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The setting for this mass act of catharsis is the third floor of the Moscone West exhibition space in downtown San Francisco. Some 150,000 registered attendees wearing sky-blue credentials have invaded the city and are shuffling among some 1,400 sessions spread over the course of four days.
In his first major book in 20 years, the motivational guru wants to teach you how to master the investment game.
We’ve all heard the maxim: “Ask and you shall receive!” But if you ask better questions, you’ll get better answers! The average person asks questions such as “How do I get by?” or “Why is this happening to me?” Some even ask questions that disempower them, causing their minds to focus on and find roadblocks instead of solutions. In the financial world, [hedge fund manager] Ray Dalio became obsessed with a series of better-quality questions.
Based on extensive research and one-on-one interviews with more than 50 of the most legendary financial experts in the world—from Carl Icahn and Warren Buffett, to Ray Dalio and Steve Forbes—Tony Robbins has created a simple 7-step blueprint that anyone can use for financial freedom. Robbins has a brilliant way of using metaphor and story to illustrate even the most complex financial concepts—making them simple and actionable. Tony Robbins walks readers of every income level through the steps to become financially free by creating a lifetime income plan.
MONEY Master the Game: 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom is the book millions of people have been waiting for. In order to properly kick off our first book review, we needed to find a piece of literature that lives up to the hype. One of my friends was inquiring about the book review, and I told her that I am writing it right now, and having a blast. Robbins talks in a self-reflective manner, (the video below is Heavy Metal And Reflective (Official Music Video) – Azealia Banks) on picking a title for this book. After reviewing the definition of game, one could start to see Robbins’ point of view. Robbins goes into high-frequency trading, and the quarter of a billions dollars that the large name Wall Street have used to shave microseconds off trades. He mentions that this book is like an inheritance, and it is a pleasure sharing it with you.
One of my favorite layers to this book is how Robbins is working on bridging class-based gaps with his process to becoming more financially successful.
At the end of this first section of the book, Robbins talks about the %10 of readers that finish the first chapter to a non-fiction book. Robbins talks about his live experience in the book, and I wanted to share that with his TED Talk.
These are the two words my mother said when I informed her I was going to go back to school. Connect with the interactive content and follow along the movement with Robbins as he continues to help aid millions around the world every year. Young journalists always want to get their feet wet in the industry until they are knee deep in the weeds. Significance: Robbins goes over the importance of why and what people do to feel significant.
For those with a 401k plan, visit (Fee Checker) to find our how your rates stack up to other companies. The third chapter provides content that is more interactive with the application setup for the book. Robbins sat down with Robert Shiller, Nobel Prize-winning economist, and looked over housing prices in connection to inflation. My take on this section connects to the awareness of the subconscious mind, and how to use our dreams to create plans to produce in real-time. So far, the book has used pulled quotes from his interviews and chapter 5 leads into the meat of the interviews in the following chapter.
Carl Icahn, the most feared man on Wall Street, picks up on under developing stocks and gives them life again. David Swensen, Chief Investment Officer, Yale University, talked with Robbins on results and returns. Warren Buffet, CEO Berkshire Hathaway, provided Robbins a nugget of knowledge that he has left his wife on investing after he is gone. This is Frank Kern, one of the best marketers in the world, talking about some of the success principles outlined in the book. In summary, I highly recommend Money: Master the Game and truly believe that by adding value and adopting the 7 key strategies outlined in its pages, anyone can truly become financially free. When I started  The School of Greatness podcast, I decided I wanted to make it successful enough to interview three specific people someday.
While I’m always working on taking my energy to the next level, sitting down with Tony in person to interview him on the podcast was a fun moment for me to see how he does it face to face.
He has coached the top business, athletic, and performance leaders around the world, built dozens of hugely successful companies and non-profits, and continues to generously donate his time, money, and talent on a massive scale.
In today’s episode, however, we sit down to discuss a different kind of topic than his usual mind-blowing insight on life and success.
Not only did he personally interview 50 of the world’s most brilliant financial minds to write this book, but he explains how to create wealth in the simplest terms for everyone. I am so proud and excited to share Episode 109 with you, as I know it will open your mind, not just about money and wealth, but about the way to become great in all parts of your life.
If you were in charge of our educational system, what would you change and implement to teach the next generation about money?
If you were 31 years old again, what 3 things would you do financially, knowing what you know now?
