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Minimum skills: mastery of forward and backward rolling, handstands, cartwheels, bridges and bridge kickovers. Minimum skills: mastery of the handstand, round-off and standing back handspring unassisted. We have worked with many school cheerleading teams and dance teams to improve their tumbling skills.
We wanted a fun way for her to exercise and Spirits sounded like a great place on the website.
I have loved Spirits since the first time we walked in the door and will continue to bring my daughter as long as she has the drive!! It is nice to be involved with such an organized and positive facility with great employees. Tots gain self confidence while learning to listen and follow directions as well as body awareness in movement, coordination, balance, strength and fitness. Boys Fit Zone 1&2– (age 5-7 and 8-11) Class designed especially for boys to keep them in shape, release energy and have FUN! Acro– (Boys and Girls ages 12 and older) Focuses on movement such as obstacle courses, jumping and balancing as well as learning a variety of flips and acrobatics. USAG and Xcel Teams– USA Gymnastics is the organization that governs the sport of gymnastics and selects the Olympic and National Team.
As a USAG Gymnastics member club, we follow a safe progressive program that requires students to perfect established skills at each level before advancing to the next level.
Louisville Gymnastics is a non-competitive gymnastics facility located in Louisville, Kentucky on Chamberlain Lane and in Mt Washington, Kentucky on KY Hwy 44. We offer many classes scheduled at times that allow for siblings of differing ages to attend during the same hour as a convenience for parents.
For athletes who have some prior experience in tumbling (good handstand, solid cartwheel, round-off, back walkover, and STANDING BACK HANDSPRING on floor).
This class will work on round-off back handsprings, back tucks, standing back tucks and front tucks.
For athletes who have a minimum of a round-off back handspring layout and standing back tuck. We start at the very beginning with rolls, handstands, and cartwheels on floor developing the upper body and core strength the students will need to master these most basic skills.

Private lessons are preferred for students that only want to acquire one specific skill or need it by a deadline. Louis Spirits has been an excellent place for my daughter to exert all of her energy, have fun, and gain confidence while she learns the basics of gymnastics. Thanks for always going to the extra mile to make class fun and meet the needs of the kiddos!!!!
Learn the basics of self-confidence, listening and following directions as well as movement, coordination, balance, strength and fitness.
A variety of activities incorporate gymnastics and tumbling, obstacle courses, relay races, conditioning, climbing and jumping, as well as drills and skills for many other sports. The goal is to learn skills including body control, acro skills as well as conditioning and fitness.
Gymnasts are selected out of the Tots and Level 1-3 program considering strength, flexibility, skill and attitude. Our gym is equipped with all the women’s Olympic apparatus as well as in-ground trampolines and a 40 foot tumble tramp. Recreational gymnastics – is for beginning through advanced gymnasts ages 6 and older.
Whether she's just learning a cartwheel or wanting to flip out of her round off back handspring we have a class to meet her needs. This is a high level class and may only be taken by students with proper experience and skill level.
A main focus is building a student’s confidence of supporting her body weight while upside down and how to manage her body while upside-down and moving from being rightside-up to upside-down to right-side-up again. Cartwheels become round-offs and handstands become hop-handstands as handspring drills are introduced. They work toward round-off back handsprings, series of back handsprings, back flips in various body positions and twisting skills. You’ll do drills, drills and more drills until you have every part of the back handspring…then you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can put them together into the actual skill.
Open gym is designed to allow students to enjoy the use of gym equipment at their own pace. Besides the open gym supervisor(s), the only adults allowed in the gym are those of students 5 and under.

Through the kind notecards my daughter receives in the mail to the email I received on Mother’s Day you are truly the best. Stars classes learn USAG skill progressions on vault, bars beam and floor as well as strength and flexibility. We sport solid and loose foam training pits as well as a variety of skill cushions and safety mats. Students work on various pieces of training equipment such as the spring floor, trampoline, power track, resi pit and loose foam pit. Students work on back bends and back walkovers as they work to master their bodies moving backwards through space.
Students 5 and under must have a guardian with them to make sure they don’t impulsively run out in front of other students. Tots 1 &2– Tots 1 (age 3-4) Tots 2 (age 4-5) Learn gymnastics terminology, positions and basic gymnastics skills on tots-sized equipment. Student will also work on these flight skills forwards. Students work on various pieces of training equipment such as the spring floor, trampoline, power track, resi pit and loose foam pit.
Technique is constantly stressed and reinforced so these skills become the strong basics they can use to build upon to greater skills. Students work on various pieces of training equipment such as the spring floor, trampoline, power track, resi pit and loose foam pit. Co-founder Harlan Bensley was the second person inducted into the Colorado Gymnastics Hall of Fame.
They will have the opportunity to participate in Fun Meets in the Winter and Spring to show what they have learned.

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