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The Women’s Ministry crosses economic status, education, age, racial, and cultural barriers to get to the heart of the matter. Each of these topic suggestions deals with practical, recurring issues in women’s ministry. When you work in the field together, it is helpful to know that your partner in ministry you’re your back. People get involved in women’s ministry because they have a desire to lead women into a closer walk with God. We know you have a full plate and probably have little time to spare—that’s where we can help! Ladies and women's ministry printables, These printables are designed to help you with your women's ministry. Christian skits: sketches for women's ministry, Skits are a fun way to insert a little extra excitement into a womens ministry event. Takes part in leading all of our mission meals that benefit local, state, and global missions. Although we are unique individuals, collectively we are one in the Spirit of God; woman to woman, sister to sister, heart to heart, we endeavor to promote growth spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally among the women and provide mentorship.

Whether a small group or a large conference, your team will appreciate guidance in these areas.
In the book of Matthew (Matthew 28:19-20) he actually commands his disciples do exactly this.
Learn the skills needed to add and integrate new leaders, how to identify potential leaders and how to provide spiritual coverage to all the members of your team.
In this topic, leaders will learn how to worship in new ways, how to effective pray and how to conduct personal studies. We are constantly developing training events packed with the information your group needs to develop a thriving ministry! Ultimately, we seek to bring fruition and wholeness in our lives and in the lives of those who encounter us. Besides your faith and understanding of the Bible, effective ministry training comes in handy too.
In this topic, you can teach your current ministry team how to identify new outreach ideas, areas of service and how they can individually and corporate impact the community. In this topic, you could teach creative ways for energizing volunteers and helping them grow too!

Darlene Terpstra, Jeannine Janssen, and Julie Riconda are available to work with you in any way you desire to assist your women’s group. If you are responsible for equipping your women’s ministry team, you can send your attendees home with training that they can use right away! Consider these timely, popular topics when preparing your women’s  ministry leadership training. Soaring high on mountain tops and walking through valleys are things we all do at different points. Mountains AND valleys have a unique purpose in developing us as Christ followers.We are meant to live out of Kingdom hearts full of purpose!!!

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