Informative and bold interviews,Lewis.I never been a fan of Tony Robbins before except now. The joyfulness in your interview is so exuberant that I can't resist smiling every time I listen to your podcasts!
Big FAN of the Podcast and could not have been more please listening to the great Tony Robbins. Lewis what a great interview, I already listen to your podcast twice and I just watched the video. Lewis Howes you have covered a lot if great questions with Tony I really had smile on my face for the whole interview!
If money is so important why are so many high schools and colleges allowing their students to graduate completely financially illiterate? So lets take a splash and begin right now with secret number one: Mastering Money Psychologically = the number one thing you MUST DO to master money. In this episode I’m going to help you psychologically master money will create these feelings and fantasies and make them tangible and real to upgrade our life’s experience. Why did the powerful puncher “Iron Mike” Tyson turn up filing for bankruptcy in 2003 with 27 million in debts when he turned in a whopping 400 million during his boxing career?
How do people get ridiculous amounts of cash and assets and then end up broke on the street? Especially when you 21 years old and you we’re just sign on for 60 million dollars , people start treating you as a means to an end. Tony calls it a jungle and if you aren’t aware of the game and it’s rules then you’re going to lose and maybe lose really big. Most Americans take on the dream of being able to retire at 65 even when they are NOT saving as much as it will actually require to retire. Some of greats in the game like Warren buffet is 84, has not retired and his net worth is 73 billion or consider Rupert Murdoch at 83, or Steve Wynn at 72, they are still killing and taking names well past 65 even though they don’t have too necessarily. What will give us the edge to becoming financially secured and not ever have to worry about bankruptcy or foreclosure on a house or blow from a repo or taxman?
The first major piece of the puzzle Tony exposes is the greatest secret in the history of all finance, which is common known of by name but millions lose out on what it can provide for them. That first major financial guaranteer is Compound Interest, which Einstein once called the greatest invention ever created. It goes like this if we had just one dollar and invested it into an account that would double every year for twenty years, by the end of the first year we’d have $2 dollars the 2nd we’d have $4, the 3rd we’d have 8, but by year 20 how much do you think we’d have? Financial secret # 2: Mastering the idea of Compound interest so you emotional understand the powerful purpose of physically doing it in your own life. James personally invested 20,000 grand more but Will, the earlier investor, received over 600% more from his investment than James even though he stopped investing sooner than him.
This example demonstrates how investing early and consistently will enable you like Will to end up with serious cash by 65.
Do you see the INCREDIBLE power of investing early and compounding your consistent deposits? Tony wants to get at the core of what’s really holding us back from investing and saving in the present? Tony sees there are three main reason why people spend all their money, the 1st reason is that the idea of investing is too overwhelming, that people literally freeze up from water into popsicles when thinking about how to go about doing it so they just stick with whatever they know or is chosen for them. The second reason and as behavioral economists argue is that people don’t rationally control themselves, as much as they think they do. Benartzi also informs us that ALL humans have a tendency to misjudge the ability to control themselves in the future.
As the deadline approaches, time after time many fail to keep the promises they made to themselves. All humans create lasting change through reevaluating their values and what they currently desire. In Part II: of Mastering Money, I (Helen) expose the information to physically master making saving a REAL habit.

In this book, Tony shows us, step-by-step, how to beat these gatekeepers and master the money game, once and for all.
In writing this book (his first in twenty years), Tony leveraged his extraordinary reputation and access to interview fifty of the world’s most successful investors. Here’s reality: Most people don’t have a clue how to invest beyond stuffing their money into a mutual fund and hoping it all works out. What I like about Money: Master the Game is that it starts improving our odds by debunking investing myths and taking the mystery out of how and where to allocate our investments. Tony focuses an entire chapter on giving, what he calls “The Final Secret.” Generosity brings happiness and satisfaction for the giver, he points out, something studies now verify. To prove this giving aspect, Tony is donating all the profits of the book to feed families in need. If we’re wise about how we invest our money, we can give more, do more, and change more—not only for our families but also the communities around us. Question: What could you change in your corner of the world if you had the resources to do it? Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are snarky, offensive, or off-topic. If you're like most of my readers, you're committed to winning at work and succeeding at life.
About MeI am the co-author of the Wall Street Journal and USA Today best seller, Living Forward: A Proven Plan to Stop Drifting and Get the Life You Want.
I am also the author of the New York Times best seller, Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World.
