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One of the reason so many organizations are struggling to keep their top talent both loyal and engaged is because of the natural evolution high performance individuals. Make no mistake our challenge is that we often only look at what is apparent and presently obvious, rather than the process by which someone achieved their position. Just for a moment allow yourself to stop and consider; anything you had a deep desire to be good at, you were once not very good at. Let me put it another way, and to put a none to blunt an edge on it: At some point you weren’t good at something, but you wanted to be. If you followed your deep desire with commitment to do whatever it took to become good at it, there a very good chance that you learned to not only be good, but to fulfill an unknown potential and potentially become excellent. We all have vast and untapped potential; however if we measure our intelligence by our ability to do things we have no real interest in, then we may all be seen as fools in any particular context. How might you better assist your people in fulfilling their unknown potential through their personal and professional development? I trust that you found this article valuable, if so, feel free to send this to your friends. Dov Baron Speaks internationally and is The Leading Authority on Authentic Leadership  and creating a Corporate Culture of Fiercely Loyal Leaders. All contents of this blog and articles herein fall under full copyright law and are the sole intellectual property of Dov Baron International and Authentic Paragon Alliance INC. Sign Up Today and Receive This Special Report at No Charge (a $47.00 Value) The three sentences you, as a leader, can start using today to have your team hanging on your every word and happily go the extra mile for you and your organization to generate fierce loyalty.
Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few years, you know that the recession has aggravated what already was a deteriorating relationship between employers and their employees. And you also know the result: People are willing to abandon companies like the proverbial rats on a sinking ship because no one feels safe! A Wharton School of Business article says that most companies can expect to lose anywhere between 20 and 50 percent of their employees in any given year. If not, you can be certain that your team’s morale is going to tank faster than a preschooler who needs a nap because conflict is the nature of relationship.
You’ve got to understand that crappy moral is contagious!  Problems that don’t get addressed, be they feuds between departments (silos), interpersonal quarrels, or performance issues all negatively impact employee enthusiasm, motivation, and ultimately loyalty.
That being said, a leader who is a master of conflict resolution knows that healthy conflict creates a deepening bond. Generational bias has always been an issue, however, now more than ever in a global economy, it can be a crippling one. It was estimated that that same level of training could be completed to competence in around 20 hours by a GenXer because of their much higher exposure to technology.
The challenge can be that as a leader you are likely to be either a Boomer or an Xer, have likely climbed through the ranks and invested a considerable amount of time in getting where you are today. You see, part of the challenge is that we often (even unconsciously) use the time we’ve put in, rather than effectiveness, as a standard of measure. The challenge is that if the criteria by which we measure authentic leadership remain the same as it was for old school leadership, we won’t be able to recognise the value that is in front of us.
The most important of the Top 3 Reasons “Leaders” are losing their Star Players is because of Inauthentic Leadership!
There was a time when a leader could lead through image, reputation, experience, force or any combination thereof…However, hold on to your seats. Today, if you want to keep your star players, you had better find out who they are, what they care about, what “really” motivates them, and how they want to be rewarded for great work. What this means is that if you want to generate fierce loyalty in your team (and ultimately in your customer and supplier base,) you have to show up and let them see you…warts and all. I realize that this flies in the face of what you originally learned about being a leader and elevating yourself away from your “underlings.” Although that might have worked at some point in time, that outdated model will have your Star Players deserting you and your company so fast it will make your head spin! In summary, if you want to keep your Star Players you must become a master of dealing with conflict in a healthy way. Despite what you’ve been told, the truth is that Vulnerability is Power in the new global economy!
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I came across 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader by the famous leadership coach John C Maxwell and I would love to just share the top 10 qualities from his list that I found interesting and relatable. Enjoy!!

Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation.
What qualities must leaders possess that motivate employees, peers, and the people around you at work?
Communication is more than just our spoken words; it’s understanding intentions and emotions behind the information received. Reading between the lines of actions and words helps in becoming an effective communicator as a leader.
Engage – Taking your team out for lunch or having a fun game day at the office helps employees engage and connect. According to a 2013 study done by Glassdoor, 80% of employees wanted to work harder if their bosses showed appreciation for their work. The concept of Authentic Leadership has been tossed around over the years by authors, consultants and others involved in the study of leading organizations.
Long established research by some of the most reputable firms in the world affirms the value of an engaged workforce.  Engaged employees are more productive, flexible and more likely to commit extra effort to the organization.
The components we present have been written about before, what we have not seen is a framework that allows you to apply authentic leadership in a concise and practical way.
Using the Authentic Leadership Checklist is an efficient and effective (if not easy) way to engage people. If you have the desire to reap the benefits of Authentic Leadership, the Authentic Leadership Checklist is the most robust and user-friendly tool you will find. The Authentic Leadership Checklist™ is available for purchase as a standalone product or bundled with additional features and services to meet your needs. The Authentic Leader Basic package is suited well for leaders looking to explore and use the Checklist independently. The Authentic Leader Basic package allows for unlimited access to the Authentic Leadership Checklist™, the User’s Guide and to more than 25 introductory videos that explain all the aspects of the Checklist. The Authentic Leader Practice package is perfect for leaders who wish to combine practical use of the Authentic Leadership Checklist™ with gauging and refining real-time results. The Authentic Leader Practice package includes the Basic package plus use of an online coaching system that allows you to register your plans, review your progress, track your proficiency and gather feedback from those familiar with your leadership. The Authentic Leader Professional package is for the leader truly invested in propelling their leadership capability forward. The Authentic Leader Professional package includes the Practice package plus ten one-on-one live video coaching sessions.
In other words, instead of making assumptions, we need to being willing to ask ourselves and our teams “What was their process of fulfilling their potential to the level they have?” Does this make sense to you? Do what you must to have your people find their own genius and you will do more than you can possibly imagine toward developing fiercely loyal followers who are themselves leaders. While things weren’t rosy before, now everyone knows someone (or has experienced it themselves!) who has been caught in layoffs, buyouts, downsizing, capsizing, and reductions in benefits, not to mention freezes on new hires, pay raises, and promotions.
If you even suspect that the ship you are on could go down and something else comes along, there’s a good chance you’d jump ship too. Few things are more disruptive and costly to your business than an unexpected exodus from your talent pool. In a recent survey of employee benefits, trends, and attitudes, MetLife found that employee loyalty is at a seven-year low. Are you comfortable with conflict?  By that I don’t mean that you are aggressively looking for some form of fight, but when conflict comes up, can you confront it with compassion and empathy? Small problems that are ignored develop into resentment, and will develop into bigger problems. I can remember when I first started speaking to individuals and organizations of influence back in the 80s. Now you are likely to find yourself leading Millennials, while having an empathetic bias towards your own generation. Furthermore, even if we are measuring the effectiveness of our top players, our leaders, it’s important that we examine whether our criteria for measurement may also be outdated. I have just focused on the top three so that you can begin incorporating change right away. You will also need to seek to understand the other generations you are working with, remembering they likely have different values and priorities than you).

Strong leaders understand this and can differentiate the meaning behind what a person says to what a person does. Remain calm and collected during conflicts or setbacks to set the stage for your employees.
Leaders value and respect their employees, provide effective communication and have fun while bringing positive energy to work every day.
The exact words we use to describe the trait are not the end all but rather an embodiment of leading by valuing people, and establishing relationships to create engagement and results.
So, how do you build an engaged workforce?  The answer is simple; demonstrate Authentic Leadership. Consequently, being an expert in the environment in which you lead is essential to Authentic Leadership. A checklist is a set of non-negotiable items that true professionals do not leave to chance.
Now that you have discovered the tool, the next step is application and only you can be responsible for the Leader that you are. All offerings include unlimited use of the Authentic Leadership Checklist™ and access to informative videos that support and guide your experience.
Whatever it is, the very first time you attempted it, you weren’t a master,  Not even if you were a child prodigy. So if you were to measure my intelligence by how well I’ve mastered the ins and outs of the rules of baseball or if I can tell you the rankings of teams, I would come up short. Do you believe that a Baby Boomer (people born between 1946 and 1964), Generation Xer (people born between mid 1960s to the early 1980s), Millennial (people born between 1982 and 2000) are all treated equally in the climb to the top? At that time, I came across research that said it took a rookie over 100 hours to learn the skills to become a fighter pilot. These latest members of the work force have grown up with even more electronic interface than the generation X group, and as a result their TQ (technical intelligence) far exceeds those of the last two generations. And finally, you must be willing to let your people in, let them see that you are more than your title, or even your experience. Effective and strong leadership is necessary to guide employees, provide feedback and boost overall employee engagement. Share your success with everyone you work with while becoming a friend and a role model in the process.
It can be a diagnostic tool to identify which component(s) is at play in a particular situation, allowing you to focus your time, attention and action only where it is needed. The Checklist will allow you to identify and close your leadership gaps, engage people and improve your bottom-line. Changing the way you lead takes commitment, time and practice but the rewards are worth the effort!
Over the course of your sessions, you will implement and practice your new skills with support and accountability from Phil Eastman.
In turn this creates the space for that individual to step into a greater amount of their potential. Giving a simple pat on the back for a job well done keeps employees driven to do their best every day. A positive attitude has an impact on creativity, productivity, and the bond you have with your employees.
Be the leader your employees want to share their success with, not because they have to but because they want to. In larger, more complex and long-term situations you may use the checklist in its full form.
No one starts out from a place of accomplishment, but rather from a place of desire to become accomplished. But if you were to ask me about something that I am interested in, passionate about, the result would be very different.
Lastly, it can serve as guide to leadership development activities ensuring strength in each component.

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