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This is a three part lecture series I did on YouTube which was a departure from my normal videos. If so then this is THEEEE most important class you will ever take, not only for your fitness and health goals but for your life goals as well! Everybody has different goals but no matter what they are you need to time management to make sure your time doesn’t get frittered away by things that really are not that important to you.
Building a muscular, ripped, healthy physique is ALL about time management! Those who have poked around my website know I constantly harp on how important it is to know your fitness goals – this book is the reason I am so goal focused. Are you going drinking with your friends or are you going to cook a batch of meals for next week?
Life is about making tough choices – are you willing to make the choices required to be healthy and jacked? I started building my airplane in 2001 and made good progress till 2006 when I started my fitness website.
Lets look at how you take a big long term goal and break it down into doable short term goals. Divide and conquer! If something seems undoable, keep breaking down till its something that you can easily do in a week. Back in lecture 1 a lot of people complained somewhat vociferously when I suggested that someone might have to give up a friday night out with their buddies to prepare and freeze healthy meals for next week. Sir, I find my self imagining my eulogist talking about how much jacked I’m, but, I cant workout for life! These time management exercises enable you to weave a life that aligns with your priorities. For each worksheet you clarify your value, the goal that is aligned with this value, and the five actions to support this goal.
The single act of protecting your big rocks in this time management article could dramatically increase your productivity on those key projects that matter most to you. How to Stop Procrastinating in 10 minutes with One Simple Question Sep 21, 15 08:24 PMI have a confession to make about procrastinating.

A Procrastination Definition Sep 21, 15 03:01 AMWhat is an adequate procrastination definition?
Because LGO maintains both comprehensiveness AND specific task-setting, it has enabled me to make sense of my messy life.
The 7-habits book has an awesome way of planning your day, it starts by determining your roles.
I am serious about finishing my airplane in 2013 and to do this will take a serious time commitment.
I’ve taken overwhelming and ambitious long term goals and come up with five shorter term tasks for 2013 that are quite doable. Lets say you are a 200 pound skinny-fat newbie and you want to look like a mens fitness cover but you don’t know where to start. We have taken a goal that seems impossible to many and broken it down into small steps that almost anyone would acknowledge are fairly straightforward, even a newbie. I am pushing this book because it completely changed my life for the better two decades ago when I read it. They do this bybeginning with end in mindfocusing your attention on those things that matter most to you, your family, or your company. But rather than doing a quarterly business review, check-in on how you are progressing towards your goals.Ask yourself how much time you need to devote over the next quarter to move your goals forward?
My clients find that the quarterly check-in, done once every 3 months, takes 20-30 minutes and is a very useful tool. When I sit down with your worksheets, I feel good, relieved… I cannot describe how powerful it is to shift focus from what’s WRONG with one’s present life, to instead place the final meaning on the question of ‘What is it that I want, and by what method do I mean to get there?…I just wanted to take the time to write you and thank you for the great service you have done for my life. It helps you hone in on what your goals are, and helps you break seemingly impossible goals into small, easy to accomplish chunks.
When people say they don’t have time to get enough sleep, what they usually mean is that they would rather watch evening TV than get enough sleep. For example, if you are in high school your roles might be student, son, friend, musician, and athlete.

There is a reason I asked you to write down goals in other areas of your life as well, its because you have to see all your time demands laid out on the table before you can make a realistic plan. 7-Habits has their own style weekly todo lists they recommend but you can just use a blank sheet of paper. I’d like to think there are others like me whose quiet lives of desperation might be saved by the totally unique function that your product offers. But most importantly, the book helps you balance the needs of your boss, family, school, and friends, while still making progress toward your own goals.
If you know what you want to achieve but don’t have a realistic, step-by-step plan, then you wont achieve your goal either. If its important for you to build a healthy, awesome physique then make it a priority in your life! For each of those roles, you come up with long term goals, then you break those big goals down into a bunch of simple little daily tasks – well talk about breaking your fitness goals down into daily tasks in the next lecture but lets talk about the goals now. Its just not realistic to think I can work toward all my fitness goals AND the goal of finishing my airplane too.
Take each step and subdivide it till you have something you can accomplish in a day or a week. Then every morning, make a quick todo list for the day and make sure you include some of these important tasks. Everyone has 24 hours in a day – every minute you get to decide what to do with your time.
Please, if you only read one book this year then read this one because it will change your life forever. Hey this was a wonderful task, not only did I feel I uncluttered my home, I feel more room in my brain too.

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