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A comprehensive asset management program including baseline data on your entire system to enable fact-based decision making. ICOM3? provides integrated inspection, maintenance, and asset management solutions for advanced planning & prioritizing of inspection, maintenance, and refurbishment activities.
Solo autonomous robots get the information you need faster so you can make spending decisions armed with a complete set of data.
At RedZone we believe that managing assets comes down to managing data.  Too frequently in wastewater, critical assets are managed without all of the information required to ensure optimal decision making. See how RedZone can help system owners and operators get all of the information they need and make it useful. See how RedZone can help engineers and consultants differentiate their business and help drive value for their clients.

See how contractors can use RedZone products to drive business success by helping clients get the information and high-value results they demand.
RedZone products and solutions get contractors the information they need efficiently and effectively.
Browsers that can not handle javascript will not be able to access some features of this site. This seminar was designed to provide relevant and timely information to water utilities.
The complex management of water, wastewater and collection systems has a direct impact on a community's public health and safety, environment, economic development and quality of life.
Using proprietary data acquisition robotics and industry leading ICOM3 software, RedZone helps owners and engineers get all of the information they need and make it useful.  This results in spending limited funds wisely, easier regulatory compliance, saving money and the environment.

By getting all the asset information necessary for clients and making it useful, RedZone provides engineers and consultants with smart data, smart decisions. Asset management is a tool to help utilities prioritize and classify the assets associated with the management and operation of a water system.  What does this mean to your community?

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