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From the many questions that I have so far received from readers, I shall summarily address these two questions first, of course, with whatever little knowledge that I have acquired from my thorough observation and sincere understanding of Sriram Sir and his philosophy. However, if you allow me to tell you, then let me explain what does this whole theory of pre determinism mean.. Because, by doing so, we shall remain less worried about the outcome of our efforts and more focused on the task on our hand and draw more benefits from Nature.. Whatever thought that crosses my mind, either regarding my career or regarding my life and my family, I shall just go about implementing it as long as I believe that it is legally and morally correct. Sounds obscure but if you try to read both the inferences that I have drawn from my study on these two intricate yet simple formulas of pre determinism and free will, then you will be helping yourself in removing all the thick layers of doubts that are currently encapsulating your mind.. Beloved reader, make a note of these precious words, Sir spoke about God, and hang them on your drawing room wall..
The name of that young man is Srinivas Raju, IAS, currently the Joint Executive Officer of the Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthanams (TTD) board.. The notable among them is Siva Reddy and Venkat Ram Reddy both of whom are currently working at the secretary levels in the Telangana state government.. Those days, including Sir, they were all students aspiring to become IAS officers in their life..
Am very clear about my answer but you must think carefully and answer these two simple yet two very tough questions.. On that day, Siva Reddy and Sir were sipping Tea and chatting with each other in the hotel..
During the break, Sir gave me a cover and asked me to open it on the day the censorship of the film is complete.. This cover will be opened in my presence in the Green Park Hotel of Hyderabad on so and so date and at so and so time (Exact time with seconds and date were mentioned). While your shooting is going on in Annapurna studios,Telugu actor Kota Srinivasa Rao meets with an accident. During the shooting of your film, America declares war on Iraq and captures Saddam Hussain. Ricky Ponting and Damien Martyn butcher Indian bowlers and India loses the match by a large margin..
In addition to the above points, Suresh Krishna had told a few more points too but I do not remember what they are.. Instead there was Nature in different forms like water, greenery, birds, trees, clouds and even mountains..
Although he said so, I hardly called him about thirty to forty times in these thirteen years period and certainly not more than that.. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Unable to focus on the recitation of the manthra,Subbarao slowly opened his eyes and started staring at the eyes of the holy deity of Goddess Gnana Saraswathi Devi in front of him in Basara temple that day..
Finally,the movement in the eyes of the Goddess was much clearer to Subbarao than what it was before..
As though pleased with Subbarao’s humble request,the tear drops that were there for a few moments in the Goddess Gnana Saraswathi Devi’s eyes disappeared in a moment and in a flash an everlasting smile resurfaced on Her mercy filled glorious face.. Later,he slowly got up from the place,he was thus far sitting in the Temple premises,and returned to his room,along with his wife,after satiating their hunger with the “Prasad’ offered in the temple.. That ugly incident in the canteen and that unpleasant conversation both of them had in the room in the morning was still haunting them very badly which was why there was still some sort of of uneasy and embarrassing silence between two of them,that evening.. Silently walking all the way from Temple to the cottages,both Subbarao and Venkata Lakshmi slowly reached their room in about ten minutes of time .. Gradually picking up speed,Subbarao had almost gone into a deep transcendental state when a sudden violent thought disturbed his mind.. Carefully listening to every word of the Goddess,Subbarao kept staring at her glowing face..
Something that was emphatically endorsing the presence of Goddess Gnana Saraswathi before him.. When all the seven Hills of Tirumala Temple were reverberating with the loud chanting of Govinda namam by the devotees of Lord Sri Venkateswara.. When all the Archakas in the Garbha Griha of the Tirumala Temple were busy in their daily services to Sri Varu..
