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Did you wake up this morning with palpable expectancy and corresponding excitement about living another day with your heavenly Father and your Lord Jesus Christ? Thank you for your patience as we have been working feverishly these past few months to get The End Times DVD in your hands. We are very blessed to announce that Larry Larimer, from Camas, Washington, has accepted our invitation to join our Board as the fifth TLTF Trustee. Movies with a Christian message are both making headlines and making big money at the box office. 2012 is the year when we will release this one-of-a-kind 24-hour video journey into the heart of God.
On December 21, John Lynn was the featured guest on a one-hour Christian talk show, In Your Face, hosted by Rob Ekno on Indie104 out of Los Angeles.
As the number of people touched by our work grows, we are considering the possibility of expanding our monthly FRUIT OF D’VINE into a magazine format, and we are also considering other hard-mail communication. It is another and great objection to creeds that, wherever they acquire authority, they interfere with that simplicity and godly sincerity on which the efficacy of religious teaching very much depends. When addiction distracts us from our purpose we lose track of time and so many other experiences we could or should have had.
Intense moments of your life are remembered as lasting much longer than the times that were relatively dull. Watch for an Email Blast in the next couple weeks with an overview of the class and letting you know how to order it.
We are looking forward to working with him and his wonderful wife of 37 years, Donna, who together bring a wealth of both heart and experience to our already diversified group. If we believe the premise that the Bible is God’s Word, then the words we find therein must be those He chose with precision.
NOTE: If you are an artist, or you are producing something you think we should carry in the store, please let us know.
We know of nothing that comes close to it in terms of content or presentation, and we believe that God will use it to change the lives of people around the world. Though the magazine is now only a dream, we would like to build a hard mail database so as to communicate with you in the future. Each of our Trustees and Elders has read it, and we are committed to holding one another accountable to such a standard. That a minister should speak with power, it is important that he should speak from his own soul, and not studiously conform himself to modes of speaking which others have adopted. Putting yourself on an addictive time out may lead us to believe we can delay time, yet time will not wait.
Psychologists say that the reason for this is our brains take deeper and richer memories of events that are novel, or events that are intense than the ones that aren’t.
Think of it this way, when you are a one-year-old baby, that one-year of life represents 100% of your life. When you turn 80 years old and take a look back at your life, the point that feels like the middle isn’t your 40s it’s actually your early 20s.

With this class, you’ll better understand how His-story ends, and how to live in the now with hope and joy. Have you ever done anything (or in my case, neglected to do something) that you knew you needed to do but kept putting it off?
It is important that he should give out the truth in the very form in which it presents itself to his mind, in the very words which offer themselves spontaneously as the clothing of his thoughts. As the fog of using begins to lift a real fear and concern grasp our minds as we look at time wasted. When your experiences are intense or unique you’re not remembering more things about it, you are making more copies.
But when you turned two years old that second-year was only half your life and the next year you live through is only a third of your life. The good news here is the more novel things you do, the more things you see, more places you visit or travel to or people you meet… the slower time feels and the more rich your life becomes. And if we look at it in regard to the biblical Greek words kairos and chronos, it is right on. Given that the Lord Jesus could take all us Christians out of this world at any moment, I don’t know that today isn’t my last day! That's where I am today, and now I have ruined not only a longstanding friendship, but also messed up my witness for Jesus. We don’t believe that, nor do we think that is an effective way to give people a firm foundation in the Word. That fear begins to shape our plans, dreams and goals as we think there may not be enough time left, everything seems to be moving so fast.
Rather than just making normal memories during intense moments the amygdala in your brain gets involved and also remembers things. Chronos means, “the entity of time itself,” while kairos means, “a particular, defining moment.” In other words, chronos is made up of kairos moments. His secular background includes a long career as a paramedic and firefighter, and he is currently a Fire Chief.
We believe this class is like a “can’t-put-it-down” book, and our prayer is that those who hunger for Truth will gladly spend One Day With The Creator, and then motivate others to do likewise.
How amazing could it be to really live in the moment, to see that there truly are no ordinary moments. We long for the times early in our childhood when everything felt like it was moving slowly. The amygdalae perform primary roles in the formation and storage of memories associated with emotional events. Those percentages are important because they may explain why your childhood felt longer but as you get older the years seem to fly by. Meet as many people as you can, build and invest in friendships, relationships and above all, get out of your comfort zone. As our English phrase, “the time of your life,” has come to be used, “the time” refers to an event that is the best thing you have experienced in “your life” to date.

Please pray especially for Franco Bottley, who is doing most of the work in editing, graphics, etc.
You first learn a language, you first see your mother, you first learn to walk, and you have your first kiss.
Although God knows your thoughts and what you intend to do, your free will choices do not exist for Him to know until you actually make them. They also provide insights into whether the translator used the correct English word in his translation. These are all deeply, richly remembered by your brain and so later on it feels as if they took longer to happen. OK, you need some sleep, you need to work to provide for yourself and your family, you need to buy food and eat it, you need some exercise (mowing?), and of course you need to wait in line at the (fill in the blank). If you find a Greek word translated into a certain English word 99% of the time, but 1% it is translated into a different English word, you may choose to translate that English word yourself as it is predominantly used.
He and the Lord are flanking you on the path of life, ready, willing, and able to do for you, and with you, “exceeding abundantly above all you ask or think.” Conversely, Satan, the “god of this age,” is manipulating the systems of the world to steal every minute of your time that he possibly can. If you take the Word of God seriously, you need to do the following: trust God, make His written Word your own, teach it to others, get involved in the lives of others with whom you are on a mission from God, keep the unity of the spirit in the Body of Christ, share of your financial resources to help others, live an unblemished life, and fulfill your spiritual calling.
Because I looked at the uses of the word spoudazo, which means, “to exert a diligent effort with reference to the brevity of time,” and each of the above actions is what we are to diligently do with our eyes on the Hope clock. If any man is confused about his role, he can use the principles taught in this movie to redirect himself to the help he needs. How deeply do I commiserate with the minister who, in the warmth and freshness of youth, is visited with glimpses of higher truth than is embodied in the creed, but who dares not be just to himself, and is made to echo what is not the simple, natural expression of his own mind! As we each painfully realize, once a moment passes, we cannot get it back, nor can we change the action we took in that moment. There are many dire economic, political, and cultural predictions for 2012, with perhaps the most sensational being the ancient Mayan calendar’s catastrophic “end of the world” this year. Scripture (and the evening news) clearly shows that the world is becoming more and more evil. Satan knows that the time of his disgusting life is one day shorter than it was yesterday, and he is ratcheting up his hateful assault on mankind in order to hurt God, Jesus, and people as much as he can before he is annihilated. We can meet the Enemy’s aggression with aggressive faith in our one and only GOD and our one and only Lord.
This is the year when TLTF launches both The End Times and One Day With The Creator, and our vision is that God will use these unique Bible-teaching vehicles to reach more people than we can imagine.
Our teaching tapes, books, email communiques, and live visits are designed to enrich your spiritual growth. Do what you can to support us financially, and please pray for doors of utterance so we can bring God’s precious Truth to others.

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