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Synopsis Of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty : A timid magazine photo manager who lives life vicariously through daydreams embarks on a true-life adventure when a negative goes missing.
Subtitle Of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Movie : English, Danish, Swedish, French, German, Dutch, Russian, and Italian.
As shown in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty trailer, Stiller stars as Mitty, a man who toils in the basement photo offices of Life Magazine.
His publication is going through changes, as the internet has essentially forced the mag's hand, and it is announced they will be producing their final issue.
Although he has not always starred in his films that he directs, Stiller made the wise choice of casting himself in the title role. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty support cast is top notch, with a particular standout arriving in the form of Shirley MacLaine as Walter’s mother, Edna, and Kathryn Hahn as his sister Odessa.
Stiller painstakingly works on a look that is supremely unique in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Our The Secret Life of Walter Mitty review finds that Stiller has done the original film starring Danny Kaye some serious justice with a heartfelt story about finding the strength within oneself where it seemed it never existed. Movies The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Secret Life of Walter Mitty Review: Daydreamers Unite!
The manager of the negative assets sector of Life magazine, Walter Mitty, has been working for sixteen years for the magazine and has a tedious life, not going anywhere but from his home to his job and vice-versa.

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From his first film, Reality Bites, through his work on the under-appreciated The Cable Guy, there has always been a unique stamp that says, “This is a Stiller film.” That could not be more the case with his latest, in which he also stars, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Not satisfied with his own life, he escapes into daydreams that take on the most epic of proportions. He is in charge of securing the final cover photo from their go-to award-winning photog, Sean O’Connell (Sean Penn).
The actor creates such sympathy for him through the first part of the film that when he finally embarks on an adventure, the audience is so pulling for him, and his triumphs feel like ours.
Each shot is carefully crafted, giving the production design almost a supporting role all its own. The score is sweeping, and in fact, you could easily find yourself leaving the theater wanting a copy of the soundtrack -- if nothing else, to remind you of a journey that is possible. Where he is too timid to talk to Kristen Wiig’s Cheryl Melhoff, we instead see Stiller as a Spanish speaking explorer busting through a wall and sweeping her off her feet.
And Wiig is no wallflower, as she is (sometimes unknowingly) his confidant and someone who wills him on when roads seem to be filled with roadblocks in his epic search for O’Connell. The director filmed his epic journey on several continents and gave it a timeframe that feels like it could be any time and no time at the same time.

Walter has a crush on the recently hired Cheryl Melhoff but he is too shy to invite her on a date and he is trying to contact her via online dating. You will get access to download and watch other Thousands Highest Quality HD Movies indefinitely. Meanwhile Mitty’s new boss (Adam Scott) sees his charge daydreaming and flicks a paper clip at him. The magazine is preparing to release its last printed edition and the loathsome manager of transition Ted Hendricks is preparing an inevitable downsizing over the next few days. Yeah, you can see how Walter is not altogether pleased with his current situation and who he has become as a human being. He does something he’s only done in his daydreams -- he takes off for an international adventure in search of O’Connell and the missing photograph that holds the key to his final statement as a worker at Life Magazine. Walter has been the liaison between the magazine and the mysterious independent photographer Sean O'Connell who has sent to him a package of negatives and a wallet as a gift for his work.
Sean also suggests to the senior management the use of negative 25 for the cover of the last edition.

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