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Ever wondered why so many students today prefer management education and enroll in the business management course every year?
A business management course provides knowledge in business areas such as Finance, Marketing, Management and Human Resources and furnishes your job-oriented skills through different specialisations and majors offered in the programme.
A degree in business management will quickly help you make your way up the corporate ladder.
As discussed earlier, a business management degree will make you qualified enough for higher positions which will ultimately lead to better salary as well. Many business management institutes do not only provide business education but also provide job placement assistance or internship for students. Therefore, from the above discussion it can be concluded that a professional degree in business management will provide you with a great career opportunity in the future and will speed up your career to a great extent. A high school diploma or GED are the minimum requirement for office manager jobs, though many employers prefer hiring applicants who have at least an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in the field.
The most common office management programs are offered as short-term certificates, two-year associate’s degrees or four-year bachelor’s degrees.
Office management certification and degree programs equip students with the skills needed to run an office efficiently and manage those around them.
Many office management courses are offered entirely online, allowing students to pursue an education from the convenience of their own homes while holding down full-time jobs.
Often office managers will start off in junior office roles, as an administrative assistant or secretary, before advancing into more senior positions. Qualities that are desirable among aspiring office managers include communication skills, analytical skills, leadership skills, team-working skills, and attention to detail. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the employment of administrative services managers is expected to grow 15% from 2010 to 2020, due to the desire of organizations to improve their operational efficiency.
Whether you want to enter the business field or advance your existing career, enrolling in an office management program can help you achieve your professional goals. Business Management > What’s the Current Job Market Look Like for Business Management Professionals? In tough times and tough economies, having employment options is crucial to ensuring job security.
Some of the job titles that become available to business management professionals include: General Manager, Plant Manager, Director of Operations, Facilities Managers, and even Chief Operating Officer. Business management professionals may manage a sales, marketing, operations, customer service, order fulfillment, shipping & receiving or even financial departments. Income is never promised as industrial statistics only reveal averages—meaning jobs available may offer lower incomes based on industry, geographic locations, experience and education. Earning a business management degree is not only a matter of bettering or developing skills but also a requirement for access to certain job opportunities.
For more information about Centura College or our Business Management Degree Programs, or to speak with an admissions representative and apply for admission, contact Centura College today by visiting our Website.  You can also learn more about Centura College at our Consumer Information Disclosure page, Your right to know. Your chances of getting promoted will increase since you’ll have the required qualifications, skills and knowledge for higher positions. Thus, if you have a degree in business management, employers won’t hesitate to offer you attractive salary packages as they know that you can deliver the expected results. These institutes work together with a number of different companies where they place their students after the completion of their management course. To be a highly efficient office manager, you need a wide range of skills that encompass an array of disciplines, including accounting, IT, HR, marketing, communications, and leadership.
There are also business administration and operational management degrees at the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral level, which can enhance an office manager’s opportunities to advance to higher-level management positions. The goal of these programs is to produce graduates who are capable of creating a dynamic and stimulating office environment in which systems and people are able to work together effectively to create the desired results. Owing to the importance of computer technology and software in today’s business world, learning how to use the latest versions of popular business software is also essential.
Applicants for higher-level office management jobs will likely face strong competition, though competition should be less severe for lower-level management positions. Graduates who have received formal office management training understand the principles of personnel supervision and administration and are prepared to manage a wide range of functions in an office environment.
In addition to the numerous career fields and industries that need qualified business management professionals, it’s always good to know that this career field is expanding.  Job growth is projected to increase 12% by the year 2022 for business management professionals. Earning a degree does not have to be inconvenient with opportunities to learn online, with flex schedules, as well as the traditional on-campus approach your education can be customized to match and meet your schedule requirements and fit your life, your way. Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of information contained within; however, no warranty of accuracy is made.