I am the founder and CEO of Michael Hyatt & Company, an online leadership development company. About MeI am the author of the New York Times bestseller, Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World. But there’s something undeniably appealing about the experience: Unleashing so much raw energy, in however absurd a fashion, is seductive.
Questions like “How come I can never lose weight?” or “Why can’t I ever hang on to my money?” only move them farther down the path of limitation. With expert advice on our most important financial decisions, Robbins is an advocate for the reader, dispelling the myths that often rob people of their financial dreams.
This book delivers invaluable information and essential practices for getting your financial house in order. I also conduct large amounts of interviews with musicians in comparison to financial advisers.
Since I lack a strong financial background, it became clear to me that this book was not going to change my life right away, but over time it will help improve my decision making skills in the field of finance.
As we all consume and produce, some individuals make their way up the ladder to be able to create wealth for others.
Robbins also noted that many of the top level financial advisers around the globe did in fact look at money as a game. It serves as a reflection to the piece of work, as well as a tool to help my personal growth.
During my first read of this book, I caught myself wanting to skip ahead, but overall decided that it would disrupt the flow. I wanted Robbins to know his work was worth it, and that I was not only going to master the book, but also provide my own mastery to the conversation.
When I was making my way through college, I found out that if I was properly prepared for any test, (work, school, or personal) that I would produce far better results.
Robbins provides a digital experience to flow along with the traditional sense of reading a book. He begins to revisit his concept on compounding investments, and how it can generate while one sleeps.
This need, as well as the first three are considered part of the personality according to Robbins.
I see it as a metaphor for the financial markets that are setup to prey upon investors in a similar manner as wolfs and mountain lions.
Most likely it is not, but the video is still pretty funny in connection to this piece on page 99 within 2.1. He notes that putting all of ones resources in one basket or for one company is a flawed idea.
It is an interesting parallel to note in connection to the note made earlier about the steam of conscious thought, as well as interacting with my unconscious in a manner of word association. It create an interesting parallel between wanting to run from ones problems, or tackling it head on. He adds an excellent link to a Rutgers University online quiz to help users identify their ability to handle risk. A takeaway for myself is when to ask advice from a financial adviser for a second eye, but not let them control my decisions. This section of the book is probably the most important to investors coming up in the next 5-10 years.
We review their interviews and provide honest feedback on how each of these investors work the game. As I read about him, I feel connected to the struggle of coming from a lower-middle class family, and changing his life in a major way with limited resources. Morgan Asset Management Division, and also from my home state and rural area that I have had to pull myself out of.
Generally speaking, if you are able to do something that very few people can do, you will be paid accordingly.
He highlights ways that you can make it possible to spread your reach to add value to those that others cannot reach. Unlike some of those other review sites, we pride ourselves on giving accurate information and back up our reviews, testimonials, and guides with original sources.
Not only is he considered the world’s best performance coach, having taught personal development and mental mastery for over 30 years, but his personal network and wealth creation are second to none. He has just released a new book on money, and his explanation of how to generate wealth is some of the best work he has done so far. I am still on a high from sitting down with Tony and hearing his wisdom and stories in person. There's an old saying that "when the student is ready,the teacher will appear" and i think i am now. It can make people feel guilty that they have too much of it or sad and ashamed of their self worth when they don’t have any. If you fall into this category my friends sweat no further, in this video I’m going to go over two FINANCIAL Secrets that experts say are must discoveries in order to be successful as an entrepreneurs or regular ol joe. Robbins points out, that American culture is breed by advertising and big hollywood and celebrity influencers whether they are in movies or regularly featured in the economic section in the New YOrk times.
Simply because these athletes and many others haven’t mastered money psychologically nor financially. They start pitching you, friends and family will not stop bothering you for financial help.
He wants to get us accustomed to these rules, master the psychology of money and weed out the illusions television or movie advertising sets up.
Tony is after the clues that are TIMELESS and could help anyone build a GREAT sizable nest egg, even if you have zero to your name right now, or another financial disaster hits again.
Will got a jump start on saving and investing by opening a retirement account at 20 years old and saved an average of 4 grand every year for 20 years at a 10% interest rate. James only was able to compound his money for 25 years while Will had more time and was able to compound his money for a grand total of 45. Will personally ended up with 2.5 million in assets all from the original 80,000 grand he invested while James only ended up with a mere 400,000 dollars from his 100,000 dollar investment.
