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Contact us now to see how in just two days we can enable organisations such as yours to achieve effective change fast. Contact us for our 2011 programme delivery dates for Ireland, Malaysia, Singapore, Sweden, Thailand and the UK. You can reserve a Leadership Quantum Touchpoint or Programme online: Book a Programme or Touchpoint. At a time of increasing complexity and rapid change, leaders around the world and across industries are recognizing that the role of a leader is shifting.
The 20th century “command-and-control” approach, which spawned from the 18th and 19th century Industrial Age based on the bottom line motives of driving results and delivering numbers, no longer works sustainably.
Now more than ever, there is a growing imperative for leaders and organizations to keep pace and maintain creative advantage.
This includes being able to communicate and articulate clear purpose and organizational values, create a shared vision, build collaboration and teamwork, make effective decisions, and creatively solve problems. Quantum Creative Leaders not only recognize that they create their world, they also have the tools and understanding to know how to do this more consciously. Next, creativity requires multiple brain regions, including both hemispheres of the cortex as well as deeper brain structures, to function at its optimal potential.
Cultivating creativity also requires you are operating at the edge.  This refers to being outside the comfort zone of routine, outside the box of patterned ways of thinking and doing.
Interested in learning more about these 7 Keys and how to begin working with them right now?  Check out our FREE video on the 7 Keys to Cultivating Creative Advantage and download our complimentary E-Book! By first accessing a state of Higher Consciousness, we can then tap into the Quantum View of reality and become aware of the many possibilities available for making a breakthrough or a “Quantum Leap” in our creative thinking. This Quantum mindset gives you access to a thought process that is creative, insightful, intuitive, and able to make breakthroughs or leaps.
The final step of Expansion refers to one who purposefully expands consciousness outside the box of limited perception in order to make breakthroughs in creative innovation and problem solving tasks.
In Quantum Consciousness, we actually go into a space of awareness where the box doesn’t even exist.
But then once we tap into the new idea or inspiration that we want to bring into tangible reality, we bring it into the framework of the mind so that we can work with it in a practical way. So Cultivate – Quantum – Expansion will take you on your way to becoming a Quantum Creative Leader.

This entry was posted by Jessica on October 16, 2014 at 9:00 am, and is filed under Creativity, Leadership, Transformational Leadership. This is why now more than ever it is critical that leaders possess the ability to access creativity and utilize it to drive their team and projects to success. Understanding the power of creativity is essential for maintaining high performance, sustained advantage, and for identifying new solutions to the problems of today’s ever changing economy. Creativity is the part of us that envisions beyond our immediate physical experience of the world around us. The Creative Advantage, is the ability to continually tap into new ideas, solutions, and innovations.
A breakthrough is an event that causes or marks the breaking down of a barrier to progress.
Creativity is one of fundamental qualities we must cultivate as leaders.  Whatever your area of leadership may be, if your work touches society or the lives of people, it is time to develop new strategies for enhancing your creativity.
The Creative Leader is a new term that has emerged to coin the next generation leader who drives innovation through fostering an environment of Inspiration, Imagination, and Breakthrough Creativity. Another blog you may find interesting is one where we identified some of the key Qualities of a Modern Day Creative Leader.
A key solution, we at Quantum Leap Alchemy see, is to move leaders out of the box of old ways of thinking, and to train you to master the arts and sciences of transformation and of accessing breakthrough creativity.
In fact, we believe another type of leader, one who recognizes that both Creativity and Transformation emerge from a Higher Plane of Consciousness, or from the Quantum Realm will become the next generation Transformational Leader. There is much discussion these days about Transformational Leadership, a style of leadership in which one uses authentic presence, vision and inspiration to motivate others.  These are leaders who have the ability to skillfully embrace change, empower others and ultimately transform us.
The Quantum Creative Leader recognizes this ability to create and transform arise from higher consciousness and are able to access this realm to drive creative breakthroughs and change. As author Danah Zohar states, “Quantum thinking is vital to creative thinking and leadership in organizations.
We’ve identified 3 essential steps that allow you to access this higher plane of consciousness known as the Quantum Domain and ultimately elevate your creativity capacity to become a next generation Transformational Leader, a Quantum Creative Leader.  Stay tuned next week as we look closely at these 3 steps.
Quantum Media is a consulting firm with deep expertise in the media, information, and entertainment industries. Gruen was recently appointed to the adjunct faculty at the Steinhardt School of Education at NYU teaching “Entrepreneurship in the Music Industry.” and also a visiting scholar and advisor to the school’s MusEd Lab.

Gruen, who was the president of Food Network earlier in her career, was recently asked to chair the strategic planning committee for the Board of Trustees of the James Beard Foundation - where she has been a trustee for 9 years. Talent and trust, learning and decision making, innovation and risk management are ever more crucial for success – above all, leadership focus can make the crucial difference between mission success and failure.
There are 7 key areas for elevating your creative capacity and raising the bar to gain an advantage as a leader.
Learning to rewire your brain is an essential task.  You may enjoy our blog 3 Steps to Rewire Your Brain for Creativity. Rather than stressing to pull out an idea from your head, you can simply choose to loosen up and allow it to come through you. When you do, you can transform your approach from one of limitation to boundless possibility. Quantum thinking takes creative thinking several steps further into really being able to Consciously tap in to the source where all creativity originates from.  When you are coming from quantum thinking then you are in a space of awareness that transcends and precedes labels, structures, and familiar patterns of thought. It does take some repetition to train ourselves to access it, but when you do and you really get the feeling of it, then it can gets easier and easier to recreate that experience. In so doing, it transforms our mind, while our mind simultaneously works to harness it and bring it into form. Since Quantum Media's founding in 1998, our consulting work has spanned every aspect of the media business, from developing an Internet business strategy for a Fortune 500 company to advising a young entrepreneur on launching a niche digital product.
We all have held positions as CEOs, presidents and general managers of major media companies.
Understanding the ecosystem is essential for all constituents from marketers to agencies, publishers, tech intermediaries and investors,” writes the strategy consultancy about its latest map.
Quantum Media is very pleased to be included in their latest illustration of significant consulting firms. We build on core values to transform leadership impact across all the key areas of the organisation. Sometimes a 6-second window of truly getting into the Quantum Zone is all you need to carry you for an entire week.

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