A great Cosmic drama was silently unfolding in Nature which neither the Archakas nor the devotees were aware at that moment.. This drama later led to the birth of a very popular Arjitha Seva in the history of Tirumala Temple.. Despite several rounds of discussions earlier,the TTD board was still unable to decide about what is that they need to do to make their Golden Jubilee year a memorable one.. Prasad asked the attender to send him straight into the board room so that he can quickly talk to him and send him off in a couple of minutes without wasting much of the TTD board’s valuable meeting time.. The attender then came out and asked the Muslim devotee,Sheikh Mastan,to go inside the board room and meet their EO.. Sheikh Mastan got up from the chair,he was thus far sitting in the waiting hall,and slowly walked into the board room.. Then taking everyone there in the board room into a state of utter shock,this is what Sheikh Mastan,the great Muslim devotee of Holy Lord Sri Venkateswara told Prasad.. Sir for many generations now,it us a sacred tradition in our family to perform ashtottara sata nama puja (a prayer during which time 108 holy names of Lord Venkateswara are recited) to Sri Varu in our house every Tuesday.. But sir,several decades ago my paternal grand father had made a vow to himself that he would place 108 Golden Lotus Flowers at the holy Lotus feet of our Sri Varu for using them during a similar seva at the Tirumala Temple.. I now request you all,with folded hands,to please accept these Golden Lotuses as a gift from our poor family to Sri Varu and make good use of them by placing them at His Lotus feet during the ashtottara sata nama pooja or any other Seva you think they are worth using.. There was no other sound except the oscillating sound of the pedestal fans that were placed in all the corners of the room..

The Chairman, the Executive Officer, the Joint Executive Officer, the deputy Executive Officer and all the oyjer members of the TTD board,who were there in that room at that time,were stunned into deep silence.. Suddenly suspecting something mysterious and suddenly smelling the divine presence of the holy Lord Sri Venkateswara Himself, in the midst of them,it was P V R K Prasad who quickly came out from that frozen state and moved first.. With unstoppable tears rushing out of his eyes he quickly got up from his chair and rushed to the place where Sheikh Mastan was standing.. Offering his sincere apologies to him for making him stand for such a longer period of time in front of them,Prasad then made Sheikh Mastan sit comfortably in a chair beside him and assured him in a humble voice.. After a couple of more meetings the TTD board had finally decided to introduce a new Arjita Seva to Sri Varu in Tirumala Temple.. Later,this new Seva not only made the Golden Jubilee year of TTD board the most memorable one but it also helped the great devotional family of Sheikh Mastan fulfill their generations old desire.. Performed every Tuesday at the holy Tirumala Temple this Arjitha Seva even today uses the same Golden Lotus Flowers gifted by the family of Shekh Mastan.. In course of time this new Arjitha Seva became a much sought after Seva in Tirumala Temple.. Although initialy called Ashtadala Swarna Padma Puja,this Seva is more popularly known today as the Ashtadala Paada Padmaradhana Seva.. However,when I met Sri P V R K Prasad and told him about this story he confirmed to me that it was during his tenure as E O of TTD that this incident occurred on the Tirumala Hills.. This great miracle still surprises many and is still a mystery to many so called atheists of our modern world..
With its annual revenue running into billions of Indian rupees,Tirumala is also the richest pilgrimage center of faith in the modern world.. Except an occasional sound here and there,the whole of the Tirumala hill shrine was filled with absolute silence..
This miracle occurred and occurred quite suddenly taking the entire hill shrine of Tirumala by surprise.
This truly shocking and the most unbelievable miracle occurred,almost three and half decades ago,in the Garbha Griha of the sacred Tirumala Temple that houses the holy Lord Sri Venkateswara,Who by all and by all means is unequivocally considered the richest Hindu God in the world.. The security staff,the police,the pilgrims,the officials,the temple staff,the Archakas and the Purohits,who were shocked by the huge sound of the Bronze bells,woke up startled from their sleep and came running to the main Temple.
Shocking them further,the bells rang in that fashion for a few more minutes and later stopped on their own..
Then how is that the bells rang on their own,without anyone touching them,and if that is so who is there inside the Sanctum Sanctorum except the holy Lord Sri Venkateswara Himself..??
Finally,they all came to a conclusion that some pilgrim,by mistake,was locked up inside the main temple and he must have banged those Bronze bells just to draw the attention of  the temple staff. To know that,it’s important for us to go back in time and know a few things about a series of crisis ridden incidents that took place on the Tirumala hill shrine just a few weeks prior to the occurrence of this miracle.
With that firm statement Prasad concluded the meeting…Problem came back to square one as the water crisis started deepening with every passing day. After due consultations with eminent personalities in the field of spirituality,Prasad had finally decided to seek guidance from  Sri.Uppuluri Ganapati Sastry,a saintly personality and an authentic authority on all the topics related to the Vedas, Dharmas, Dharma Sastras and the Upanishads. PVRK Prasad met Sri.Uppuluri Ganapati Sastry at his Secunderabad residence and explained him in detail about the water crisis on the Tirumala hills. With a blazing Sun rocking the holy temple town of Tirumala and with no signs of any clouds anywhere nearby,Prasad was a much disturbed man..
