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Increasing wait time after asking a question in your class helps students practice critical thinking skills.
By now, most instructors are familiar with the value of actively involving students in class through asking questions. There is another option, though, and it involves a simple strategy with potentially huge payoffs. Rowe showed that after asking discussion questions of their students, most instructors (from elementary school through college) waited less than one second before calling on a student for a response or providing the answer themselves.  Robert Stahl expanded Rowe’s concept, recommending three second gaps at multiple points during a class period—not just during question and answer activities.
Students need time to identify and put into practice the critical thinking tools they are being asked to hone in class before composing thoughtful and coherent verbal contributions.
In fact, Rowe, as well as subsequent researchers, found that the length of student responses tends to increase at least threefold. This simple strategy—slowly counting to three while waiting out an “awkward silence”—is one of the easiest and most effective ways to allow chirping crickets to transform into churning wheels. A member of the staff of a high school whose job is advising students about course selection, possible careers, preparation for college, etc. Someone whose job it is to help students which their school or personal problems, or to advise them about making career choices. The typical perception of a guidance counselor is one of the professional sitting behind the desk all day, meeting with one student after another to discuss issues varying from social and academic problems to career and college advisement.  Don’t believe me?  A quick review of these cartoons should sway you towards agreement with me. This entry was posted in Counseling and tagged guidance counseling, guidance counselor, school counseling, School counselor by Nathan Grosshandler. Nathan is currently the Director of School Counseling for the Highland Park School District in Highland Park, NJ.

I too have always felt that the change to professional school counselor provides a comprehensive approach to all of what school counselors do.
My certificate says Public School Teacher, certification area School Counselor and that is what I have always called myself and use as my professional title. On the flip side, I can see how the name change may be more of an issue at the secondary level where there are a lot more administrative type duties.
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Pro Tip: When surprising your son or daughter at college, make sure you know their correct dorm room number. But it can feel awkward or even frustrating when questions posed to a classroom full of students are met with nothing but crickets.
Student responses tended to be more substantive, including more thorough argumentation and less mimicry of what the instructor had already stated. Having more time allows instructors to better strategize how to incorporate student responses, and provides an opportunity to develop higher-level questions. They work with students on career and college planning and help them pick their course of study.

We provide services individually, in group settings and in classrooms on a regular basis.  School counselors are educational professionals who align their actions with school and district goals and are able to collect and analyze data to demonstrate effectiveness. Quinn, School Counselor, South Kingstown High School Wakefield, RI (retired) Permission to share granted.
A first impulse may be to just cold call a student and hope for the best or for the instructor to provide the answer her- or himself.
Let those crickets chirp for at least three (but up to even ten!) seconds, and see what happens. On top of all that, increased wait time appears to be directly related to increased student motivation!
Research shows that the combined benefit of increased wait time and higher cognitive questions is greater than the benefit of either of these alone.
They monitor and adjust student schedules to best serve the students’ academic needs.
While I do individual counseling, groups, class presentations and the like, I believe often use the term guidance counselor to differentiate between what I can provide and the level of support a child may need outside of school.
I still meet with students, help them with their SATs, their essays, college applications and many of their other concerns.
Good luck to all of you counselors out there.l You are so important in the lives of so many.

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