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Gag Scratch & Win Lottery TicketsThe ULTIMATE Prank Every Ticket Is A "Winner"!They'll already be spending their winnings in their head, as you try to restrain yourself from laughing hystericaly. But what if you don't live in the United States or in a state that sells lottery tickets, or what if you don't want to have to go out and physically buy your tickets?
There are legitimate, reputable websites on the internet that sell lottery tickets, including Mega Millions Lottery tickets. Some lottery ticket websites will automatically cash smaller prize amounts and then place the cash into your account with them. Something to remember: A reputable online Mega Millions lottery ticket seller will require your registration on their website.
If you have access to a computer and the internet, you can buy tickets for almost any lottery in the whole world, right from your own home! So, if you’re dreaming of hitting the jackpot, just get online and buy your mega millions lottery tickets! The Law of Attraction or 'The Secret'In my article about tips to reduce weight, I briefly mentioned the Law of Attraction in the sense how feeling positive about your body and image can help achieve that perfect physique. In 2006, Australian author and producer Rhonda Byrne, produced a movie named 'The Secret' which was released in many countries across the world (including USA and Canada). While the LOA has existed (like any other fundamental law of the universe such as gravity) since times immemorable (the word 'time' itself being called an 'illusion' by Einstein), 'The Secret' has sparked widespread interest and further study of the LOA, with more and more people reporting that they've certainly seen both minor and major differences in their lives by simply changing their mental attitude, feelings and outlook. Personally, as a Reiki healer, I'm a strong advocate of the Law of Attraction and have always been interested in knowing whether it can be used to channel a multi-million dollar win on the lottery.
Before you read on, I'd like to state that everybody on this planet is born with their own destiny and alignments with the universe (material and astral) and therefore this article should only be used as a guide and not absolute or gospel truth. It works without any bias on manifesting anything you give a strong feeling to - Anything without Exceptions. Did Cynthia Stafford use the 'Secret' to win $112 Million?Many of us have heard of Beverly Hills resident, Cynthia Stafford who famously won the California State Lottery in 2007. The answer to whether she utilized the Law of Attraction to manifest this win is, yes she did. There's a difference between Winning the Lottery and Wanting Money - What do you want?Let's admit it, anybody (including me) will be over the moon if we became overnight multi millionaires - wouldn't it be nice to check your bank account every morning and see a massive pile of cash parked there earning so much interest that you could practically live off it?
All said and done, a lottery-win is a great way to address some things you'd always wanted to do and afford in your life, but you've got to ask yourself whether its the money you want or is it the lottery you want to win? If its money you want - then why restrict yourself towards focusing on just one method to earn it? A lottery's a good way of earning some good cash - but don't limit yourself to just one channel because you're then signalling to the universe that it should limit your money-making opportunities too. How do you feel about actually winning the lottery?Surely we all love money and winning the lottery can potentially change our lives forever.
For example, when you purchase a lottery ticket, do you instantly feel that you're not going to win? If you feel any or all of the above sentiments every time you're playing the lottery, you're affirming those very beliefs and believe it or not, they will manifest as the Law of Attraction is absolute. Once you imagine yourself winning the lottery, you've set the process of 'creation' in motion but if you want that creation to manifest, you need to rid yourself of all limiting beliefs. How do you feel when you DON'T WIN?Okay, so you've set in motion the creative process and have now done your bit to get rid of your limiting beliefs but how do you deal with not winning or winning rather small amounts?
If the emotion you feel is that of disappointment or anger when you don't win, flip those emotions IMMEDIATELY! By affirming those feelings to the universe, you're affirming a 'lack' of love and not the abundance of it (which according to the law of attraction is the prime power with which everything in this cosmos has come into existence).
Stay away from being judgmental and once again, remember that the cosmos is an alive being like anything and everything else and it knows what's best for us. Do You Want to Win the Lottery to GET OUT OF DEBT?Dissecting down from my point regarding visualizing what you could do with your new-found wealth, is getting out of debt one of the things you're visualizing? The Law of Attraction clearly states and has proven that what you think about, you bring about (i.e. DO NOT Spend excessively on Lottery tickets!Please do yourself a favor and stop spending a week's wage on lottery tickets! Down here in Sydney, I remember that back in 2011-12, a couple from the city's western suburbs (not far from where I live), converted a $5 ticket (roughly the same as $5.00 USD) into a first-divison jackpot win of $30 Million!