The heavy Bronze bells,hanging in front of the principle deity of Lord Sri Venkateswara, started ringing on their own..
Later,for three full days,amid chanting of the Vedic hymns,the Varuna Japam was performed strictly according to the Vedas and strictly according to the instructions given by Sri Uppuluri Ganapati Sastry.. After that,once all the rituals of the Varuna Japam were complete on the third day,it was supposed to rain immediately.. Sri Prasad is undoubtedly the most successful Executive Officer in the history of TTD board and brought many radical changes on the Tirumala Hills which we are all enjoying today..
Tagged: Batman, The Dark Knight Rises, Movies, India, Christian Bale, only place in the world that magically fixes a severed spine, . There are several instances in world history – right from ancient times to the modern – that tell us all about the crucial role music plays in dealing with the many forms of human disorders.. According to ancient Greek mythology,music therapy was practiced for over several centuries in many Greek temples…It is also said that Hippocrates,the father of western medicine,often played music to give relief to many of his patients suffering from multiple neurological disorders..
Quite effectively using music therapy in their profession today,many trained music therapists,all over the world,are successfully treating several chronic neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s disease, Amnesia, Aphasia, depression, Parkinson’s disease,mood disorders, speech disorders, Schizophrenia and Tourette’s Syndrome.. According to Smarta tradition,Lord Siva is one of the five primary forms of the Hindu God who along with Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu form the divine order of Trinity that controls this universe.. In the said divine order,while Lord Brhma is the Srishti Karaka,the Creator,Lord Vishnu is the Sthithi Karaka,the Mantainer or Preserver and Lord Siva is the Laya Karaka,the Destroyer or the Transformer..
Hindus strongly believe that Lord Siva – as a Destroyer of all the evil forces and as the Transformer of this universe – is the One and only God who controls our mind and destroys all the evil forces hovering around this humanity.. According to Siva Purana,these evil forces in Nature are actually tormenting our mind with many unwanted evil thoughts,evil forebodings and ill health..
In an effort to ward off such evil thoughts in their mind,people in our ancient times have offered special prayers to Lord Siva,who is worshiped in an aniconic form of a Siva Linga,to annihilate all such evil forces in Nature and grant them sound health and eternal peace.. As was believed and experienced by many of us,the sound of these holy Vedic hymns contain a high amount of positive energy in them..
And now when this vibrant positive energy of Vedaic hymns is combined with the healing powers of music,we experience an altogether whole new world of eternal bliss no matter what mental or physical ailments we have or we do not have in our mind and body..
While browsing through the web,for information on classical music,I have very casually stumbled upon this amazing rendition of a great Sthothram that’s written in praise of holy Lord Siva (Any rendition in praise of Hindu Gods and Goddesses is called a Sthothram).. While praising the qualities of the Evil Destroyer in this Sthothram,sage Vasishta requests Lord Siva to eliminate all the poverty,sorrow and ill health from our lives and grant us eternal peace..
This particular rendition of Daridrya Dukha Dahana Sthothram was composed in Carnatic raag Sindhu Bhairavi,several decades ago,by the staff artistes of the Vijayawada station of All India Radio..

According to one popular belief,this rendition is in existence for several generations now and a daily listening to this all powerful “Daridrya Dukha Dahana Sthothram” will not only spruce up your life but will also eliminate all the poverty,sorrow and ill health from your lives.. If you really want to go out of this world,at least momentarily,and know what it is like experiencing that masterly spiritual bliss,then click on the following You Tube link first.. Later close your eyes…Surrender yourself unconditionally to the Supremacy of Holy Lord Siva.. After that,am sure,you shall end up with an out of the world blissful experience that shall retain all your calmness for one whole day.. The mystic Brahmin,Nemani Subbarao sat in meditation of Gayathri manthra,that beautiful morning,in the sacred forests of Naimisaranyam and placed the following questions,through his prayers,before the holy Goddess Gayathri.. In response to the mystic Brahmin’s more mystic question,this was what the Mother Goddess Gayathri told Subbarao.. Subbarao,Venkata Lakshmi,Subbarao’s uncle Venkateswar Rao and aunt Nirmala Devi sat in the small veranda of their room to discuss about what Goddess Gayathri had told Subbarao that morning..
