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Play Now AAA Fabulous Nevada Casino Slots Machine Game of Fun - If you love Las Vegas Slots then Play Now! If you love Las Vegas Casinos, you will love Awesome Jewel & Gems Slots Machine Games - Top Slot Rich-es Casino Games Free!!! When popping to the corner shop, most people come back with nothing more than a loaf of bread and a pint of milk. Mohammed Ikramm, who runs Welcome News in Briercliffe Road where the card was bought, said he sold the customer one £10 card, but the man didn't win. There have been just four £4m prizes on scratchcards in circulation in Britain and there was a one in 4,232,860 chance of winning the top prize. The life-changing win comes after it was announced rugby league fan Simon Rustage won £250,000 every year until 2028 on a scratchcard bought in Warrington.

He won the top prize on a £10 Mega Rich and said he plans to spend some of his winnings on a car and a season ticket for his beloved Warrington Wolves. When people say they feel like they've won the lottery, they generally mean that they are ecstatically happy.
But this unlucky bunch of lottery winners found that great wealth did not in fact bring them happiness, with many losing it all in a matter of years and others ending up in jail. However, her fortune rapidly dwindled to nothing after the death of her husband Keith (pictured with her) in a car crash in 1965.
What's more, he invested in ill-fated family businesses and was $1 million in debt just a year later.3.
Unfortunately, made some bad investments and was virtually destitute after just three years.

But he later said he wished it had never happened after being sued by a former girlfriend eager to get her hands on the cash and finding out that his own brother hired a hitman to kill him in the hope of inheriting the winnings.
Since then he has appeared in court more than 30 times and has spent time in jail for drug-related offences. But 11 years later he was more than £2 million in debt, looking for a job and applying for a council house. Christmas Holiday Slots is the Hot New Slots Machine game to hit the market with a cool holiday season theme.

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