It's just proof that while things like statistics and odds have their own scientific merit, the real deal is that your odds are 50-50 and not 1 in a few million i.e. A lottery's like any other business investment - you either strike it rich or you don't, but please don't spend money you've siphoned away for things like your mortgage or rent, food, bills etc on tickets. Also do not be attached to results, things manifest as per divine intelligence and in their right time - this is usually the hardest thing to do but let go of any control over the results and try not thinking about it. And finally, Tune Up your Money-VibrationTime and time again we all hear stories about people winning it big, only to go broke in a matter of a few years because of sheer mismanagement of their new found fortune.

Let's take the example of Donald Trump, he's a man who on more than one occasion went into millions of dollars of debt only recoup twice of it again in profits - that only happened because Donald Trump's subconscious vibration of money was at a level which was tailored to overcome limiting beliefs about temporary losses and was set at the amount of money he earned in profits.
Winning a large sum of money is all fair and good, but if that is your goal, make sure you're more than just 'ready' to tune your subconscious mind into being in harmony with that kind of money so that you don't make reckless choices with your winnings. Quantum physics has now proven again and again that we can enjoy any life and reality that we want as long as we're in harmony with the material universe (the one's frequency we're aligned with).
Au fait 2 years ago from North Texas I put references in my articles so you can find where Einstein said what he said about the Theory of Relativity which includes his theory of gravity easily by checking the references given.
Felisa Daskeo 2 years ago from Manila, Philippines Yes, that's very true and Thank you because at least I will have something to think about and perhaps it can change my life to the better.
Stephanie Henkel 2 years ago from USA I'm a firm believer in positive thinking which seems similar in many ways to the Law of Attraction. Silva Hayes 2 years ago from Spicewood, Texas I'm going to put the Law of Attraction in action and win the lottery soon - perhaps this week! SilentReed 2 years ago from Philippines "The Secret" became a best seller when Oprah started promoting it in her show. Riviera Rose 2 years ago from South of France Loved this hub and am a firm believer in the law of attraction and power of positive thought.
CraftytotheCore 2 years ago Ahhh, now I understand how someone I know won the lottery twice! Dreamhowl 2 years ago from United States of America I own The Secret (and The Power) but I haven't put as much effort into the law of attraction as I should. Eddie 2 years ago Hackslap, one thing I learned is that the Universe loves persistence.
EGamboa 2 years ago from West Palm Beach All righty then, I guess I'll get off my husbands's back about his obsession with the lottery. Actually, it's a popular game world wide due to its massive jackpots that often run into hundreds of millions. Nowadays, if you want to play the Mega Millions lottery, you can play from anywhere you have an internet connection. Terms and conditions may vary, so you should read these carefully before making an online purchase of lottery tickets from a website. It's easy to spot a reputable site because it will have a professional layourt and plenty of contact info. You may choose to have the winning ticket sent to you, or you can authorize the company to collect your winnings for you and then transfer to your bank account.
At that point, to collect your winnings, you would need to verify your identity for security, and take care of any necessary tax forms.
If there is no registration required, proceed with caution or better yet---hit the back button! This article further investigates the Law of Attraction and also finds the link between 'The Secret' and 'Winning the Lottery'.
Remember that the cosmos knows best regarding what's best for each and everyone of us and things happen or manifest (or don't) in their own right time. Cynthia Stafford was always a strong believer in the Law of Attraction and decided to use it for a good 4 months. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to afford almost anything you thought of without batting an eyelid?
If you feel you're in some dire straits and need the cash, why not explore a new business opportunity or realize a talent you thought you didn't possess before?
But before you begin visualizing how your life will turn out you need to address if you have any limiting beliefs regarding money (espcially winning large sums of it) in general. So celebrate any win, big or small and whether its yours or someone else's with a massive, heartfelt smile. Set up some kind of an automatic debt-repayment program and continue to focus on your assets.
To desire is right, but to be desperate is wrong as the latter focuses on a lack of things rather than acknowledging prosperity. Feel good about yourself (and others), visualize a life of abundances, visualize winning the lottery (why not?) and be honest to yourself and in what you do so that prosperity and abundance will be yours!
