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Black Street justice, heavily influenced by Muslim sharia law, will exact street justice on the city of Madison.
If I recall correctly police were called because this guy was in the street attacking cars and multiple calls came in while police were en-route and was in the process of attacking someone else when police arrived. The DA had no choice but to follow the evidence and state that this was a justified shooting.
Mamma should have raised Tony white so he could have gotten some of that white privilege we keep hearing about. How many CVS’s in Madison?Which begs the question -- how many persons of color are there in Madison? Personnel records show Kenny, on paid leave for the March 6 shooting death of Tony Robinson, has amassed a record of commendations considered above average for a 13-year officer.
King, whose fiancee, Cynthia Kelley, called 911 to report King’s passing, is said to have had marijuana, cocaine, PCP, and alcohol in his system at the time of his death. I remember a fellow cab driver 22 years ago telling me crack felt 1000 times better than sex. Protesters took to the streets of Madison, comparing Friday night’s fatal officer-involved shooting to what happened in Ferguson. A state agency is leading the investigation into the shooting of the young black man, and more protests are expected throughout the weekend. I am calling on all Madisonian’s to come out tonight at Fountain of Life Church at 4pm.

Let’s not divide our community but utilize our collective voices to make our community better! Wisconsin law requires an agency outside the police or sheriff department involved in a shooting to handle the investigation. State Representative Chris Taylor was gassing up her car across the street as this happened.
The Wisconsin Department of Justice Division of Criminal Investigation will conduct a thorough, professional and transparent investigation into this incident. Meanwhile, friends of the family have started an online GoFundMe account to raise money for the man’s funeral.
Also, there’s a Facebook page is support of the Madison Police Department that was created over the weekend. MADISON — Dozens of demonstrators marched from the Social Justice Center in Madison to the house where a 19-year-old man was fatally shot by police one year ago. Friends and supporters of Tony Robinson’s family gathered Sunday, March 6th for the protest march and later for a candlelight vigil. Some at the march said they had little confidence there had been any progress in addressing racial disparities since the fatal shooting.
While en route responding officers were advised that additional calls were being received about the same individual. Police can only say they responded to calls of shots fired along the 1100 block of Williamson Street Friday.

While this story is already receiving significant national attention, others have suggested everyone wait until all the facts in the case are revealed before jumping to conclusions. DCI agents have been on the scene gathering information since we were notified early last evening.
Jackson’s congressman son had a drug problem to go with his crime problem that landed him in jail. I sure they won’t mind if the blacks of Madison burn half the city down in the name of social justice.
The Sun Prairie 19-year-old was identified as the victim early Saturday, after Police Chief Mike Koval met with Boys and Girls Club of Dane County CEO Michael Johnson and members of Robinson’s family. Chief Koval said during news interviews, an officer was in the area to follow up on reports of a man wandering in traffic, and the officer followed the man to a house where he was attacked by the man.
Any person who witnessed events or may have images or video that could support this investigation is encouraged to call DCI at 608-266-1671.

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