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You're probably thinking I have no idea how busy you are, how much you have to get done, and  how much this just doesn't work for you. Truth of the matter is, when you want something bad enough, you will move mountains to make it happen. I challenge you to stay strong and put the workout into the schedule before the low priority items.
Your younger kids will be your guide, helping you to see how well you are doing on balancing needs.  When you start see them play pretend that they are answering emails or even telling you that you are too busy to do something, they are just mimicking what they always see and hear from you. Map out each week what you hope to get done.  Rather than daily lists, having a weekly list gives you more time to accomplish your goals and more flexibility on things that didn’t get done today. Take a moment and think about what takes up most of your work time.  If it is a lot of the same thing, answering phones or emails, HR questions for employees, payroll etc. Get the biggest clock you can find and stick it right in front of your face.  This will make it fairly impossible to forget what time it was and lose track of your day.
A little marriage advice for you… start each day by asking your spouse what they would like you to get done today.  You may have items on your list that you think they would really like done, only to find out that they could careless about that.

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Throughout the course of the week, I'm sure there's enough free time to get everything done that you need to get done.
There are some people out there who work two jobs, three jobs, are going non-stop, and might not think they have time. The only reason I wouldn't count the workout as a "high priority item" is because it doesn't have to happen at a particular time. If you're still reading this, you've already decided that getting your health and fitness straightened out is a high enough priority that you can shuffle some lower-priority things around. High priority items should be the kind of thing that either HAS TO happen first, or has to happen at a particular time (such as a doctors appt., or getting to a business before it closes, etc).
As I've gone through these 5 different programs I've done, I've gotten a little better at it each time.

If you find you're having a hard time keeping your priorities straight (or doing the prioritizing in the first place) or want a community to help keep you accountable and share your struggles, please feel free to join the "So Fit" Family on Facebook. But, as I get more and more dedicated to my fitness I have to look a little harder at my schedule. Many of these things likely have to happen at a certain time, so that's going to bump them a little higher up on the priority list as well.
The earlier you work out, the more energy you'll have and the more successful your workout will be.
It's never easy adding something else onto your plate, and that goes doubly so for a commitment of this magnitude.

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