I enjoyed reading this article and has motivated me to apply the theory on laws of attraction. I do believe that good things are more likely to come to those who believe in themselves and who believe that life will give them good things.Now to put those positive thoughts to work and win the lottery! I tried this subject about lottery on the forums a few days ago asking what would you do with the money if you won the lottery it didn't go over good. A lot of it stems from my mindset - I think I need to think more positive thoughts and have more gratitude in my day-to-day life.
Also, where you would say that "the cosmos knows best," I would substitute the word "cosmos" with "God;" I believe God knows best, and yet nothing happens without His permission - good or bad.

My son gave me a negative view of lottery money ill-spent, telling me what the annual total is on spending the money weekly on a gamble. A person wanting to win the lottery should be visualizing for at least 15 to 20 minutes per day. I wrote a hub on The Secret, because of a few road crashes, as it were, from people who'd invested too much energy in it, without really appreciating the deeper dynamics to it. Having a positive attitude will get you everywhere and helping those in need without asking for anything in return is more of a reward than all the lotto money in the world. Usually, you will register with the site and buy the tickets you wan tto play, such as Mega Millions.
She constantly practiced visualizing the lifestyle that she could enjoy if she had that kind of money, constantly focused on the $112 million figure on a piece of paper and kept this paper under her pillow.
Or do you instantly feel that you don't deserve to win because there're others in the world who deserve to win a lot more than you? Focus on what you want and not on what you don't want and moreover focus on what you have and be grateful for it instead of focusing on what you don't have. It's in Norman Vincent Peale's "The power of positive thinking" and over a century ago James Allen wrote about the positive use of affirmation and visualization in "As a man thinketh".
Someone even ask me if I was kidding.I think everyone should have positive thinking but I don't think it always works. These are perfect for co-workers, a bad waitress, your In-Laws, April Fool's Day, or stocking stuffers! She continued this obsessive focus for around 4 months before deciding to release that focus and won the said lottery's first division worth $112 million after 2 weeks. Do you feel that only old people and the real destitute have a greater chance of winning than you do?
If someone else does win the big one and not you, feel happy for them - remember that we're all balls of energy that are connected to each other.
Focus on money, but again (as mentioned earlier) do not get obsessive with just one channel as that will actually limit your ability to bring in more money. If you go back to ancient times you'll find it in the 7 principles of the Hermetic philosophy, "All is mind,the universe is Mental". No matter how positive your are and how much you believe it will all work out it just doesn't.My husband and I are always talking about what we would do with the money if we won but we only buy a couple tickets a week. I have read The Secret, along with many other books along the line of LOA, and I think you have covered the subject thoroughly. The thing that I appreciate in this article - and something I need to try to put into practice more - is focusing on the positive rather than the negative. By feeling happy for someone else's fortune, you're in effect making that fortune stick to yours ("Love has a sticking Power", from 'The Power' by Rhonda Byrne) thereby increasing your own magnetic ability to attract that fortune.
Remember, money and wealth are energies and mindsets and its your mindset and feelings about them that would determine their future in your life. It's also found in many Eastern philosophical studies of metaphysics.Modern research are discovering how the brain and our "mind" works but they have barely scratch the surface. It could turn into an addiction with a long line of A?'s disappearing into the newspaper shop's till out of my pocket.So what are the odds?
I contacted him and he told me the necessary thing that need to be done and i did it and he told me to wait for 3days and truly he gave me the winning numbers to play the lottery which i did, Can you believe my name was the first among winners. There Is No Such Thing As GravityI recommend it because you said early on in this article that gravity has existed from the dawn of time when in fact Mr. How many millions across Europe or the UK enter the lotteries every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday or Saturday nights? My conclusion is that the Secret works, but the biggest 'secret' is for someone to find out what they actually, really deeply want.
Einstein says it has never existed at all.Agree that positive focused thought can do amazing things. For instance, I've been guilty of wishing I could win the lottery in order to get out of debt, yet you say to focus on the positive, on what you want, on your assets - rather than on what you don't want, or your lack, or your debt.
I would say that the mind is a powerful thing, and focusing on debt, whether you want to remain in it or not, is to get your mind homed in on the idea of "debt," which is a negative. Better to direct your thoughts towards a more positive angle.Yeah, I think your way of saying to focus on the positive was good.

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