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RaiseYourIQ has made its unique on-line brain training for intellectual skills available at no cost to children of the education-focused JAAGO foundation in Bangladesh. A new study reported at a recent Contextual Behavioral Science (Ireland) conference, found that an intensive online form of brain training called SMART brain training, lead to large increases in general intelligence (IQ) in a sample of 15 children, and to large increases in general scholastic ability in a further sample of 30 children. N-back or dual n-back brain training is a game targeted at improving working memory and fluid intelligence. Brain training online is probably the best way to challenge the brain to work harder while improving memory and IQ. Memory is essential for intellectual functioning, so is it possible to improve memory so we can remember details or where problem solving comes more easily?
There are a number of brain training games and brain exercises like Dual N Back and SMART brain training that works to improve mental health. Can a person increase or improve intelligence or are there factors imposed by biology that constrains IQ or memory gains.
Brain Training can benefit seniors, the elderly and adults to improve cognitive abilities and maintain a sharper mind. RaiseYourIQ is now offering FREE brain training for schools and teachers to make kids better learners.
The use of “Game Based Learning” in schools and the classroom by teachers can have a measurable effect on teaching methods and student success in subjects like math, science, reading and languages.
Cognitive brain training is about giving the brain a workout or sending it to a brain gym to improve fitness levels. RaiseYourIQ has launched four new brain training games which come free bundled with the SMART brain training course.
The four games, “Brain Speed”, “Brain Agility” “Brain Memory” and “N-Back” continue the development of psychology led and science based games to improve brain health from RaiseYourIQ. The brain games industry is full of punch lines like “Give your brain a workout” or “Games that sharpen your mind”, punch lines that have little scientific evidence or academic research to support the claims.
Brain fitness not only impacts our mental health but our overall health, ability to cope with stress and whatever life throws at us. As part of our expertise and knowledge relating to brain health, co-founder of RaiseYourIQ and educational psychologist Doctor Sarah Cassidy is now publishing articles on Lifehack. New scientific research proves computer-based brain training exercises significantly improve the brains ability to focus and so learn more. When discussing brain training, people should not confuse silly marketing claims for bad science. As a psychologist,educator and researcher into the area of intellectual learning, I believe every child needs brain training as part of their education in schools. If you are considering brain training either as a game or serious intellectual skills course to help your IQ test scores and brain fitness then this article may provide you with information of what exactly brain training is. As further evidence of RaiseYourIQ brain training continued engagement in the psychology and education community, our co-founder Doctor Bryan Roche has been invited to become an expert writer on Psychology Today. Brain training can nurture the genius in all of us as the idea that our Intelligence Quotient (IQ) is an inherited trait is fixed for life is a common but mistaken one.
The RaiseYourIQ intellectual skills intervention is called SMART training (Strengthening Mental Abilities with Relational Training). As an education company passionate about brain fitness in adults and children we are concerned about falling literacy rates here and in other developed nations. RaiseYourIQ presented new research evidence for the benefits of SMART training at the Association for Child and Adolescent Mental Health, Ireland Branch, Annual Research Day on May 17th 2013 in St. We are delighted to announce the release of a new book Advances in Relational Frame Theory, by one of our Directors Dr.
After 10 years in research and development at the National University of Ireland, Maynooth, RaiseYourIQ has just released its first public version of its SMART training for kids.
Brain training in the form of relational skills training can help kids with autism and asperger's learn.
RaiseYourIQ recently delivered a pitch to national and international investors in the ICT sector on November 28th at Dublin’s Aviva Stadium. A new study just published in the very prestigious science journal Psychological Medicine, reports that people in the higher IQ ranges (scores of 120 or more), are happier than those in the lower ranges (scores of 77-99). Brain training games don't work, they might be fun but the paying customer wants more than fun, they want to raise intelligence levels (IQ) to help them in their education,work and life. A modern psychological approach to human intelligence focuses on the exploration of human potential, rather than its limits.
Many psychologists once believe that IQ is fixed at birth, but that is an outdated position based on ideology as much as on bad science. RaiseYourIQ is the ONLY scientifically proven brain training course to raise (IQ) intelligence.
The Training Center is a skyscraper located in the center of the Capitol where the tributes live and train in preparation for the Hunger Games. An underground gymnasium filled with training stations and obstacle courses is where the tributes prepare and practice for the challenges in the arena.
