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Exiting pit row I slipped into my bike shoes and started to pedal around the track.  For the first two laps I was holding about 21-22mph, just pedaling with my head down trying to stay aerodynamic on a roadbike with no aerobars. So that’s about it for VO2 Max Testing.  We got a little technical there with the help of Dr. Since this has already been quite a long and technical post, we’ll stop there.  Part 2 will reveal my VO2 Max and discuss how this test helps us become better athletes. So what did all this training data mean in terms of results?  Well, they were generally the best of my career in terms of consistently placing fairly well at races. So what can I say about 2013?  This year I made the biggest commitment to the sport of triathlon in terms of time, money, and effort since Ironman in 2009.
Bonus: Did you know that over a half million people competed in USAT sanctioned triathlons in 2013? So many of us triathletes and endurance athletes are extremely obsessed with performance and results. Since I started training for triathlons in 2006, I have kept a spreadsheet with every single training session and race result. If you do more than two or three triathlons a year, there is a good chance you are a USA Triathlon member.

Those are my thoughts, so what do you guys think?  Get big, run lots, or stay the triathlon course?
Even though my expectations weren’t real high for the race, I was REALLY looking forward to it! I came into T2 with my feet out of my shoes and shoes still clipped in.  As I dismounted, one of the shoes fell off and I had to go back and pick it up.
For the first quarter mile or so, I had a really strong pace going.  I felt good and was determined to keep it up.
Our CMT staff were part of the support team for the Sailor’s Society Three Peaks Challenge this weekend.
But I have so much fitness from the season and pent-up energy that I can’t help but go on a few more hard rides or runs to just enjoy going fast.  The next few weeks I finally accept it’s time for a break, but end up being grumpy the whole time, because I don’t get those exercise induced endorphins that even out my mood. I just didn’t train nearly as hard.  Weekend brick sessions were replaced with easy bike rides with my wife and my parents.
I had a good swim, the bike was hard and I struggled but I didn’t cave in, and pushed hard on a challenging run.  I missed several goals I had set for myself going in, but I didn’t do the work needed to reach those goals.  I learned that I need to continue pushing myself to get better but that when things get tough in a race, I don’t give up!
The event consisted of 120 participants, split into teams of three who were set the challenge of climbing three mountains across the UK in under 24 hours.

I finally started to feel stronger about Thursday but I knew I wouldn’t be able to gain any of the fitness I needed for the race. Eventually I was just about clear of everyone I could see.  I felt strong and felt like I could swim all day. As you can imagine this is no easy feat but all of the teams did exceptionally well in completing the challenge and raising funds to assist the Sailor’s Society in the important work they do for Seafarers all over the world.
Turns out I had the fastest swim in my age group, second fastest in my heat, and 10 fastest overall. We were on hand to assist the participants and more importantly, to make them bacon butties! Our team thoroughly enjoyed their weekend and look forward to being able to assist the Sailor’s Society in their future challenges.

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