For people who want to pursue a professional career and earn attractive salary, a professional degree in business management is a must. For example, if you select Marketing, you’ll be polished with skills that will make you qualified for jobs in the Marketing field.
For example, opting for a business management specialisation in Financial Management after working for years as an accountant will give you a completely different view of finance. The employers of different companies approach students so that they can opt for the best job offers coming their way. The supervisor meets with the subordinate to approve and, if necessary, modify the individual objectives. Office management training provides you with the broad-based education necessary to handle such a diverse range of tasks. The prerequisites for admission to office management degree programs are typically a high school diploma or GED and a required minimum GPA.
One minute they might be interviewing prospective staff members and another minute they might be doing bookkeeping. In 2012, administrative services managers earned a median annual salary of $81,080 per year.
Pursue an office management degree today to get one step closer to your promotion or new career.
Business management professionals can also expect a good job market in terms of new opportunities and income.
Many of their duties involve coordinating and directing different resources and personnel in different departments that affect production, sales, pricing, and distribution.  Business management professionals might also manage a small storefront or the marketing department of a large corporation. You can start your career as a sales or business development executive and later on become a sales or a business development manager based on your experience and performance on the job. Also, you will have more chances of getting promoted in the finance department of your company. At other times, it is used to refer to individuals of a particular class, who are managers (group of people).And many a time it is concerned with getting the work done. Modification of the individual's objectives is accomplished through negotiation since the supervisor has resources to help the subordinate commit to the achievement of the objective. Pursue your office manager certification today to gain the special skills needed for the challenges you will face in today’s fast-paced business environment. However, it is a very competitive market and a good educational background and credentials are essential.
No matter the environment though, a strong understanding of business technology, best practices and people skills are necessary to succeed in this role. Thus, a set of verifiable objectives for each individual are jointly determined, prioritized, and formalized.
The possibilities can be endless for someone with solid business management skills, education and talent. The best way is to understand the concept, nature and scope of management is through describing its characteristics.1. Centura College exercises no control over, and assumes no responsibility for, information that resides on servers outside the centuracollege.edu domain.
A process has a beginning and an end, and management begins with planning and ends with control and restarts with planning.
Even many of the pure sciences are closer to art.Two doctors prescribing the same medicines to two different patients suffering from the same disease may have different result with different doses. With liberalisation, globalisation and privatisation demand for professional managers is bound to grow further.3.
External environment comprises STEEPLE (Social, technological, economic, ecological, political, legal and ethical environments).Internal environment indicates strengths and weaknesses and external environment indicates opportunities and threats. Management is goal-oriented:The process of management is a purposive activity and starts and ends with the goals. It is the responsibility of management to attain those goals.Without goals an organisation would be like a ship without rudders. If there are any gaps in performance and goals, management tries to bring the two in tune with each other. It is the management which can bring life through their dynamism to management process in this turbulent business environment.
When the things go right the credit goes to management and when it is the other way round the first casualty is the management.7.
Which one refers to policy making and which one refers to implementation is the bone of contention.

In this regard, we have three opinions which are context bound:(i) Management is policy making or decision making, and administration refers to implementation. The recent decision to kill Osama Bin Laden was taken by Obama administration and executed by SEAL, the management.(iii) It has been observed that many writers make difference for the sake of academic exercise, but later on use them as interchangeable. Business organisations work for profits and operate in a dynamic environment, whereas non-profit organisations operate for other goals and work in a stable environment.Management practices are greatly affected by national culture and organisational culture.
The merged Chrysler-Damler company failed to proceed because the German and American cultures are different. For Germans, engineers are their cultural heroes and for Americans, managers are their cultural heroesWhy Study Management (Importance of Management):1.
All of us, with whatever organisation associated with, develop interest in organisation that it must work better. For example, LG claims 24 hours to serve a customer, but when the air conditioner does not come within 24 hours, one gets irritated.
Those organisations managed successfully go on indefinitely, but those who are not, go into darkness of time.2. To succeed, an understanding of management is essential.If you start your own business, again, you must know how to manage different resources to achieve your objectives. In simple words, management functions are prescriptive in nature.The various functions of management constitute a unified body and are commonly referred to as a process of management. But, one must note that all the functions do not take place in a sequence, or preset timetable.At a time one or more functions may be undertaken. Each function may not be equally important to all the firms as their nature of business may be different. Many scholars feel that coordination should be the first function of management.But we are of the opinion that if each function is performed in balance and in right time, coordination will automatically be achieved. Organizing: It involves identifying (what tasks are to be done) and grouping of activities (how the tasks are to be grouped), dividing grouped activities into small jobs and tasks (who is to do them), determining authority-responsibility relationship (who reports to whom, determining degree of centralisation (where decisions are to be made) and creating organisational structure to accomplish organisational attainments efficiently (doing this rightly with minimum of cost) and effectively (doing the right thing). Organising also involves deciding about delegation of authority, span of management, centralisation and decentralisation of authority3.
Staffing: To man the organisation and to bring it into action, the staffing function undertakes manpower planning, recruitment, selection, training, promotion, demotion, transfer, wage and salary administration and industrial relations. However, now a day as there is a separate division of human resources, many scholars do not include staffing in the list of functions of management.4. Directing: Like a film director, a manager too has to direct the efforts of his subordinates. Controlling: It continuously involves setting the standards with which to measure the actual performance, measurement of ongoing performance, matching it with the standards, finding variations (causes of variations), and taking corrective action, if any. Henry Mintzberg concluded that managers undertake 10 different roles, which are highly interrelated roles. Effectiveness is concerned with end-results and involves choosing the right task and finishing that task on time.In simple words, efficiency is the end (doing right things). Portrays the emphasis that the two concepts place while performing the functions of management. Too much emphasis in either direction leads to mismanagement.We may come across cases where an organisation may be efficient but not efficient. They have to work for long and odd hours.They also represent the organisation to outside world through meetings, briefings, and telephonic connectivity.
Normally, the Directors on the Board, the President, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Finance Officer, and Chief Strategic Officer constitute top management.
Financial Management: Financial management and financial managers are basically concerned with the financial resources. Important decisions are taken with regard to financial planning, investments, and dividends.
Since finance is the life-blood of organizations, many CEOs and top managers come from finance departments.2.
Since marketing plays an important role as a profit centre, many people reach top positions.3. A typical manufacturing company involves production planning and control, plant layout, site selection, et al.4. Others: Organisations do have other management positions, not part of the above functional area.

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