If this compound interest thing is a guarantee to our future security why don’t we start saving today? When they walk into a store with one intention, they leave the store with two bags of flashy glittery clothes.
We ALL tend to believe we’ll save in the future, so we keep pushing the saving date further and further off into the future.
The only way to push through to get to the change you want to see in your life is to remind yourself to try and try until you finally physically make a deposit in your savings and KEEP it there! It’s hard to save when one is constantly thinking and dreaming about that boat they see in flashy advertisements. I hope this perspective inspires you to want to take action to actually utilize this information so you can become a millionaire by 59 or 65! I will provide you with the tactics on how to get yourself to commit and follow through with forming a new habit of saving your money. DIY: Make Really Cute Couple Photos My March 2016 Goals Update Helen and Lara's Art Creations of March 2016!
He has the uncanny ability to make the complex simple and provide practical strategies anyone can use to get what they want out of life. His new book, Money: Master the Game, provides a powerful, seven-step plan for achieving financial independence. Often, the very people and institutions we’ve hired to advise and protect us are siphoning off our profits with exorbitant fees. From there the book shows how to protect our investments for the long haul so it doesn’t get chipped away in market downturns.
But of course, our generosity helps others too: our families, churches, charities, wherever we put our dollars.

What if we could invest our resources with a view to changing some small part of the world?
Ever since someone helped his family when they were in need, Tony says he’s been committed to giving back. Others are partnering with him—in fact, he shows readers how they can join in—and combined they’re already near funding 70 million people, with a goal of at least 100 million. It’s the kind of message (and special offer) you’ll want to share with your family, friends, and wider sphere of influence. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers.
We help overwhelmed high achievers get the clarity, confidence, and tools they need to win at work and succeed at life. Bill Gates didn’t ask, “How do I build the best software in the world?” He asked, “How can I create the intelligence [the operating system] that will control all computers?” This distinction is one core reason why Microsoft became not just a successful software company but also the dominant force in computing—still controlling nearly 90% of the world’s personal computer market! This focus has driven me for 38 years to find or create strategies and tools that can make an immediate difference. It’s the approach you are about to learn here and has the potential to change your financial life for the better forever. It will sink in more for those over 24, but I would still give it a read for more progressive, younger minds.
He replied with Tony Robbins’ latest book, and mentioned it was his first book in two decades. I now see myself making better financial decisions that will slowly change my life in a long-term setting.
One of my friends had recommended me to his latest book, but Robbins is a character that I have known about for years. The part that broke my brain was realizing that I could recondition myself into thinking that Robbins is good, and something I need to study and take serious.
The way Robbins writes shows vulnerability in juxtaposition to his power and strength, in result creates a powerful personal reading experience.
When people get close enough they can indirectly pick up on another person’s success, or metaphorically speaking, their apples. I quickly realized the unfair playing field, and have taken time to slowly get back understanding the rules. It is very fulfilling helping spread the word about charitable, economical and new frames of mind.
If one can hunt a mountain lion, the fear of them, the danger and risk of them also decrease the more you know about the animal. After working with the application, I was able to see how my lack of knowledge within investing will result in poor outcomes, unless I start preparation now.
Robbins uses Marley’s wisdom when dealing with a problem, or also known as a surprise. As we see the stock market climb to all new highs, I can see the economic downturn that will occur, and the upturn that will take place following that downturn. It is my goal to help promote clean energy, but at what point does oil bring down the rest of the market. Her pedigree and training is more refined, but I am the taking the time to understand more about her, so what does that say about her background.
If you follow the rules of money that the top earners in the world do, you can not only become financially independent, but financially free.
They are literally giving away free information that could change your life…and your bank account.
Tony talks about the concept of giving to others even if you don’t have a lot to give.
If you are able to do that thing that very few people can do for a large amount of people, you will become financially successful for the rest of your life. His books have more tools than any other personal development book, just proven formulas of success ready to consum.Thank you so much once again Lewis!I am still wondering how come all this time in the personal development journey, I never heard about you?
Keep doing what you are doing, keep igniting the greatness that every single human being has inside. You don’t have to make a lot to be a millionaire, you just need to be smart on HOW you manage yourself and your earnings.
No doubt money is vital to keep one’s financial boat afloat to provide for those pestering offspring, or help a bankrupt brother. The book I spent a couple days reading to gain insight to these two secrets is from Money Mastery by Tony Robbins, a phenomenal life coach and someone I look up too. And if we continue believing that money will solve these things, we won’t master money, we’ll just want to spend it, and keep on pushing the same old button, cashing for more money to refill the cup of happiness.