The clothing each tribute wears is determined by their stylist, although each has a cloth square with their district number pinned to their shirt. After a period of time, the tributes show the Gamemakers what they are capable of, choosing a particular skill they excel at, and are scored from 1 to 12, 1 being very low and 12 being almost impossible to achieve. The Training Center apartments are tall white buildings located behind the President's Mansion and Training Center where the tributes participating in the Hunger Games are given five star luxury accommodations and the best meals during their preparations. Every year, the training center apartments serve as the residence of those participating in the Games.

In The Hunger Games, District 12 tributes Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark are assigned an apartment for the 74th Hunger Games according to their district. In Catching Fire, for the 75th Hunger Games, Katniss and Peeta are given the same apartment as the year before. After Katniss shoots President Coin in Mockingjay, she is taken back to her old Training Center apartment, blindfolded and handcuffed. In Catching Fire, one of Katniss' and Peeta's avoxes is Darius, an ex-Peacekeeper for District 12 who was turned into an avox for his earlier interfering with Gale's flogging by Romulus Thread.
Katniss mentions that she recognizes her female avox during the 74th Hunger Games, from when she and Gale Hawthorne were hunting.
The Hunger Games: The building appears to not be as tall as depicted in the book and nowhere near as large and in contrast to the movie, the building is also used for other purposes than just housing tributes. Typically spring training begins in the middle of February with team workouts, with games beginning in the first week of March. To receive Grapefruit League 2016 schedule news, spring-training news and schedule updates via email, please sign up for the Spring Training Online email newsletter. I would simply re-title the column headers; Management with Leadership and Management without Leadership. I think the point you are getting at is that if we are solely managers, we fail to be effective principals. The reality is that you need to be good at managing the operational aspects of a leadership role or you can’t sustain the great things on your Leadership list above. The real struggle is not being bogged down by the management needs and letting them define your role. I’m always glad to see a fellow take a stab at differentiating leadership from management. I agree that leadership is critical and that we can’t only manage if we want to be effective but there must be a balance of both. There is no real difference with leadership and management when approach is constrained by governing policies and practices that dictate direction and formation. I would like to add to this discussion by sharing the work of Joseph Rost who examined a vast amount of literature on the topic of leadership. I agree with the significance of PLC’s and their impact on change, student learning, and teacher empowerment.
About this siteThis blog is the shared thoughts of school administrators that want to share best practices in education. This new on-line training course allows children to accelerate their learning and can increase intelligence levels. This brain game focuses concentration by typically displaying a figure on a board, the figure then appears in different positions and the player has to remember the position of the figure one turn or two turns back.
In the digital age, information overload and longer life expectancy can expose the brain to more demands than even before.
One school of thought from theorists on intelligence believes that there are limits on IQ and memory improvement a person can achieve.
Any person of any age from a kid to an adult can use brain training games to have fun while improving memory,language skills and fluid intelligence.
Any school can now sign up and get free licenses to what RaiseYourIQ calls “Intervention based Intellectual skills training”. 5 ways to improve brain fitness is by no means an exhaustive list, but these are real and tangible things that any person can do during the day or from home.
Sarah Cassidy from RaiseYourIQ was recently invited to Confey College to address all teaching and ancillary staff to update them on the results of the school deployment of SMART brain training to-date. Kildare, Ireland is to be the first school to implement the RaiseYourIQ "SMART" brain health program.
Sarah Cassidy of RaiseYourIQ recently presented the findings of an Irish school trial of SMART training at the second Association for Behavior Analysis International conference on Innovations in Education: Apps.
There are many reasons: spending cut backs, increasing class size, obesity, distractions like gaming, TV and computers, as well as increasingly busy parents who spend less time working with their kids on homework. Owen of Western University, Canada, and recently published in the neuroscience journal Neuron, has corroborated many studies that point to the fact that intelligence is made up of several components such as short-term memory, reasoning and language ability.
That is why we are giving away this free resource that you can use to increase your own intelligence or the intelligence of your kids.
Psychologists have long suspected that Autistic and Asperger's children lack what is called "perspective taking". SMART training targets the newly discovered cognitive bases of a wide range of intellectual skills, including reading, writing , and arithmetic. The training stations spaced throughout the center are based on different skills that may be useful in the arena, which includes knot tying, identifying edible plants and insects, camouflage, and practicing with weapons.
