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Cac t?p phim c?a Shaun the Sheep la nh?ng cu?c phieu luu, ngh?ch pha, rong du?i c?a Shaun va dan c?u tren d?ng c? c?a nong tr?i.
The ever so woolly Shaun the Sheep character has burst back into the shop as a large 30cm cuddly toy.

Posed as if he’s ready for the high jump, this cute animal is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face!
Do s? h?u lu?ng IQ cao hon c? ngu?i thu?ng va b? oc hi?u k? c?a m?t d?a tr? len ba, nen doi khi, Shaun tr? thanh k? gi?t day cho nhi?u am muu “d?p pha” trang oanh trang.

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