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The constant conflict between sales and marketing can be solved by both teams establishing a solid set of characteristics or qualifications that make a lead.
Channel Marketer Report (CMR) is a targeted e-media publication covering the latest solutions, trends and strategies to help companies optimize their marketing, both to and through their partner networks. What better time than at the beginning of a new year to take a critical look back at where we’ve come from, to reflect on our current state and to look forward to a next step in the evolution of sourcing? It believe it would certainly be helpful and beneficial to have a universally agreed upon definition of exactly what sourcing is. Historically, sourcing was typically used to refer to talent identification only – name generation, org charting, finding resumes and social profiles, etc. You’ll be able to see quite a bit if disagreement as to what exactly sourcing is and what a sourcer does and does not do. Sourcing is a strategic methodology that matches the company’s needs with the dynamics of the market.
The proactive identification, engagement and assessment of talent focusing solely on non-applicants (typically passive talent) with the end goal of producing qualified, interested and available candidates. First, I think it’s important to separate and differentiate role from function when it comes to sourcing. Within organizations that do not have separate roles for sourcing and recruiting, recruiters perform sourcing when they¬†proactively find, engage and qualify people who have not applied to the positions they are recruiting for. In organizations that separate sourcing from recruiting, sourcers are specialized recruiters.
A recruiter working with applicants is akin to a retail sales associate who helps people once they’ve already come into their store and have expressed interest looking at specific products and in making a purchase. A sourcer working with non-applicants is akin to a retail associate who can get random passers-by from outside of the store who are not shopping to come into their store and make a purchase.

As such, I propose that sourcing be defined as the proactive identification, engagement and assessment of talent focusing solely on non-applicants.
Recruiters perform sourcing any time they proactively find, engage and assess non-applicants. I believe that sourcing is a recruitment function and the size, leadership and finances of the company determines the role of a Strategic Sourcer. When I am conducting a targeted recruting sourcing campaign I am reminded that I am the Generative Force, and that I am the one supplying the information (internally for recruitment campaigns as well as externally to prospects); and as the Sourcer the reference work is firsthand. In the past, I’ve held contract jobs that were described as the first scenario presented, only to find out later that not only was I sourcing and enaging, but actually qualifying and submitting to the hiring managers as well. You and I can agree to disagree whether or not phone sourcing and Internet sourcing should be lumped together (and I see I have a 51st job to do fighting to keep them separated) but on this crystallization that you’ve made on the importance of sourcers to organizations I applaud you.
However, I have noticed over the past few years that more people and companies are starting to use sourcing to describe both the identification and the engagement of talent, which aligns with what I’ve always believed sourcing to be. Also,¬†I’ve also never been a fan of separating sourcing into primary (phone) and secondary (Internet) sourcing.
Sourcing only begins there though as the experience from buy one drives the T&C of future buys. If a recruiter solely engages applicants, I would argue that while they are recruiting people, they are not performing sourcing because they are not proactively finding people.
A great way to differentiate the roles is to have the sourcers focus on proactively finding and engaging people who have not and likely would not apply to a company’s open positions (outbound talent acquisition efforts) and have the recruiters primarily work with applicants (inbound talent).
I am simply trying to help in the effort to arrive at a universally understood and agreed upon definition of sourcing that makes sense and aligns with procurement’s definition of sourcing. This infographic from The ALEA Group helps B2B companies understand what makes the ideal lead.

When anyone talks about the sourcing function at their company, it immediately begs the question of exactly what the sourcers are tasked with.
One could argue that the definition of sourcing from a procurement perspective is both the activities of a recruiter and sourcer. I spent some time in the UK and found that usually researchers (= to sourcers in the UK) are exactly as defined. Do they find people and pass them on to recruiters to contact, or do they also engage the people they find?
Constant or cyclic review of needs and specifications internally and review of the external factors driving the market. If a business has the means to hire and dedicate specialist strategic sourcing capability to a recruitment function then one could argue that that function should have a deeper pool of talent (applicant and non-applicant). However, there are a number of other factors in talent acquisition that support the non-applicant identification, attraction, engagement and assessment of talent, namely a strong Employer Brand, engaged employees, a strong HR marketing team, Culture and many more. In which case the role of the recruiter in this environment, can be defined the same as the definition of sourcing in procurement. The role of selling is critical with every interaction between applicant or non-applicant and recruiter or sourcer.

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