In the film, the tributes wear identical training uniforms distinguished by their respective district number. Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark both received a score of 12 as a result of their actions in the 74th Hunger Games and during their private sessions. In the 74th Hunger Games, she shot an arrow directly at their table, skewering an apple in the mouth of a roasted pig that had been brought in for them, and then walked out without being dismissed.
Along with their team, each of the twelve pairs stays on a floor corresponding with the respective number of their district.
In The Hunger Games film, Effie Trinket presents the Penthouse to Katniss and Peeta (to which she implies that the higher numbered districts get the better rooms), where they will reside for the duration of the Games. She remains there until Haymitch comes to get her and tells her that her trial is over, and she is going home.

Their sole duty is to serve the residents and the guests of the Capitol as well as tend to every person's needs. They had previously witnessed her captured from a distance while safely hidden in the woods. Among other aspects, the building also includes a balcony above the City Circle in which President Snow makes his annual speech standing alongside other government officials.
Effie explains that renovations were put in place shortly after the 74th Hunger Games, which can serve as an explanation for why the building appears differently than in the first. For notifications about a Grapefruit League 2016 Schedule and other spring training news, please sign up for the Spring Training Online email newsletter.
However, even though a leader and a manager may not possess the same characteristics, in many instances it is beneficial to have both. Depending on the climate, situation, and other factors, sometimes items from both sides are necessary and productive. The context with which I was reflecting was in moving an organization (in this case a school) to an elite level. Additionally, titles, job design, and job tasks are increasingly becoming blurred and undefined. I don’t think the terrms have to be polar opposites, but I love how you parallel the choices born out of providing value to others against the choices based on selfish ends. Class aptent taciti sociosqu ad litora torquent per conubia nostra, per inceptos himenaeos. Also in education, little time is spent on teaching students how to learn and acquire knowledge easier.
Learning games fits into the area of neuroscience and education as game-based-learning grows in popularity not just in education but in health and business.
In my experience schools are not equipped to help children reach their intellectual potential. Experts are placed at each station to instruct and serve as training partners to the tributes, as they are forbidden to fight each other before the Games begin.
However, they didn't necessarily earn this 12, as it was deliberately given to them so that the other tributes would target them. For the 75th Hunger Games, she created an effigy of Seneca Crane, wrote his name on it with berry juice, and hung it by a noose. They also receive their training scores from their private training sessions with the Gamemakers while housed here. It is also where the team eats their meals and discusses strategies for the upcoming Games. Katniss admits to feeling guilty about not attempting to save her, as she had been seen by the girl during her capture.
The tower has an open roof that includes a garden which provides an excellent view of the Capitol and is enclosed by a force field to thwart any attempt at suicide. However, Cato and the District 6 male fought over a knife before the 74th Hunger Games (film). It starts at 10:00 each morning, though almost all the tributes arrived early during the 74th Hunger Games, and some of the tributes in the 75th Hunger Games didn't even show up to training at all. On a television set mounted on a wall, all of the tributes' training scores are released after their private training sessions.
An avox is often a citizen of any district within Panem, including the Capitol, that has violated and committed an offense, little or big, against the laws of Panem and transferred to the custody of the Capitol.
When someone is too far on that side, it can seem that they are out of touch with what is really happening in the daily classroom grind. What are people doing to help them make their role as a leader more about what they want it to be? However, I have been a very poor, tired, and frustrated leader without a talented, knowledgable, detail-oriented, brave, organized, loyal manager.
The SMART brain training is supported by several years’ research and clinical data across numerous laboratory studies and within the school system. The punishment for the crime is cutting out their tongues so that they are unable to speak.
The tributes are told not to ignore survival skills because they are just as important as the weapon stations. To try and be both a leader and a manager leads to ineffective leadership and poor management.
Katniss likes the unpopular snare section, and learns a snare that can leave a human hanging from one foot.
It is also important for teachers and staff to be creative and develop goals for the school that are meaningful to them and their work with students. The trainees are reminded that they cannot fight with each other before the Games, but if they want to spar, they can request to practice with a trainer.
The Career tributes typically go directly to the stations with the most deadly weapons when training starts in an attempt to intimidate the other tributes.
Professional Learning Communities is something that I see as a valuable process that empowers teachers to take on great responsibility. Alliances are often formed during this time after the tributes have seen each other's abilities in training and have a chance to talk.

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