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GTS Central Europe, owned by Deutsche Telekom AG, is the leading infrastructure-based telecommunications service provider in Central and Eastern Europe. GTS Unified Communications (UC) combines voice, collaboration and messaging into a single and seamless business solution.
Unified Communications is a perfect solution for companies that want to leverage business efficiency and optimize processes without spending large capital expenditures. You do not need to worry about ordering IP phones as they are an integral part of UC services.
Whether it is a local, international or video call, you always receive a smooth connection with the best quality.
Brajeshwar believes in simplicity, pushes the envelop and envisions the betterment of usable and practical solutions. After the inception of Internet, the next big thing that has evolved over the years has been the use of social networking websites globally enjoyed not just by youngsters but by all kinds of age groups.
India has never fallen behind in adapting the best and latest technological innovations and has always been amongst the first to use it. Let’s take a look at how few of the best social networking websites entered India, made it big or even suffered downfall due to cut-throat competition. The real beginning, for social networking in India took off with Orkut setting foot in India during early 2004, which instantaneously became popular. After Brazil, the largest number of Orkut users in the world is from India representing 35.2% of the global Orkut users.
Facebook has not only given users interesting and lucrative options of sharing and connecting with friends but also revolutionized the concept of social gaming combined with social networking like the integration of Farmville, Mafia wars, etc has really gotten the attention of several college-going crowd and youngsters.
A look at a few very interesting statistics on Facebook India will show its popularity in India. Recent news updates suggest that Facebook has set up its operations in Hyderabad, India last September and is currently hunting for at least 1000 or more employees. In verity Facebook’s success is completely credited to how it innovates quickly and has allowed users to have their own existence online and enjoy the whole process of networking, chatting, playing and more. This communication tools checklist has many great ideas of workplace communication techniques. These methods increase memory retention of messages and break through the clutter in order to increase employee morale, teamwork and productivity. The types of effective communication used in workplace communication are as important as the composition of the message.
There are many forms of nonverbal communication techniques for effective communication that should be considered.
These types of effective communication techniques and methods have specifically considered the concepts of organizational behavior and are suited to workplace communication. These effective communicate strategies include some more unusual business communication methods. They can be used for corporate whistle blowing, behavior modification education, diversity in the work place, cognitive behavior modification, change management in organizations, employee engagement strategy, employee health and wellness programs, change management plus just about any other interpersonal communication in business. Here is a communication tools checklist of types of effective communication to give you ideas for your next workplace communication campaign.

Facial expressions, nonverbal communication and verbal communication in the workplace go hand in hand. Effective types of workplace communication are necessary for the success of an office and the organization as a whole.
The process becomes a lot more complicated when those that are working in the office are unaware of the company's policies, goals, and mission due to lack of communication. At one time, it was both difficult and expensive to properly institute workplace communications devices in an office.
Understanding how these many communication tools can impact an office is vital to the success of the office.
Even something as simple as weekly or daily email updates can be positive communication tool in the office. Of course, not every method of employee communications needs to involve computers or the internet. Ultimately, the workplace that takes the effort to improve employee-management communications will see an increase in productivity and effectiveness. Communication in an organization is essential for behavior modification and to create awareness on a variety of staff issues. For 20 years, we have committed ourselves to providing service excellence and value to 35,000 businesses, carriers, and government institutions. It automates human and device communication, providing users with the harmonized experience across laptops, smartphones, tablets and IP phones. You can choose from different types of IP phones with various functions including User Directory. GTS UC-One Communicator is a single application providing access to voice, video, instant messaging and presence applications. With one click, share what you have on your desktop and discuss relevant documents with your team. You can use desktop sharing or send documents immediately to conference participants for enhanced collaboration.
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So too with social networking wherein India has become arguably one of the most potential markets for several popular social networking websites. What Orkut did was bring social networking to existence, but what Facebook did was take networking to another level. The message for the communication must be strategically designed so that it is delivered to the right target audience.
When workplace communications systems don't function correctly the potential for the office to operate in a smooth, efficient manner is undermined.
In fact, even the safety of the workplace can be undermined when proper communications tools are missing from the equation. This is no longer the case today as there have been many advances and developments in workplace communication processes with the advent of technology. Developing an intranet system is certainly an excellent way of centralizing employee news and updates as well as other important information.

This can be the most effective manner of being sure your employees understand what is going on in the workplace.
We use new, unusual, fresh workplace communication strategies and campaigns to create awareness and change behavior.
With this platform, an individual can send a message on one medium and receive it on another. The integrated communication platform improves cooperation across the company and encompasses all technical communication tools. Integration with Microsoft Outlook allows synchronization of your personal contacts in Microsoft Outlook with Call Manager. The client supports desktop sharing that can be initiated from either the main window or the communications window.
This feature allows you to create and manage audio conferences via Outlook or business communicator.
It has taken very little time for India to move from the establishment stage of social networking to the exploration stage.
A number of global celebs started coming onto Facebook & started having their fan pages to interact with the average Joe. There many campaign slogan ideas as well as a list of advertising slogans that can help you brainstorm your own campaign slogan ideas. The difference between the internet and an intranet system is that the intranet is exclusive and private to a specific entity.
Of course, the costs associated with a private website are far less than an intranet system. Often, the classic 'old fashioned' strategies of boosting office communications can be a big plus. The ability to easily communicate via different devices improves employee efficiency and enables them to be more responsive to customers. When you have found the contact, you can dial the number directly (click to dial) or click the name to display contact information. Then, began the socializing adventure on Orkut; finding old and new friends, sending them friend requests, sharing scraps (sharing messages) with each other and enjoying the whole thrill of doing all this in one place called Orkut. There are slogans that are generic to many companies such as safety and fire prevention slogans for work place safety posters and campaigns, company yearbook slogans and many workplace educational slogans. Those companies that employ such a process can effectively provide clear descriptions of what is expected and how to meet such expectations.
Smaller companies may be better able to handle the operations of a website as opposed to a complete intranet system. GTS’ UC platform can be implemented easily without the need for large capital investments.

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