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Health Education Services believes that optimal overall wellness in all aspects of life- emotional, intellectual, social, spiritual, and physical- is key to success in college and beyond. Emotional wellness is a dimension that involves being fully in touch with feelings and emotions regarding yourself and others.
This aspect of wellness refers to the development of the mind as an instrument for decision making as well as learning and interpreting experiences.
Social wellness refers to the idea of being able to develop meaningful interpersonal relationships. Spiritual wellness revolves around the development of your own personal belief system and adherence to that belief system. This is perhaps the most well-known category and it includes a personal attention to and maintenance of overall health through nutrition, physical activity, sleep, and positive healthy habits to maintain a healthy quality of life. Ensure that you have the information and support needed regarding the above listed dimensions of wellness to guide you on your path to personal development and success while at Georgetown University.
For the past 9 months I have had constant, painful sharp echoing of sound with any type of noise. When I found out I was expecting my first child, I knew that my health was something I needed to make a high priority. I  really enjoyed taking your class, and want you to know how grateful I am for all your knowledge and insight.
Foot Zone Practitioner, Amber Jensen, of Wellness Life Zone, Foot Zone Academy was interviewed by pre-med and nursing students for a class assignment.  Here are some of the following questions asked her and her responses. Personalize your online experience to stay up-to-date on news, events and other information. I am a registered audiologist working in Flagstaff and I am happy to answer any questions about hearing loss and solutions that are available. Delivery is every two weeks at City Hall; there are public sites at which you can participate on the opposite weeks, if you so choose.
Please keep in mind you may also participate at public participation sites if this schedule does not meet your needs. The Seven Aspects of Wellness are seven major life areas that work together to create fulfillment and satisfaction. Physical Wellness is the ability to maintain a healthy quality of life that allows us to get through our daily activities without undue fatigue or physical stress. Intellectual Wellness is the ability to open our minds to new ideas and experiences that can be applied to personal decisions, group interaction and community betterment. Environmental Wellness is the ability to recognize our own responsibility for the quality of the air, the water and the land that surrounds us.
Occupational Wellness is the ability to get personal fulfillment from our jobs or our chosen career fields while still maintaining balance in our lives.
Emotional Wellness is the ability to understand ourselves and cope with the challenges life can bring. The Circle of Life Health and Wellness Coaching process is a best practice lifestyle coaching method.
Developing self-confidence, love, and trust for others are key aspects that help to define emotional wellness. It also involves being able to maneuver through various social situations while appreciating the similarities and differences between people.

Seeking purpose and meaning in life, whatever your beliefs, while appreciating the various religious perspectives of other people is a key aspect of spiritual wellness. Physical wellness is the ability to take charge of your health by making conscious decisions to be healthy. Be sure to stop by the office and chat if you have any further questions about wellness and the available resources Georgetown has for you. I have tried several natural healing modalities and find that I get incredible healing results with Foot Zoning.
I knew I was taking part in something beyond myself, that was bigger than me, and I wanted to be part of it. After hours on my feet day after day, Foot Zoning grounds me, rejuvenates me and puts my energies back in line. With myConnection, the profile you create allows you to set up a unique starting point for the tasks and transactions that you want to complete in your time on this website.
I will also be holding free hearing health checks in the community and will advertise them here. We have partnered with the County to offer City and County employees the choice of picking up their basket either at City Hall or at the County's Public Works yard (located next to the City warehouse on Commerce)!
Volunteers are always needed to help unload the truck and distribute materials, so any time you are available to volunteer please call (928) 213-2093. When you take positive steps to foster a higher level of awareness and action in each of the seven aspects, you build a more whole and complete way of living. The ability to recognize that our behaviors have a significant impact on our wellness and adopting healthful habits while avoiding destructive habits will lead to optimal Physical Wellness.
The desire to learn new concepts, improve skills and seek challenges in pursuit of lifelong learning contributes to our intellectual wellness. Our ability to establish and maintain positive relationships with family, friends and co-workers contributes to our social wellness.
The ability to make a positive impact on the quality of our environment, be it our homes, our communities or our planet contributes to our Environmental Wellness.
Our desire to contribute in our careers to make a positive impact on the organizations we work in and to society as a whole leads to occupational wellness. The ability to develop congruency between values and actions and to realize a common purpose that binds creation together contributes to our Spiritual Wellness.
The ability to acknowledge and share feelings of anger, fear, sadness or stress; hope, love, joy, happiness in a productive manner contributes to our Emotional Wellness. Its six phases maximize accountability and support continuous improvement for work-life balance, stress management, better health, and peace of mind. Having and maintaining a strong, healthy emotional aspect of personal wellness can help cope with emotional challenges in life that often go hand-in-hand with college years.
The ability to be open to new experiences and ideas that contribute to growth are characteristics associated with a healthy intellectual dimension. It was absolutely fantastic!  I can honestly say that those 9 months that I was zoned were the healthiest of my life.  I felt great, and I had the confidence that my body and baby were getting what they needed to be healthy and happy. I have showed up a time or two to my Foot Zone appointments with an incredible headache, and by the end of my session my headache was completely gone. Foot Zoning is a totally natural, healthy way to reduce stress, manage pain and regain balance in my life on a mental, physical and spiritual level.

As I practiced at home I was able to recognize the signals and how they correlated with the body. It has helped me on so many levels and with so many ailments, I am much more in tune mind, body and spirit!
I get Foot Zoned once a week because it significantly helps me manage my pain in a natural, safe and noninvasive way.
Use myConnection to gather the information that you most care about from across this website into one central location, giving you greater control over how you connect with your community. You will need to create a username and password, and once logged in click on "Corporate Pick Up".
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, almost everyone needs to eat more fruits and vegetables. After my Foot Zone sessions I feel the heaviness and the stress of life lifted and I am able to face the world again. Many City employees regularly take advantage of this great addition to our Wellness Program!
In ordering the items, focus is on what would be well received in homes, and the extensive surveys they’ve done with participants over the past five years to know what families eat.
They contain essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber that may help protect you from chronic diseases. He said, “I come home happy, energetic and in the best mood.” I am fortunate to have Foot Zoning in my life. I have benefited from Foot Zoning immensely and I would recommend it to anyone who needs relief.
It costs $15 to participate, or you can choose an organic basket for an additional $10 contribution. Please note: the volunteer information and pickup day found on the website is not applicable to the City Hall site. Substituting fruits and vegetables for higher-calorie foods can be part of a weight loss strategy. Their talent, knowledge of zoning and people skills make classes very instructional and easy to enjoy. Because this is a co-op, 100% of your contribution is spent on food, and there is no markup, so you get more value for your money. Busy lives can benefit from food that's nutritious, yet easy to eat on-the-go, like fresh fruits and vegetables. It progressively got worse until I started being zoned.   After 4 treatments the echoing, sharp pains, and headaches are almost gone. I recommend these classes to anyone with interest in bettering their health and of those around them, and seeking a great career. When you place your order (online), you choose a pickup location, and City Employees can click on "Corporate Pickup" and choose City of Flagstaff to have your basket delivered directly to City Hall on Thursday afternoons.
You never know what is going to be in the basket, but it’s fun to experiment with these foods and deviate from what you are used to.

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