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A new triathlon coaching and certification website offers education, certification and business training for triathlon coaching. About a month ago my brother-in-law said something interesting to me…”Nothing tastes as good as being in shape feels.” Do not worry I am not going to bore you with the virtues of maintaining an appropriate diet, caloric intakes, caloric burn rates, ratio of carbohydrates to proteins to fats or about training so much that you have the body to make magazine covers (although it would be cool to be on a cover) or how to get a kilogram to watt ratio that would make professional cyclists jealous.
At my age I have a long road ahead of me until I am fit again but it is a road worth traveling.
Most of us tend to think of our shoes, increased mileage or running surfaces as the primary culprits. If you do demonstrate low levels of iron, some common causes in endurance athletes are excessive sweating, foot strike hemolysis (bursting blood cells through foot strike with the ground), and in females, the regular monthly cycle. Simple ways to boost your iron levels are to increase the amount of iron-rich foods and foods high in Vitamin C. When I became a run coach I had fantasies of long conversations with athletes about VO2 Max and Tempo pacing and planning out long progressions of training from 5Ks to Ultras.
With the Wexford University Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) self-directed online training program, you learn at home, at your own pace. Book topics include the following: Networking, Sales, Marketing, Success Mindset, Publicity, Brand Building, Trends, Technology, Business Law Made Simple, Social Media, Online Marketing, and much more. The Wexford University Personal Trainer Certification is approved and licensed by the state of California.
Wexford requires each certified personal trainer (CPT) to complete 4.0 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) over a four year period. The mental and physical break was excellent but now it’s time to get back to business.
My weight has always been directly linked to my lack of fitness and episodic poor eating habits.
For all the pride I have taken over the years in everything from my job performance to self-discipline, in the area of training and healthy eating consistency I get an “F”. It turns out that most of them did not have true iron-deficiency anemia, but rather low ferritin levels. The amount of ferritin in your blood (serum ferritin level) is directly related to the amount of iron stored in your body. Iron may be inhibited by the ingestion of calcium, caffeine, coffee, and carbonated beverages.
You may wish to also reduce the amount of caffeine and carbonated beverages that you consume.
No set schedules, study when you want to; you have the freedom to take your time to ensure you completely understand each concept being taught.
Wexford Certified Personal Trainers learn cutting edge business and marketing strategies, entrepreneurship and brand building. The University was founded in 1999, and has been continuously approved by the State of California to offer certifications, undergraduate and graduate level degrees. Each 0.1 CEU is worth one hour of study time or one contact hour in a live training format. With a longer break from training than I have had in probably 8 or so years, a few extra pounds came along with loss of fitness. I had done quite a bit of reading about the Whole30 program and decided to try it. My poor fitness, like right now, has always been directly linked to my internal motivation to train and be fit.

