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We run a series of MailChimp webinars every week, so we’ve got links all over our website pointing over to them. Simply changing the word "webinar" to "online training" boosted click-throughs to our landing page 101%. At first, we were bummed that results weren’t the same as the web page testing, so we did this for 2 weeks.
Good call with experimenting in 2010… my hunch is that the results will be different based on the demographic of your audience. On the other side, the people that is in your mailing list has already attended a webinar and obviously they know the word. My thoughts are that you are more than likely dealing with a person who is more in the know with the email crowd. Interesting results, my first though is those who find it on your website are not as savvy especially when it comes to certain terms like webinar but when you say online training they know what that is, and in fact they feel that could be useful to them. Now on the email your reaching a different crowd who know what a webinar is, and potentially may even wounder if its a sales webinar or a training webinar.
Might be interesting to try out the terms training webinar to see if that affects it any to clarify what it is. I can only assume it is because more people understand what Online Training is so when they are ready to learn more after viewing the content on your website they are more likely to click on Online Training.

And I agree, this has to do with both the spamminess of the words, as well as the fact that email subscribers are more knowledgeable than regular visitors. Industrial Scientific's instructor-led live webinars are designed for customers who are unable to make it to a location where face-to-face training classes are held.
Industrial Scientific's On-Line Custom Course is taught online and designed to meet your specific training needs. Too often, I find there to be a huge misunderstanding about employee wage classification and so this month’s blog provides a very narrow look into FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act) rules that affect you as an employer. In this webinar, you will join TTI’s API 653-510-570 and STI certified inspectors as they outline what you need to know to stay in compliance with Routine (Monthly) In-Service Above Ground Storage Tank Inspections. Also, those who have registered for the newsletter are probably more experienced and familiar with the lingo. Webinar may be an unfamiliar term for people browsing the website, but is a familiar term for the self selected group subscribed to the emails. Also I agree whit those who said online training (especially in an email) just looks spammy, In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if you did an inbox inspection on both those emails and found the online seminar email (otherwise identical to the webinar email) to get a higher spaminess score but obviously stil low enough to not affect deliverability. I know a lot of people who are using MailChimp and are really happy with the service, I’ll look into checking out more of this for the future.
Not everyone understands that webinars and online training are the same thing, and webinars sounds more intriguing so they open the email because they are curious about how a webinar works.

From this webinar, attendees will learn how to interpret their data in order to elevate their team’s level of safety while facilitating better management of their gas detection program. Prior to the actual event, you will discuss your training and curriculum objectives with an Industrial Scientific Trainer who will custom design a program for your company. Where as online training could be any type of online class, yes they are similar but I believe the two thought processes are different. Specifically, the “performance index” will be reviewed with suggestions for positively impacting this metric. Students will learn how to create custom reports, manage events, and retrieve data that will help them elevate their level of safety and better manage their gas detection program.
Other reviewed features include “usage and settings,” “alarm events,” “equipment reports,” and more. This course is ideal for iNet Customers who have attended the basic level training and are already familiar with iNet Control but wish to enhance their gas detection program even further.

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