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Then you’re in for a treat because today I’m excited to tell you about Mynda Treacy’s highly acclaimed Excel Dashboard course and if you register by October 22nd it’s 20% off. If you’re not sure what a dashboard is or how these skills might be relevant to you, and help you overcome the challenges above, then you can attend one or both of Mynda’s FREE Excel Dashboard Webinars. The first webinar will teach you how to use Excel to build this interactive dashboard below, no additional software or add-ins required, just plain old Excel and some data. If you have Excel 2010 or 2013 then this webinar will showcase how you can use Excel’s Power Query tool to get data from multiple sources, mash it up with Power Pivot, analyse it in PivotTables to create this interactive Excel Dashboard.
If you’ve seen Mynda’s free Dashboard Webinars and you’re ready to take your dashboard skills to the next level then check out Mynda’s Online Excel Dashboard course. It will teach you how to build amazing interactive dashboards that impress your boss, get you noticed and help you stand out from the crowd, like this incredible le Tour de France dashboard she made, which is also included in the course. The best part, aside from the praise from your boss and colleagues ;-), is you’ll also learn tons of tips you can use in your everyday Excel work to get things done more efficiently. By the way, the 6 weeks of personal support is the reason the course is only open for a limited time (registration closes August 6). Dashboards are an incredibly valuable tool in today’s market for consultants, analysts and managers.
The previous classes have been a huge hit with many people saying how they love the cool techniques and how they’ve been able to impress their colleagues and clients by using them in all sorts of reports, not just dashboards. This course has without a doubt furthered my career and has allowed me to secure a permanent job based on the skills I have acquired from this course.

Along with all these awesome students, I too have personally paid for and taken this course.
If you register by Thursday, October 22nd it’s 20% off, plus I’ll include my PivotPal Add-in for free! Disclosure: I make a small commission for students who join Mynda’s course, but as you know I don’t just recommend anything and everything.
Do you know how to take advantage of this special recruiting season for the next six weeks that can catalyze explosive momentum into 2013?
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The presentation will take place on Thursday, January 22 at 8pm EST and last for about an hour. To sign up and learn more about the Flight Training with the iPad webinar, visit the webinar registration page. Registration is required and space is limited. EMAIL NEWSLETTERSign up for our free email newsletter, packed with tips, tricks and news for pilots who use the iPad. ABOUT USKeeping up with developing technology can be difficult, with new apps constantly being released and new accessories coming on the market. Mynda limits the number of classes to allow time for other projects and a break every now and again.

And when you know the tricks it can be straightforward to build highly professional and interactive Excel dashboards.
I have to say, minute for minute I have learnt more on this course than any other course I have been on. It has to be of outstanding quality and value, and something I can genuinely recommend. I have personally paid for and taken this course, and was able to advance in my career by applying the techniques I learned. We highlight a diverse set of features, including new functionality from our most recent release. The way the course is delivered is exceptional and the learning material and exercises really cement the learning.
And as with all the iPad Pilot News webinars, you’ll be able to ask questions throughout the presentation.
That’s why iPad Pilot News exists–to cut through the clutter and help pilots get the maximum utility out of their tablets.

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