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Our educational team transforms dry technical content into a rich learning experience for students that fosters their imaginations and interest in subject areas.
This same requirement for training applies to all employees of waste contractors involved in the handling, transportation and storage of scheduled waste. Megat holds a Master’s Degree in Manufacturing System Engineering and Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering. In 2011, he is full time into training as well as provide advisory services on Safety, Health, Environment & Risk Management for a few oil and gas company such as SVP Petroleum and SEM Inspection.

He has also been engaged by NIOSH to conduct training for a few programs such as NIOSH Safety & Health Officer Program, NIOSH Talk, Contractor Safety Passport System, Syabas NIOSH Safety Passport and NIOSH Nestle Passport System. These are CEU-accredited courses designed to support Operators in understanding the complexities of secondary and tertiary treatment.
His main duty is to provide professional advice and training to the Plant MD, Plant Manager and the key employees on Safety, Health and Environmental related issues. Apart from establishing the programs, he also led the company to achieve ISO TS16949:2002 (2003) and Selangor Environmental Awards (2007).

Courses evolve with advancements in wastewater treatment and are continually enhanced through input from participants.

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