But in 2007 he declared bankruptcy because of lack of income and screw ups from his financial mismanagement. Meaning they lack the easy knowledge I’ll fill you in on to deal with the power and the black clouds that come with large amounts of money.
He wants to help you crack the code, so he interviewed some of the wealthiest people in the world to understand how they built their wealth. By the end of those twenty years he personally deposited into the fund 80,000 grand and by 40 he stopped investing money. When you experience this, you need to wash that deceiving illusion away and value your compound interest fund as GODLY.
Remember you don’t need to make a lot to be a millionaire, really all you need is to physically follow through with this knowledge and master your money psychologically. We could reduce poverty, offer medical care, provide education, feed the hungry, fund missions, patronize the arts, you name it.
That's exactly why I wrote my new ebook, Shave 10 Hours Off Your Workweek: 4 Proven Strategies for Creating More Margin for the Things That Matter Most.
For a full half-minute, while techno music blasts over the speakers, we try to outdo our partners in this exercise—tapping into a primal aggression that rarely makes an appearance in the corporate world. In its 12th year, Dreamforce has grown from a small, sober customer event of 1,300 to the Lollapalooza of corporate gatherings. However, Gates was slow to master the web because his focus was on what was inside the computer, but the “Google Boys,” Larry Page and Sergey Brin, asked, “How do we organize the entire world’s information and make it accessible and useful?” As a result, they focused on an even more powerful force in technology, life, and business.
This is my first time reading his work, and I can tell right away that writing a book review on Robbins is like Rey Mysterio, (a lightweight fighter) going against Brock Lesnar, (former UFC heavyweight champion, current WWE champion). Another inspirational voice, and soon to be taking over the states with a massive summer tour, Florence + The Machine.
It actually goes hand it hand with what Robbins talks about in his lectures, of those that have been abused, and left out, may give back more then those from sheltered lives. He doesn’t make any money from the book sales since all proceeds go towards his goal of feeding families during the holidays. How could I miss an inspiring person just my age all this time, almsot 8 years I am in this field?
In this type of world, money is tied to survival, and we ALL unconsciously realize it IS a huge necessity, and if people don’t have it, some MAY marry others or scam them just so they have it. This, my friends, is a means to start fixing this broken situation we find ourselves in, Tony helps individuals discover 7 basic financial secrets to crack the code on how to be 100% guaranteed financially taken care FINALLY, even if you have zero dollars to your name right now.
Thus most American’s, especially in their 20s-30s- and even unfortunately 40s and 50s are not saving, I mean do you find the activity of saving cash particularly sexy or exciting? We need to DO a MIND BEND and change how we view money so we can master it psychologically and physically.
Even though he stopped investing Will kept that money in their for another twenty years till he was 65. The average family spend 1,000 dollars on the lottery a year, when on average 1 out of 175 million will win big. He went on to talk about how the book is a collection of interviews with the top financial advisers in the world. This is the serious effect taxes can have on our investments and will deviate depending on which state you live in. His brother James started investing at the older age of 40, and invested $4,000 dollars for 25 years at a rate of 10%. Why take those odds when you have a guarantee win on millions if you do what works: and that is compound your money in a fund. To get results, you can’t just ask the question once, you have to become obsessed with finding its greatest answer(s).
Not enough people are saving money for retirement instead many people have not mastered money PSYCHOLOGICALLY… they’re buying into the ideologies of what advertising pushes, and they spend to try to replicate and produce those fictional realities of happiness that advertising and television paints in our minds. This is why Tony thinks we are ferociously after money, not so that we can save to be forever secured but we’re after it so we can Spend and spend it all to FEEL and create those fictional portals of happiness we see on t.v.
He wants to expose us to what the New York Times calls the “insiders secrets” to grow your money tax free.
James ended up personally depositing 100,000 dollars in total and kept that money in there till he was 65 too.Who do you think ended up with more by 65? Deep down if you ask anyone who buys the material items you want these things don’t produce lasting and fulfilling happiness after a couple days or a couple of weeks, they are just ego boosters that fade away. This book answers the question “What do the most effective investors do to consistently succeed?” What are the decisions and actions of those who start with nothing but manage to create wealth and financial freedom for their families?

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