issue a step 3 response within 45 calendar days from the day the grievance was filed at the Office of the President. Informal resolutions, although final shall not be precedential nor inconsistent with this Agreement. If a meeting is requested, it shall be held within fifteen (15) calendar days of the date on which the Step 2 grievance was filed.
Such appeal must be received by the Office of the President no later than fifteen (15) calendar days after the University’s Step 2 response is issued. If a Step 3 appeal is received outside of normal business hours, the first following business day will be deemed the filing date of the Appeal to Step 3. The date of receipt will be used to determine the date of the appeal for hand-delivered appeals. If an appeal to Arbitration is received outside of normal business hours, the following business day will be deemed the filing date of the Appeal to Step 3.
If the appeal to arbitration is withdrawn or an arbitration hearing otherwise does not take place, the University’s Step 3 response will be final.
The arbitrator shall be selected within forty-five (45) calendar days from the date of the appeal. Unless the parties agree otherwise, the party selecting first shall be determined by the flip of a coin. If the arbitrator finds the grievance to be not arbitrable, the substantive facts of the case need not be heard and the grievance shall be denied.
Such reimbursement shall be limited to a travel visa and airfare, in accordance with University Travel Policy. At least seven (7) calendar days prior to the arbitration the parties shall exchange lists of known witnesses. If the grievant cannot testify in person, the grievant may testify through electronic means. The arbitrator’s decision will set forth the findings of fact, reasoning, and conclusions on issues submitted by the parties. Postdoctoral Scholar witnesses will be in a without-loss-of-pay-status for travel to and from the arbitration hearing, for time actually giving testimony or waiting to give testimony, at the hearing.
They offer a real-life perspective about being a UC Davis MBA student and an insider’s view of life in the classroom and beyond. This recognition is in accordance with the Settlement Agreement made between the parties on October 27, 2008, the Public Employment Relations Board’s (PERB’s) October 30, 2008 certification that UAW evidenced majority support sufficient to meet the requirements of PERB regulation 50130(b), and the University’s Recognition Letter of November 3, 2008, in PERB case SF-RR-914-H. In addition, the University shall pay the Workers Compensation Assessment and the Benefit Broker Fee for all Postdoctoral Scholars. The University will provide such notice to a Postdoctoral Scholar Paid Direct (3254) no later than the date of the deduction, or no later than 30 days prior to charging for health benefit costs. Postdoctoral Scholars may elect to make voluntary contributions to any of the Retirement Savings Program plans. Other group insurance coverage and retirement benefits shall be continued in accordance with the provisions of the applicable group insurance and retirement system regulations.
Both parties understand and agree that some of this material contains information that is not available to the public and therefore the parties agree to enter into appropriate confidentiality agreements covering this information. The effective date of the change is the first day of the payroll period following the announcement, except for Postdoctoral Scholars appointed to the Kirschstein Fellowships, for whom the effective date is the date established in the NIH Notice.
In situations justified by the seriousness of the misconduct or unsatisfactory performance, the University may proceed to dismissal without written warning.
The notice of intent may be delivered to the Postdoctoral Scholar either in person, or by placing the notice in the U.S. However, a University employee designated as managerial, supervisory or confidential by the University shall not represent any Postdoctoral Scholar or group of Postdoctoral Scholars at any step of the Grievance Procedure or in any activity or role provided for in the Grievance Procedure. If a grievance is filed by facsimile, an original must be filed within five (5) calendar days.
Postal Service Postmark will be used to determine the date of receipt for the Step 3 appeal.
Failure to contact the designated University official within the established time frame will be considered as a withdrawal of the appeal to arbitration. If possible, after an arbitrator is selected, the dates for the arbitrability hearing and the hearing on the merits shall be scheduled at the same time. If the arbitrator finds in favor of arbitrability, the hearing shall proceed to the substantive issues raised. Issues and allegations shall not be introduced at the hearing unless they were introduced prior to or during Step 3 of the grievance procedure. The arbitrator’s authority shall be limited to determining whether the University has violated arbitrable provisions of this contract and to ordering corresponding remedies. Nothing shall preclude the University from establishing safety standards above minimum safety requirements.
With regard to proprietary information, the parties agree that each will contact the third party whose information it is and ask that, subject to a confidentiality agreement, the proprietary information be shared with the Union or the University. Unless the parties agree otherwise, the arbitrator shall issue a bench decision on the issue of arbitrability.
The arbitrator shall not have jurisdiction or authority to add to, amend, modify, nullify, or ignore in any way the provisions of this contract nor shall the arbitrator have the authority to review any academic judgment. Both the Union and the University retain the right to refuse to provide certain relevant and necessary information based on defenses available under HEERA.
Whether delivery is made in person or by mail, the notice of intent shall contain a statement of delivery or mailing indicating the date on which the notice of intent was personally delivered or deposited in the U.S.

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