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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Take the quiz below to help you find out what leadership style you are more inclined to follow. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation.
You know it’s uncomfortable, so give up trying to emulate the leadership styles of the men in your organization. Actually, the power of not just any leadership style quiz, but the Red Shoe Movement’s leadership style quiz, is that it was created with women in mind!
Autocratic: This manager makes decisions unilaterally without much input from employees, reflecting the opinions and personality of the manager. Consultative: An autocratic style in which the manager listens to feedback from employees and adjusts when necessary.
Laissez-faire: The manager is a mentor and stimulator, and employees manage their own areas of the business.
Persuasive: An autocratic style in which the manager spends time working with employees to convince them of the benefits of the decision that has been made. Leadership development can help you recognize and respect your leadership style while remaining flexible enough to adopt certain traits from other styles depending on circumstances. Are there elements of other leadership styles that you could adopt on an “as needed” basis to be a more effective leader? Is your organization open to different leadership styles or does it favor leadership development or leadership training for future leaders to ensure that they all maintain a similar style? I trust that each one of my team members will make the right decision for the projects they have in process.
As a retailer you wear many hats—from buyer to merchandiser, accountant to party planner—you’ve got to keep your store going from day-to-day and being a leader is one of your biggest roles.
In the graph above decide if you are more expressive or less expressive and visualize a dot on the vertical axis at that spot.

Quadrant 1 – The Regulator: You like to cross tasks off your to-do list and see efficiency as the key to running a store. Quadrant 2 – The Analyzer: You believe most problems have just one right answer and with enough analysis that it can be found. Quadrant 4 – The Exponent: We know you—the life of the party and the creative force behind your store. By understanding your leadership style you can communicate more effectively with your employees. We want to offer a glimpse into your style that you probably won’t get in traditional leadership training. Although successful leaders tend to have a trademark style, they know how to adjust to different situations by applying characteristics of other styles seamlessly. Take the leadership style quiz and share your style via social media to inspire others to assert their own style. You know that confrontation as the means-to-the-end in decision making—you can’t waste time dilly-dallying, you’ve got to meet difficulties head on.
Behind every decision you make, and every action taken in your store, is a well thought out process that keeps things running smoothly. You put people first and often avoid conflict with customers or employees in an effort to grow your relationships. You’ve got a million-and-one ideas to make things better and if something doesn’t work out as planned, you can always start again. This may mean standing back and letting them take the lead, teaming up and taking advantage of their assets or simply being more direct. The quiz will reveal something about your dominant style and also something about other leadership styles that intrigue you. What you want to keep in mind is the difference between this behavior and completely adopting a style that does not fit your personality and core values.
Dont choose words that you admire or would like to be, choose words that reflect your personality.

This can lead to better employee relationships, greater employee retention and a strong store.
Leading your employees: Your systems put your employees at ease but sometimes your slow decision making means you miss out on opportunities.
Leading your employees: Your style puts your employees at ease—just be sure they aren’t getting too comfortable! Knowing your strengths, and playing them up, can make you a stronger leader—helping you retain your best employees and in the end creating a better store environment for your customers. Freedom from continuing to take leadership training or leadership development programs that focus on fitting you into a box. Once you pinpoint your own style, you can easily incorporate elements of other leadership styles when the situation calls for it.
Remember that, when communicating with your employees, your go-to attitude can be overwhelming for people who communicate differently. Try giving your employees more direct instructions and if there is an issue, address it immediately with simple, clear language. However, you sometimes jump from idea to idea so quickly that your staff can’t follow along. Sometimes you can benefit from leadership development or leadership training and at other times, observation alone is enough. Take time to make sure employees understand your direction before you jump to the next task. Team up with an employee who is an Analyzer and let them put a process in place to execute your ideas.

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