So at this point you are probably saying “Tom, what is the point, why are you babbling about this”.
The amount of time it now takes me to get my weight down and get back into shape is directly related to my age. I hope you all can stay consistent, eat right, get out there and exercise 3 or 4 times a week unlike me for the past 9 months. Endurance athletes with low ferritin will often experience slow recovery, declining performances, muscular tightness, loss of motivation, heavy legs and a substantially increased risk of injury. Since iron is a component of hemoglobin, the compound that supplies oxygen to muscles and tissue, it’s possible that low ferritin levels can contribute to a decreased amount of oxygen being delivered to tissue, causing fatigue to occur more easily during workouts and can result in exhausted muscles that are less able to stabilize the musculoskeletal system.
The results suggest that the lower the ferritin level, the more likely an athlete is suffering from iron depletion.
Individuals who are vegetarian need to be especially diligent as they often don’t ingest the levels of iron needed to support normal bodily functions. You may also consider taking an iron supplement, but because iron can be toxic, you should consult your physician on how much is right for you.
Yes that is right I am actually going to criticize myself and take full responsibility for my own actions and decisions. I am not a doctor either so I am not going to spew out the scientific details about age and associated metabolic rates or muscle fiber recovery. That continued into June with no real consistency but at least I was getting out there while simultaneously beginning to alter my diet. The clothes that are hidden in your drawers, closets and bins that you do not want to donate in the off chance that you might need them again someday even though you told yourself you never would. Always remember that you do not need to be training 15-20 hours a week for an Ironman to be a healthy and fit individual; you just need to be consistent in eating right and exercising appropriately. It’s quite common in female athletes who have been training for a year of more to be well below normal levels. Wexford graduates work in a wide range of health and fitness centers, gyms, spas and resorts around the world.
I started on Monday Aug 26th and knew I had 41 days until we leave for Hawaii so decided to stay on it until we leave. I would train, eat right and become very fit only to stop training, become unfit, eat poorly and become overweight (at least by my standards). I am simply going to say what we all know, as you grow older your metabolism slows down and your body does not recover as fast. Or maybe it is because I continually see Twitter and Facebook posts from all the people I know who are crisscrossing the country racing.
Every time I got back into great shape and at a healthy weight I would swear up and down to myself that I would never allow it to happen again. Or maybe it is because my brother-in-law is right; nothing does taste as good as being fit feels.
You can even create training videos or write a triathlon coaching book as part of a successful career in this skyrocketing business,” said John Spencer Ellis, founder of the International Triathlon Coaching Association and its certification program. My normal diet of late is that of a typical endurance athlete, but with way more carbs and way more junk than anyone needs. It has gotten better with each ride and each run but it is still a struggle and will be for some time to come.

I am not a psychologist, I do not play one on TV and I did not stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.
Thursday night I finished up a 90 minute mountain bike ride with some friends and I was talking about how this time last year I was putting my bike in the Ironman Lake Placid transition area for the next day’s race and now I am just trying to be comfortable riding my bike for 60-90 minutes or running for 30-45 minutes. Since 1992, NESTA has been a leader in innovative solutions for sports and fitness professionals.
They told me what I already knew, “hey you have got to start somewhere and at least you are getting out there”. Now with more than 55,000 members in 55 countries, it is one of the largest fitness associations in the world, and the fastest growing association of its kind in the United States. I could say that last summer I had just come off my third Ironman in four years (burnt out), retired from my job (wanted to do nothing) and started a demanding full-time graduate program (all consuming) at the age of 43 and that staying fit just did not make the “cut” on the priority list. I know deep down that had I only been consistent in maintaining my fitness for the past year I would not be going through this struggle yet again. I could make that excuse but it would be just that, an excuse, and you know what they say about those. Dairy (if a salad at a restaurant had cheese I ate it, I had a bunless burger a few times with a slice of cheese, but didn’t purchase any for our home)7. Meat sources (grass fed, organic, higher quality meats – fatty cuts are ok as long as they come from healthful sources)3. Without an initial baseline test it’s impossible to completely know, but my gut says I was quite a carb burner. My diet had a high percentage of calories from carbs, and even a shorter bike ride of 2-3 hours I would need calories or not feel so good. I understood that I hadn’t been running much at all the month or so prior so I should feel out of shape, but this was beyond that.
I ran on a treadmill (or can be done on a bike), starting very easy, wearing a mask to collect the gases that I exhaled.
To keep from going too deep into the science the output of the test is a 5 minute average of my percentage of carb versus fat burned at each pace. From 12 minute miles to around 10:10 pace I burn about 55% of my calories from fat stores and 45% from carbohydrates (muscle glycogen). At the 9:40 pace I hit my crossover point where I start burning more carbohydrates than fats. Most people that test don’t even have a cross-over point as they burn more carbs from the start of the test at the slowest paces.
I plan on testing again this winter and the goal is to burn a higher % of fat at the slower intensities as well as moving that crossover point to faster intensities. She helped me see that I am on a good path towards becoming more efficient and gave me some guidelines and great ideas to follow. But the ability to burn more fats and rely less on eating lots of carbs during the race can be a huge impact in Ironman distance racing.

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