To say the least,Subbarao was surprised to hear about P V R K Prasad’s enormous competence and great credentials…He could then understand why Goddess Gayathri had only told about Prasad.. After that firm statement from Subbarao,no one in the room,not even the elderly Venkateswar Rao,had uttered a word.. Subbarao and others,on one fine morning,have happily returned to their respective cities of Hyderabad and Visakhapatnam….
Later,while Subbarao slowly commenced his tuition classes,his wife Venkata Lakshmi commenced her daily chores.. When Subbarao sat in his daily meditation of the Gayathri manthra while a few incoherent thoughts started disturbing his mind.. Exactly when he was about to arrive at the concluding stage of meditation,Subbarao suddenly heard the divine musical voice of Goddess Mother Gayathri.. It was also this same Ivaturi Veerabhadra Rao,whom Subbarao very fondly calls “Baabanna”,who helped Subbarao in meeting the five Ghanapaatis who later performed Veda Swasthi in Subbarao’s house after he completed the one crore time recitation of the Gayathri Manthra..
Unable to believe what his friend Subbarao was saying,a fully emotional Veerabhadrarao quickly got up from his chair and strongly embraced his beloved friend..
Now,here are some surprising elements in the story that not only defy logic but also may never get any answers in future.. Using my creative dicretion,I have then,in the last moment,added that paragraph to that part to heighten the drama in the story..
Because the holy Mother wanted the name of one of Her beloved sons,Venkateswar Rao,who played a major role in the Maha Yagnam,to be known to the reading world at least three days before his departure from this human world.. Why is that I have written about Venkateswar Rao in the story only three days before his death when there were several occasions in the past where I could have written more about him..?? Why is that Veerabhadra Rao had sent me a friend request only a couple of days ago when he’s closely following this story right from the beginning that too after knowing well that am writing this story..??? By doing so, am sure, I will be, to the best of my abilities, clearing most of the doubts many current readers of this life shaping true story may be having in their mind, right at this moment, or may be in future. If we are just puppets in the cosmic puppetry show, then is it not better for us to just sit idle at home and enjoy being part of the puppet show..
Most importantly, I also know that he who had given me the thought had given me the result and he who had given me the result had given me the thought.. After doing so, trust me, you shall not find another need to follow elaborate rituals in your prayers and visit Temples frequently.. In course of time, they have in fact become IAS officers, however, Sriram Sir who had successfully cleared the prelims in the very first attempt, unlike his friends, had for some strange reasons chosen to watch a movie in the Santhi theater of Hyderabad, with his friend Ramesh. That time, Siva Reddy quoted a Telugu poem written by famous Telugu literary personality, Sri Rayaprolu Subbarao.. During that half an hour of journey time, he narrated me with tears in his eyes, the following series of incidents..
Indian captain, Sourav Ganguly wins the toss and asks Australian captain, Ricky Ponting, to bat first which would later end up as a blunder.. Therefore, just like we all do, convey him whatever you want to convey, using your mind as mobile and your thoughts as words.. He will not only receive your thoughts but will also show you the proof that he is reading your thoughts..
It is not possible and I have clearly told him that I shall not disturb him nor introduce anyone to him, when he raised doubts about disturbance to his privacy.. Surprisingly he could clearly remember seeing the holy deity of Saraswathi Devi in the Garbha Griha of the Basara temple wearing the same colored saree and blouse that evening)..
However,that could only regulate the water supply to a certain extent but could not offer any solid solution.. Sri Satsry had spent forty eight years of his precious life in learning Vedas and Upanishads.. I have actually written this story a couple of years ago and posted it on my personal blog..
Check back regularly for links to articles and videos, updates from our writing staff, and original content exclusive to Tumblr. Just read these words at least once everyday and am sure you will live happily ever after..
I gave him the Camera and he had wonderfully shot like a professional and captured some poses of mine.. What is  needed is to realize the love that inspires them, though the purpose behind them is ununderstandable.. Many have read it and shared it too and many illustrious personalities,including Sri PVRK Prasad himself,had complimented me for my writing of this story..

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